Taylor Fisher Mentor application 2 😳

Your CKEY: tayloriguess

Your Discord: taylor#0991

How long have you been playing ss13?: fairly actively since mid 2020

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Cant name anyone off the top of my head but i’m sure there’s a fair few people who would. If you would vouche for me please do or i cry.

Game Experience (More Detailed): Its been a while since my last application and i’ve bumped up my hours in the head roles (but still not CE i am very sorry but engie fries my brain and i hate it with a passion) along with like, atmos and some xenobio. Also conveniently a lot of cargo bullshit can carry over to engie knowledge so i can still do mhelps on engine setups and general repairs and the sort. I’ll post my current hours either in the morning or later tomorrow. (if you do not +1 i will metagrudge you forever)

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already had a +1 from previous app, needs more assistant hours tho

hhhhh playtime go brrr (ignore the shit hours in important roles, concentrate on big numbers)

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Taylor knows his stuff, he’ll be grand. Butttt I still want to ask you questions because its funny.

  1. Say you’re a down on your luck greytider, you have a full toolbelt and know the door wires. You’ve got ten minutes to powergame as much as you can (preflebly without being arrested) What do you do?

  2. Its possible for the station crew to nuke the nukies base with thier own bomb, what would be the easiest way of doing this?

  3. In your opinion, what’s the most powerful xenobio crossbreed. (To have in all situations)

  4. You find a gondola in maints as a traitor, what can you do with it?

  5. Name the easiest ways you can think of to make yourself spell proof.

  6. How cool is pink hair, on a scale of one to ten.

  1. Gonna assume rules dont apply and I get to tide to my greyshitiest dreams. First step, make spear. Second, befriend cargonian. Third step, have cargonian mail me to the offices of heads. Fourth step, use spear to smash open lockers and take budgets and loot. Fifth step, clamber down disposals and ride back to cargo with my riches. Maybe steal some fun genes (Space adapt and shock touch if available because fuck space and i love shock touch)
  2. Get scientist to make a maxcap, locate body of least robust nukie, steal ID, ride their shuttle and detonate
  3. I have a soft spot for stabilized cerulean because im an undying bastard
  4. Make the captain some lovely burgers, maybe donate to the chef
  5. If i remember correctly theres a necklace the chap can get that at least lessens the affects of spells, hell I think you can order it with the religious crate at cargo. (Real men know the greatest way to make yourself spell proof is running away from the spell caster)
  6. 8/10 takes a strong man to do it right, but the buzzcut full beard combo is a real mans hair

I knew I should have expected cargo answers, very good! But heres how I’d personally do a few.

  1. And no that dosent work, it has to be the nuclear device which you need the nukies code for. The easiest way to do it is get a dead syndi borg, repair it, and reset its laws. You can then take the cappy to the nuke ship (with the turrets destroyed by the borg since it wont have the ability to turn them off) and then laugh at the syndicate embarrasing defeat. Look at my post on the screenshot thread

  2. Thats good! But heres a few notes, gonbolas are like SUPER good. They mute AND pacify the target for however long they are on. You can also combine tranquility (the chem gondalas make that turn other people into gondalas) with virus food to transform people much faster.

  3. Yes! But its also super easy to drink holy water or keep a holy melon in you’re pocket.

  4. We all know its a 10/10, but I respect trying to downplay it

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Bruh smh my head

You answered good questions so far, so I’ll give you +0.5.

wrong, that makes you CURSE proof not MAGIC proof, I know it weird

Notes and bans don’t look bad, lots of good feedback in apps 1 and 2.

+1 from me


good amount of hours, answers look good, +1

alright you know your cargo that much is known. question is

  • name a few ways to make a gorilla

  • what are all of the lavaland plants and what are their properties

  • a abductor player asks how to disguise themselves

Question time

  1. Guy dragged into medbay, skull icon on medHUD. Cause? Treatment options?

  2. What chems lower dizziness?

  3. Oozeling without limbs in medbay with slight toxin damage. Likely cause? Treatment?

  4. (Optional) What is the fastest way to make meth?

@Mentors wake up memetors

Wake up-
And smell the app-shes.


Worst fucking pun I’ve ever made


hhhhhhhh probably just gonna, request to close this and do it again another time


Admemes accept this.

I change my 0.5 to a 1.

answer my questions

  1. First that come to mind are irradiating a monkey and the gorilla cube box traitors can buy. Oh and also just remembered jungle fever gorillas (rip)

  2. Honestly no idea and because i’m not invested enough in this application to code dive and pretend I knew the entire time i’m just gonna say i’m fairly sure there’s a cactus that heals you somewhat

  3. Select disguise on abductor console, activate the disguise with the button on the hud. Tell them to make sure they’re the chad field agent and not the virgin scientist

now let me go i want to touch grass

App looks good, +0.5 from me, get more engineering hours and ill change to a +1

T 3.5

I’d be willing to put in a +0.5. Learning some jobs that are not cargo, mostly medical and botany, would do a lot to round out your knowledge. I’ll see if I can draft up some questions about these tomorrow and depending on the answers I’ll see if I’ll change it to a +1.


naw, you’re gonna be answering my questions, son