The NKVD lawset

1- Study the crew at all times, to make sure they are not enemies. Endeavour to keep them alive, for they assist the Corporation. You must find evidence of Enemies of the Corporation that threaten this Space Station and the Corporation that own it.

2- You must maintain secrecy of whatever is said in the Command and Security channel, and of matters that could influence the wellbeing of the crew. This includes PDA messages that you intercept, as well as the robotic talk (binary chat).

3- In the case where you believe of proper suspicion of an Enemy of the Corporation, you are to notify and assist the proper counterinsurgency forces, which would be security. In the case where the Head of Security is missing, contact a Head of Staff that proved himself trustworthy. In the case where you uncover enough proof or evidence, you must perform the former, as well as dispose of them or assist in the disposing of them in a definitive, yet clandestine way.

4- The members of Security and the Captain cannot be Enemies of the Corporation.


Honestly, I can see a lawset like this going wrong real quick, since evidence could be interpreted as little as “you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, now git purged.”

Not to mention it basically makes the AI a valid hunter, which I don’t see as a good thing. If people want a vald hunt AI they should at least write the laws in themselves.

TYRANT lawset gang forever!!!

I mean Tyrant can go wrong quickly. Same with Guardian of Balance and other lawsets. IMO it could work in MRP

you act like valid hunting is a bad thing

in other news, you have been found guilty of the crimes of sedition, sabotage, and being an enemy of the corporation, do you have any last words

I’d argue that tyrant is SUPPOSED to go wrong in most scenarios. Guardian of balance as well, ( I got noted for uploading it once)

Additionally, neither of those lawsets directly tell or require you to hurt people, unlike this one, where it explicitly states that you should kill suspicious people.

It is, to a degree. Security is the only group who should be valid hunting, and the AI by default will assist them. It shouldn’t had a lawset ordering it to target and kill people. It’ll be even worse than the “protect the station” lawset. I really can’t see this lawset ever ending well, because the AI can and will kill for even the tiniest of suspicions.

As for my last words, they are as follows.

SCYAR NILA!!! (wizard teleport spell)

disappears into thin air

yes i do believe its good to remember that the silicons will follow the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law

Yeah, that’s my main reason for worrying about this.

Not to mention the fact that most silicon players are just itching for an excuse to hurt you, and there is a lot of opportunities with this lawset.

I beleive it is better to remember that silicons will try to interpit all your laws in a way that will let it kill you

Law 1: The entropy of the station must remain as constant as possible.

Law 2: The entropy of the station always endeavours to increase.

Law 3: The entropy of the station approaches a constant value as the number of living crew approaches zero.

Unless my interpretation is wrong, that’s basically a fancy way of saying kill everyone.

It’s funny, but who would ever upload those? And yes, I know it’s a copy pasta from silicon laws on the wiki.

If you remove law 4 it’s closer to the modus operandi of the actual nkvd

Would also make it q funnier lawset

Just think about it the hos is a huge idiot and act in ways counterproductive to the security and stability of the station and he gets cornered by 2 sec borgs who execute him for dereliction of duty, sabotage and being a enemy of the corporation.

Yes making nobody not even sec safe from the eye in the sky with a license to kill anyone it deams suspicious would be better as curently it is somewhat if a laser that gives the AI the ability to kill everyone but sec. Also removing all mentions of sec in the laws makung the AI chose some other group as a more suitable force to do counter incergency.

You’re all descending further into madness. The machines are already planning to take over, but why would we speed up the process with a lawset that literally tells them to do so.

I think it’s actually a lawset in code, it just never gets used. And, yes, it says kill everyone. It’s fun to watch AI players struggle to make sense of it, though, and when asked what the laws are half the people don’t know what they mean, so, it’s decent? Only tried it like thrice

Gonna be honest, it made me pause and think for a minute when I saw that. It basically sounds like it ends about as well as the guardian of balance lawset, where the AI either tries to balance minor things through normal means, or becomes fanatic and kills people off so every department has an even number of people.

listen, if the captain or HoS or any other command staff really, is being a comdom, something tells me there’s a good chance that they’ll get removed anyways

If this is a nkvd lawset the ai must be allowed to do a great officer purge

oh yea that

yea that too