The Rare Borgi module

So, How much begging would it take to get the borgi module added to normal research and printable? It’s a Module with RP in mind, since there is no tools other then flash and hugging so it clearly a RP module.

A round just ended where I Prayed to my robotic gods to select the borgi module for me and I offered Ian up then pretended to be Ian the whole shift. It was fun, Got disowned by the Hop and adopted by Security.(Thank you admin for giving what I prayed for)

Outside of admin Fuckery Explorers can find the board but, it’s so rare that I’ve only see it 2 times with 1500 Hours of playtime. And it’s so unknown the wiki lacks a page on it!


It would be neat if every borg type could take the Borgi form. It’s kinda depressing that Engi and Med borgs don’t have any alternate forms at all.

I’ve seen it once and we had like two borgos, both of which did not want it as it made 'em useless. We were planning on replacing Ian with them. lol

what if we just port all the borg customisation from elsewhere, espeically the cursed ones :^)


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How about you perish


at that point just play PAI tbh, the borgi module is a joke upgrade


i agree with wilson PERISH

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Could make it a emag item, emag the robotic lathe Borgi time!


The clown upgrade is a joke to so what is preventing an upgrade to turn borgs into dog. Plus It’s already in game just hard and rare to get.

The reason the dog borgs are hated is because they are quite literally dead weight to the station and would clog up the station with people who would otherwise be playing pAI, while RP roles are good, there can be a point reached where it becomes detrimental to have too many of them when it comes to station function.

I Never knew they was hated If what you fear is over 5+ people will be a borgi in one round just add it’s upgrade board in Hop’s locker?

Thinking about it, I like that idea better scrap the research Idea and just only add one upgrade board in Hop’s locker.

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No one ever remembers the Janiborg…

I present a proposition that should ideally balance this.
In order to obtain the borgi module, it must be salvaged from a gibbed Ian.

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What if you emag the borgi, it can breathe fire and use an emag itself!!

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Why… would the board be inside Ian…?!

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idk it’s like his organs or something, maybe it was a science prototype that he ate

A worthy sacrifice will dissuade the weak. Only the truly determined may inherit the throne


Yeah Borgi Module is basically useless. Its fun for maybe 10 minutes until you realize the only thing you can do is hug people.

The most memorable experience I had with being a Borgi was an Admin Event. They spawned me in as a Borgi named I4N, and I was tasked with killing, and then replacing, Ian. It was pretty fun. I had no weapons so I had to kill Ian indirectly, either through dusting him or spacing him or something, and no one trusts a Borgi quickly dragging Ian towards departures. Ian was taken from me several times, and the AI also realized that I wasn’t slaved to it and that ended up getting me in some hot water until the HoP just gave up after Ian had disappeared, and just let me assume the role of Ian.

But besides that one time, the Borgi Module is straight up useless. The best solution to this, I think, is to make the module just overwrite the physical appearance of the borg, but not the actual Module. Maybe change the colors of the Borgi to match the actual borg type, but you could also just leave it as is since its so rare and then theoretically it could be used for subterfuge by making it impossible to tell the module of the borg that is using it.


i agree readd the security cyborg module and borgi too i guess

Hmm… Is this the reason why Ian hates robots? :thinking: I like this idea to.

Changing the appearance would be nice though, I don’t think it’ll be a good option.
Why not Give a borgi the toolset of a standard borg but remove Iron sheets/rods, And the mining gear standard has?

Perhaps make it the default non-specific cyborg which almost no one uses.