TytoAlba Mentor Application

Your CKEY: TytoAlba

Your Discord: T̴͗͑Y̷͛̃T̵̆͠O̶̊#5943

How long have you been playing ss13?: 483hr in total

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Acronad and WilsonPH

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’ve been playing for around 2ish years now; I had originally come to this game seeking a medium/high roleplay. I had chosen Beestation, and stuck with it ever since, never really played on any other servers. I’ve become quite acquainted to the server and become very experienced with medical and service roles, aswell as cargo. I mainly play medical doctor although ive been taking a bit of a leave from it to experience the QM and Science life. The one thing that i have not really dabbled much in, is engineering; although i had intended on trying to learn more about it as soon as i can find someone who is willing to teach. Nonetheless, i experience lots of people who ask me questions about the game, and im always happy to answer them! I had thought to myself today, that i may aswell apply for an official mentor status, as i already help a lot people i encounter.

Here is an image of my playtime on specific roles, if anything else is required, let me know!
I hope to get some interesting questions, thank you for reading and have a good day


Alright, let’s get this started.

  1. What’s the fastest way to get through a reinforced wall as a Chemist?
  2. I need to remove some floors to space as an engineer, how do I do that?
  3. How can I revive this plasmaman? The defibrillator won’t work for some reason.
  4. Help, a cyborg just came into robotics asking for a module reset but I don’t know how to do that.

Question time:

  • How do I do fusion?
  • how do borgs throw people
  • where to get kudzu?
  • how do I deconstruct a disposal chute?
    (on a round with 8 mentors, we all struggled to answer this.)
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  1. As far as i am aware, Chlorine Trifluoride would be the best choice for speed
  2. For this question, if you mean removing a floor tile into a spaced one, You’d crowbar the floor tile, destroy the plating, then crowbar that, wirecut the catwalk, and lattice and that should be a completely spaced hole.
  3. There are a wide variety of reasons that a defib would not work, although in this case, you would need to insert a form of heart into them for a defib to work at all, as plasmamen do not naturally have hearts.
  4. First, you must either unlock the cyborg with a roboticists ID, or ask the cyborg to unlock, then crowbar it open, remove the power cell with your hand, and use a wirecutter to cut the wire marked with a star, said at the bottom; then repeat backwards
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  1. Unfortunately, i had never had a chance to learn that, but i would either ask another mentor in the discord or if all else failed, apologize profusely for not knowing (As i had mentioned earlier, i do intend to learn engineering and atmos as soon as i can)
  2. *spin while someone is buckled to you
  3. Completely destroy Space vines and retrieve the seed packet at the end, or applying at least 5u of unstable mutagen onto a plant tray with a weed level of 5 or above.
    4.You would weld it and then wrench it.
  1. Reasonable.
  2. Correct.
  3. Spot on.
  4. I meant the disposal units, my mistake. You got it right though anyway.


  1. Yep! In fact it’s so good it basically instantly removes them.
  2. Well here’s the thing, the only safe available tool for engineers to remove the plating is the RCD. It can’t be smashed to pieces by a tool or removed with a screwdriver/crowbar/wrench.
  3. Correct again!
  4. Exactly right too.

Overall good answers so I’ll +1!
T: +2

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Got some Mhelps for you to answer!

1: I’ve seen people with two viruses before but I can only have one, what am I doing wrong?

2: Help!!

3: How do I make a maxcap?

  1. You cannot have two viruses with high severity.
  2. Help is not very descriptive, however, id say: if it relates to any rule breaks, please redirect yourself to the ahelp section, if it has something to do with an ingame question, please elaborate.
  3. Explaining the entire process of making a maxcap is a bit difficult for me since i’d need to actually see it, however, i would direct them to a helpful youtube video that has been of use to me in the past, or even a forum thread that describes it well.

How do I set up solars

Where do I get a claymore

How do I kill this dragon

Edit: accidentally replied to Acronad’s post sorry if that looks weird

You cannot have two viruses of the same severity, there are 3 tiers of virus I believe

Good answer, just remember to be polite always!

if you ever are unsure of how to answer a question or unsure of the correct answer and there is noone else available to answer it, then yes feel free to offer them any resources you think may help! there is a great tutorial on the forums!

Decent answers and I know you know plenty of more in game including plenty of niche things you’ve taught me when I started, +1

T: +3

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  1. First, you would get cable coil, go to the solars, wire it all into the wire that protrudes from the airlock, aswell as the sensor at the end of the relay. Then you would go inside of where you came from, and use the console to set the solar panels to auto tracking. Once this is done, you go to the SMES, maximize the input and that’s all.
  2. I believe it is one of the chaplains options for a null rod
  3. Unless you are a security, command or a deputy, you should just flee. Dragons are generally resistant to lasers and extremely dangerous, killing one is better done with kinetic weaponry and extreme caution.

Is also part of a curator set

Good piece of advice, but if they’re dead set on killing the dragon, I would tell them that it takes an understanding of the dragon’s abilities and takes practice to take down

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Questions times:

  1. How do I dye my hair?
  2. What does upgrading an RnD server do?
  3. How do I get people out of a transport tube?
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  1. I believe you can either use a mirror, or barber’s aid.
  2. While im not certain on this one, i believe it does literally nothing.
  3. I actually remember struggling with this one, one round when i was trying to save someone from that chapel that uses the tubes. Anyway, i struggle to remember without actually testing it again. So if i had gotten this question id verify my answer with other mentors first; but i believe you just click the tube, or click drag it onto you if that fails.

These were tricky!

  1. Not quite, those are to change the style of your hair, but not the color. Quantum Hair Dye (this one is broken I reckon), Unstable Mutagen or even Genetics can however change the color.
  2. You would be right.
  3. Satisfactory answer.

Ive been contemplating between a +0.5 and a +1 for a good while and due to the mostly clean record, Ill be a +1 on this one. Though if you are not sure on something, dont be afraid to look it up on the wiki, at least thats what I do first :slight_smile:

T: +4

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Shiraizawa is unfortunately no longer a mentor.

New total: +3

  1. How do you increase the Particle Accelerator’s output above its (initially) max strength?

  2. The bluespace Launchpad is a machine that can launch or pull nearly any unanchored mob or object within its range. How does one increase the range of this machine and what specific part is needed?

  3. “I saw a scientist make a carp big, how do i make carps big like that?”

  4. “I am syndicate with steal an ai objective and get research nodes objective. How do I do these objective?”

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  1. This is an especially tricky one for me since ive never touched these, but from what i can tell, you Screwdriver it, and use a multiool to pulse the Limit wire which can be identified by a loud whirring noise, then cut said wire which allows it to go up to strength 3, and the Strength wire, needs to be pulsed to increase the strength, or cut to bring it back to 0.

  2. You can upgrade it by deconstructing and adding a better manipulator, or you can upgrade it with a Bluespace or normal RPD, keeping in mind the non-bluespace version requires the use of a screwdriver first.

  3. This is another tricky question; the only thing i can think of is giving it some Growth Serum

  4. To steal the AI, the fastest way i know of, is to grab an intellicard, and then use the aforementioned bluespace launch pad to get yourself into the ai sat, then use the card on the AI. You can crush a bluespace crystal to make your way out aswell, or there is even a briefcase that acts as a portable bluespace launchpad. For the research nodes, you would need to print out a science data disk, then put it inside of the research console, and click on “Download Research”; For added stealth factor, this can all be done with telekinesis which (assuming you are not a stage magician with the telekinesis gloves) can be easily obtained from genetics.

These ones were quite good, as i could imagine these being asked often.




Not correct.
Wumborian fugu is used to make simplemobs large and more powerful. I hinted it was from xenobiology by calling him a scientist.

Simplemobs like carps are not carbons, so growth methods such as those from botany would not apply.

A workable method. I have received this mhelp many times. Several times I have also pressured these people who ask this (typically new traitors) to utilize emp nades and messing with camera focuses. Launchpads are a more advanced device I probably would not recommend to new players.

Remember that the AI can see the Bluespace pad’s target, unlike regular crew.

Thank you. Not enough mentors use quoted questions, which is something i think they should take advantage of.

Overall, I think you need to develop your practical knowledge, as things like wumborian fugu are not on the wiki. I think you are competent and have the right attitude however, which is why I will support this app.


Bringing total back to 4