Tapczan Mentor application

Your CKEY: Tapczan

Your Discord: Tapczan#9119

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2018-09-22, at least according to Beebot. (because that single round I joined CM to shoot myself while figuring out controls and not launch BYOND again until that one unfortunate day on 2019-06-12 I joined bee counts)
Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I guess I know most jobs except robusting megafauna (damn you lag) and memorizing xenobio crossbreeds and whatnot - too boring.
Definitely a med main, don’t let those sec hours fool you.
It only took me around 1000 hours to switch to hotkey mode. I still don’t remember most of the keybinds.

Detailed playtime

Living: 2 741,3h
Ghost: 268,2h

Chief Medical Officer 258,8h
Medical Doctor 207,3h
Warden 199,2h
Security Officer 169,3h
AI 168,5h
Cyborg 168,2h
Assistant 165,8h
Atmospheric Technician 150,8h
Station Engineer 131,3h
Lawyer 101,2h
Curator 98,5h
Head of Security 81,5h
Virologist 72,3h
Detective 69,5h
Brig Physician 68,0h
Chief Engineer 65,8h
Scientist 41,8h
Chemist 35,2h
Roboticist 34,0h
Bartender 33,7h
Head of Personnel 32,7h
Captain 27,2h
Janitor 19,5h
Botanist 18,0h
Cook 16,3h
Quartermaster 16,0h
Geneticist 15,8h
Paramedic 13,5h
VIP 12,2h
Cargo Technician 11,5h
Shaft Miner 11,5h
Chaplain 8,5h
Mime 8,5h
Psychiatrist 8,3h
Clown 7,8h
Debtor 5,3h
Barber 3,7h
Stage Magician 3,5h
Research Director 3,0h
Deputy 0,0h
Gimmick 0,0h
Free Golem 13,5h
Lavaland Syndicate 12,0h
Ancient Crew 9,2h
Servant Golem 8,7h
Hermit 6,5h
Ash Walker 6,0h
Translocated Vet 3,7h
Hotel Staff 2,8h
Space Bartender 1,5h
Lifebringer 1,2h
Skeleton 1,0h
SuperFriend 0,2h
Exile 0,0h
Escaped Prisoner 0,0h
Space Syndicate 0,0h
Space Doctor 0,0h
Beach Bum 0,0h
Zombie 0,0h
Space Bar Patron 0,0h
Ghost Role 0,0h

3009h total, I regret nothing


A true masochist, 3000 hours on funny spaceman game


mentally unwell, not fit for a mentor position



you are serverly derenged and should seek mental help



You need help please, Seek therapy or just cut off your thumbs so you cant spaceman efficiently


and i tought i had no life

Get help, please, Your family misses you +1

3000 hours on bee, still 0 hours on gimmick
t: 7

+1, not gonna argue lol

It’s bugged, if you look closer at playtime there are hours as debtor or stage magician, for some reason it just doesn’t add them up to ‘gimmick’.

Question, are you lactose intolerant?

I think you could use some more hours as assistant :expressionless:


I want my vote back. Time to ask for it.

Holy shit dude get a life. But amazing dedication.

Please, get a life outside of 2d spessman

With that said +1


Most jobs are greyshirts with extra steps
That said, I have a lot of hours in general but not as much as some people do in a single specific role

I’m joking, your hours and notes are good. +1

this is just scary man, Accepts this huble bee´s


3009 hours and everyone approves.
I approve too. +1

Please just go outside, even if it’s just for five minutes. +1

3009 hours in 977 days.
That’s… a minimum of 3 hours every day, no rest day, nothing.

Jesus Christ. You REALLY like Beestation

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