Thatguythere03 Banned by MrEloda (PART 2)

So, I’m only making this a topic on the Appeals forum because I’m still globally perma-banned and don’t feel like bothering any admins directly via DM’s.
This appeal is a direct continuation/response to my previous appeal listed below:

As you can see in the above link, I made a note of the dubious circumstances surrounding my ban at that time and the admin (now former admin) who issued it. You will also see the retroactive changes suggested by Bloons3 before the appeal was approved and the thread locked by Ruko.

I am still listed as permanently banned on both Sage and Golden despite what I thought was confirmation from Bloons that the ban would be retroactively changed to just a one month ban from MRP. I feel I’ve been patient enough on broaching this matter in an official capacity and I’d like some clarification as to why I’m still permanently banned from both servers at this time.

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