Tim Evans player report

In-game report:

CKEY: SpaceButerfly

Your Discord: Space_Butterfly#5618

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Tim Evans

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04/08/2022

Round Number: 37237

Rules Broken:

2 Valid hunting as a sec officer and ignoring head of departments orders to fall back

7.5 don’t be a dick I did nothing to this guy and he seemed pretty adamant to kill me at any cost

Incident Description:

I was a syndie ex communicate and had completed my objectives. I informed the captain that I didn’t want any trouble and just wanted to be left alone fig1&2. After a couple of mins of talking out of no where comes a sec officer in an eva suit guns blazing. No questions no delay just instantly goes for disabler shots to which I respond with my own disabler shots. Which is when sec officer starts using lethals, I managed to disabler him and cuff him. When he starts lying on comms saying I’m trying to kill him. Fig 3&4 (The HOS had already seen the energy shotgun and had given me a mindsheild so I could fire it so it wasn’t illegal at all). I proceeded to cuff him and throw him away towards space asking him to leave me alone.

At this point emergency shuttle is about to arrive so I say please just leave me alone on my pod and get to emergency shuttle. Which captain and HOS both think is for the best HOS tells the sec officers to stand fall back and make sure people get to shuttle.

Our superhero sec has other plans and takes a fuel tank out of maints to blow up the emergency pod I was seeking cover in. Fortunatly for me the pod was more robust then he thought and it took little damage.

Eventually he found the side door to the shuttle I had made and uses it to breach in and put me into crit and arrests me. Then he proceeds to take my nearly dead body around station asking in comms if there is a beacon. Then throws me through teleporter strips me of everything and makes me redtext.

Only crimes I did was kill one syndicate member who stuck me with a sleepy pen and break into the captains office to steal medal. This seccie just wanted to ruin my round so hard he was willing to ruin his own round if there hadn’t been a beacon on shuttle.

Its players like this who just have to have everything their way and cant just not leave someone who’s not a threat to them or anyone else alone just because they get a kick out of ruining other peoples fun that really make me not feel like playing.

Additional Information:

forums not letting me post any kind of link with screenshots of chat here to demonstrate my point please get in touch on discord for that


Try again now.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4


Side note he also told me to surrender for my execution might just be bad English though he seemed to be literate at other times


Missed an “or” in the sentence. “surrender or you will be lethaled”.

  • Criminals in hostile environments such as space, fire, or plasma leaks also fall into this category, as do criminals believed to be in possession of high explosives. Ranged lethal force is the only reasonable option in these conditions.

Armed and Dangerous - if a suspect is in possession of weapons, including stun weapons, and you have reasonable suspicion that they will use these against you, lethal force is permitted. Although in the majority of cases it is still preferable to attempt to detain them non-lethally.

I was a security officer Tim Evans.

Someone called for help at arrivals, after I got there I was told you tried to space someone and then went into space. Captain gave me a jetpack and EVA suit to chase after you in space. Despite lethals being authorized and even encouraged in use of lethal force section of space law when it comes to space combat, I first attempted to non-lethally arrest you with disablers. To which you responded with your energy shotgun that instantly stunned me, then you cuffed me and tried to throw me into space.

Since combat in space is inherently dangerous and you had in addition weaponry that could instantly stun me, I have resorted to lethals as space law allows. As you have walled off and barricaded the escape pod, I attempted to breach it with a welding tank since it wasn’t accessible from any direction. I’ve later noticed you had a false wall to access it, which I’ve used to flank you.

Nobody ordered me to stand down and let you go to my knowledge. I’ve asked you to surrender, I’ve tried non-lethally arresting you, you fought back and so the situation escalated. You were subdued, brought to escape shuttle and healed from critical condition. Even after several bombings inside shuttle, I made sure you were alive and safe.

I did nothing wrong, followed space law and SOP, regret nothing about the situation and would do it again given the chance.

You seem to take this personally, as you started insulting me in OOC after round. It’s part of the game, security enforces space law, you as antagonist do your objectives and break it.

2 Valid hunting as a sec officer

Normal crewmembers are not experienced soldiers. You should generally call for help, rather than intervening directly.

The rule you’re quoting specifically relates to non-security. Security is not validhunting, they are enforcing space law to the best of their ability, they even get this as an objective IC.

  • Security are always permitted to charge into danger, but should not be carrying items outside of the scope of their job the same as other crew.
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HOS literally said “Okay fall back” in screenshot you just chose to ignore it in your quest to redtext me.

lethal force is permitted. Although in the majority of cases it is still preferable to attempt to detain them non-lethally.

You saw an opportunity to use lethals and so went for them immediately when I showed signs of resisting. Permitted not advised or recommended go read a dictionary.

You didn’t ask me to surrender you said surrender so I can kill you.

When you took me to shuttle you stripped me of everything save jumpsuit and PDA in the middle of a crowded emergency shuttle and left most of it on the floor where anyone could have used any weapons I had despite the fact I was cuffed and couldn’t do anything. Only reason I see for this is to stop me green texting despite the risk of giving any weapons I had on me to random people on emergency shuttle.

This whole event went on during escape time and I had repeatedly stated that I wasn’t a threat to anyone and just wanted to be left alone. You risked everything just to stop me from getting greentext despite higherups such as captain saying they would rather you escaped on shuttle then put yourself in danger.

SOP on evacuating requires all crew to attempt evacuation but you were so dead set on killing me you ignored it.

you claim to be following SOP but you didn’t ask me to surrender the moment you saw me you started shooting.

I wasn’t holding a gun and actually pointed at you to try to communicate as we were in space. Only after you started shooting did I try to defend myself. At which point I succeeded in disabling you and telling you to leave me alone.

Yea I take it personally when someone goes out of their way happy to lose their round just to make me lose mine out of malice. You had orders to get to evac shuttle and ignored them in order to attack a guy who just wanted to be left alone and said they were not going to hurt anyone.

damm forums wont let me share pictures again

You can make up stories about my intent, it seems unreasonable to attempt to talk to you further as you’re not even reading what I write.

  1. Nobody killed you
  2. You were evacuated onto shuttle and healed

I never said you killed me though you did try to kill me. What do you call shooting someone with lethal weapons if not an attempt to kill them.

I understand you might be new to ss13 mechanics. Lethal weapons deal damage that can’t be waited out, unlike stamina damaging weapons such as a disabler. They put you into a critical state, not outright kill you. You can choose to die when you are put into a critical state by ghosting or succumbing. In case of laser weapons, they deal burn damage which will not cause to to bleed out or receive further damage in a soft critical state, meaning you can remain so safely for an indefinite period of time assuming you don’t get damaged from environment. You can even crawl around in this state. You will not die from a critical state given medical care is provided.

For the record, I said to kill you on sight as you had just shot, cuffed and I managed to escape as you threw me into space. Warning other officers that may be coming not to make the same mistake I did and ending up dead (attempting a non lethal arrest).

If I wanted you dead, I would have kept shooting and not made sure you were healed or carry you onto the shuttle.

Sorry for going out of the thing, but that got me thinking… Should officers shoot someone near dead just to arrest someone?

There’s a whole section in space law about it Space Law - BeeStation Wiki

There’s something that’s odd to me: Even if the officer was tipped off to them committing a crime and that’s why they were going after them, why didn’t they stand down after the HoS told them to? I’d just like to know what happened there. Were comms cut for them? Did they just not notice?

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Hmmm wait. Did they try to be hostile against you? I read the thing, but i am kinda lazy now to read again(the situation i mean)

And yes, this does confirm lethals would be allowed in that situation.

If you don’t want to read the “whole thing”, don’t throw peanuts as you’re not involved.

Same goes for you, take the minimum effort and read the thread.

I did not see anything that relates to this situation. It feels more that you kinda went after them. Doing security job, though it is kinda weird you jumped to conclusions they gonna kill you there.

I did read the thread:

Did Captain expressly tell you to go after the criminal, or did you ask for the jetpack yourself to go get the criminal? The HoS had to have told you to stand down at least before your second and successful arrest attempt, so why were you still attempting to arrest them?

I’m not going to answer any more fishing attempts, wait for logs.

Yeah, that would be good idea. Admins can look up more and get more context. Hopefuly this resolves without any problems for anyone.

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As I was recalling what went on prior with Nathan character, I remember having a conversation with captain in brig about how Nathan (character played by poster of this player report) committed prime murder by debraining someone he killed.

It’s worth investigating the present HoS (I don’t know their name), as they had despite this mindshielded and given Nathan permission to carry their illegal weaponry (the energy shotgun), I suspect they also gave them security headset. The same HoS was also repeatedly releasing an incursion member from brig, only for the incursion member to commit crimes straight out of brig by breaking into sec posts right after, at least 3 times consecutively.