The thing about MRP is

I’m just gonna come out and say it

roleplaying as a corporate drone is a living fucking nightmare

I don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t know what you find fun about playing pretend that you’re filing paperwork. I don’t know if you think it’s fun, or if you’re being held captive by your own ideals without realizing what you’re even doing it for.

but I think for a lot of people it’s genuinely nightmarish bordering on literally impossible to actually do.

And the saddest part? Instead of people turned off by the office job roleplay going to Golden and helping populate and rebuild it, they just fucking straight up leave.

I mean either that or they intentionally grief and get banned because they’re so bored their entire fucking brain glazes over and they can’t think straight.


litteraly who plays as a corporate drone besides silicones and maybe paperwork QM/HOP?


Are you joking? Like, are you being ironic? I can’t tell if you’re being ironic.

Point out one single situation where anyone besides the roles i listed acts like a “corprate drone”


The entire setting is “corporate drone simulation,” my dude. Just because there are clowns and space pirates doesn’t fundamentally change the setting… you realize that right?

Yeah there’s suspension of disbelief but when an admin tells you to “do your job” because you chose to explore space instead of whatever arbitrary mundane job simulator thing you’re meant to do it gets rid of that disbelief pretty fast.

… it does though?

You have to be either trolling or be a serious doomer if you think a station with traitors murdering people, the cook stealing corpses to cook, space wizards shooting fireballs and clown lubeing the halls is “corporate drone rp”
Sure you work for a dystopian Megacorp that owns your soul
dont mean you have to act like it

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Yeah, you do. That’s exactly my point.

How is the backstory and setting at all relevant for the RP that goes on? You mostly dont give a shit IC.
Unless your whole gimick is being pro or anti NT litteraly noone cares IC

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And besides, all of that is still true on LRP.
You just give even less of a shit

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In real life if I dont fill out the proper paperwork before starting a engineering project and something happens I go to JAIL.

In Space station 13 I grab a wrench and start messing around with a supermatter engine and hopefully I know what Im doing well enough to not explode the engine room but if it does the consequences dont tend to last beyond a single shift.

This ‘nightmarish corporate dystopia’ is hella lax if you have actually ever done any IRL corporate droning.


Because it’s the overarching theme. You have to call rounds “shifts” on MRP. Ashwalkers don’t call rounds “shifts.”

For me, honestly, MRP is just enough more. Especially with all the SOP stuff. It’s just that much closer to being HRP that it bothers me, personally. Probably bothers other people.

Or maybe I’m completely alone in the universe and I’m the only human that feels this way for some reason.

So we come back to what the real devide is and always will be - some people dont like RP, and thats just fine.

Yeah man I’m just expressing my inner thoughts and shit not trying to start a controversy or something.

interesting. i don’t want to study but also… very interesting topic…

i don’t think it’s weird that such a chaotic game has pretty bland standards for rp. although it’s difficult to enforce/maintain it does seem balanced to me

and who doesn’t like being immersed in a dystopian landscape. tons of movies and games and books aim to create an immersive dystopian landscape™️

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Yeah that’s kinda a thing. But when a dystopia hits entirely too close to home it becomes eerie and verges more on horror.

do you work in a office cube or something


Can confirm. In fact the paperwork is kinda easy compared to corporate paperwork. Government paperwork gets even more extreme when it goes beyond license/some legal paperwork.

Having maybe 5 total things to type for a HoP form is only ridiculous if you are a head yelling at HoP to auth someone to job change to your department.

I mean shit my 1099-INT tax form is 44 pages. I’m literally gonna wind up getting my taxes done because I have about 5 different forms to file.

US Security Clearance: DHS
US Armed Forces Enlistment Paper Work
Photo of a Blank W2 Form from 2019

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keep moving folks. just another michiru thread. nothing to see here. keep moving.


Damn i wish there was a server where you didnt need to rp…