Taiwan's Starting at chem, Plastic making, and FAST Meth grenade making guide

Alright fuckbois buckle up it’s meth nade making time, the lab is ready and you should be cookin’ but this is no regular meth. this is ready to boom boom the shit out of whatever the fuck you want to boom boom meth.

This guide is mostly based on acquiring the good shit for your lab fast, doing plastic fast, doing meth fast, and arming yourself with the powerful methnaades.

(If confused by the video read the text, if confused by the text watch video)

First step first you want to go to the primary tool storage and grab a mechanical toolbox (or just screwdriver, wrench and a crowbar) I prefer having all of the tools in a toolbelt (optional)

Take the High capacity power cell (or high capacity power cell+)
Wrench the cell charger to unsecure it and take it with you
pro tip: steal the high capacity power cell from science desk too to get even more cells
guide 2

Wrench the cell charger inside your lab, grab yourself an igniter and a chemistry bag, try having both the igniter and the chemistry bag on hand by having them in your pockets.

Grab yourself a couple of large beakers and start making a fuckton of plastic by mixing in one beaker 90 oil (30carbon 30 hydrogen 30 welding fuel) and heating it until it becomes ash, the other beaker 60oil(20 carbon 20 hydrogen 20 welding fuel) and 20 sulphuric acid
Pro tip just hit the beaker (90 oil) a shitton of times with the igniter then hit the 60oil 20sulphuric acid at least 7-8 times too but not until it becomes ash
guide 4

combine the contents of the beakers by pouring the beaker with 90 ash with the 60 oil 20 sulphuric acid 70 ash should remain in the beaker (maybe more or less but you still can work with it)
guide 5

put the beaker back in the chem dispenser and add 5 carbon, 5hydrogen, 10 sulphuric acid, 5 welding fuel (do this step three times)
now keep adding more oil mixture (carbon, hydrogen and welding fuel) and acid then heat until plastic spawns and the beaker loses reagents until you run out of ash.
when you run out of ash add 30 more oil and heat it until it becomes ash and keep adding more oil and sulphuric acid until your plastic stack is 40 or more (shift click the plastic stack to know how much plastic there is)

get your plastic to the protolathe to make large beakers


(if engineering are condom and they didn’t place any glass to the machine you have 2 options work with large water bottles from your plastic or break into EVA storage and steal some glass)

make at least 20 to 30 X large beakers or 20-30 large beakers (more beakers more grenades)
To grab all of those beakers just grab your chemistry bag so it’s in your hand and click on the beakers with it you can either bring iron from the protolathe or dissassemble the wheel office chairs (use wrench) to get 5 iron per chair.

in case you used almost all the energy in the chem dispenser just dissassemble it (screwdriver then crowbar) then you re add everything to the chem dispenser but reeplacing the used power cell for one of the cells you stole previously. should look like this now.

now it’s time to build up the METH recipees X LARGE BEAKER VERSION:
You will need 2 recipees for the X large beaker:
recipe 1:
10 carbon 15 ethanol 55 hydrogen 5 nitrogen 30 sugar 10 weldingfuel
ends up being 120 ephedrine

Recipe 2:
30 Hydrogen 30 Iodine 30 Phosporus

Use recipe 1 in a X large beaker then add 30 of those units in other 3 x large beakers so you have 30 ephedrine in 4 x large beaker
guide 10
Then add on every single x large beaker the recipe 2
guide 11



use your IGNITER 6 TIMES on every beaker. Make sure you didn’t heat the beakers more for any goddamn reason, if they were heated up before for whatever reason, you’re dead, your coworkers are dead, everyone is dead.

you can then add those beakers to a grenade case (pick 2 iron [alt click the iron stack select 2], click on it with the same hand you hold the iron, scroll down and select grenade casing)
guide 13
add wires to the grenade case then add 2 beakers of meth to each grenade case.
Screwdriver the grenade and you have your basic 5 seconds fuse grenade (screwdriver again to 3 second fuses)


You need 2 recipes and 1 step between them
Recipe 1:
10 carbon 25 hydrogen 15 ethanol 5 nitrogen 10 carbon 10 weldingfuel
Results in 30 diethylamine and 30 oil

Now remove 10 units from the beaker so you get 25 diethylamine and 25 oil

Recipe 2: 25 sugar 25 hydrogen

Add it to your beaker
you should have now 100 ephedrine, grab the beaker and click on it with the same hand you have the beaker on until it says that the large beaker transfer is now 25 units and add 25 units to 3 other large beakers having a total of 4 beakers with 25 units of ephedrine.
Recipe 3: 25 hydrogen 25 iodine 25 phosporus

add this recipe to all the 25 ephedrine large beakers.

then CAREFULLY USE THE IGNITER 6 TIMES on each beaker then add to a grenade casing with wires and you have yourself some meth nades without making plastic, they have 40 less reagent so they are less powerfull but still pack a punch.

you can repeat those steps as many times as you want to make a fuckton of nades, when mastered they can be done VERY QUICKLY and amass an incredible ammount of meth nades.
guide 18
Interesting topcis and facts relating to the grenade ammount and grenade trivia:

more equal grenades exploding on the same spot just make the SAME AREA deadlier but not increase the radius of the explosion.

If 1 (large beaker or x large beaker) meth grenade explodes being 1 tile away from another grenade with any filling that grenade will be activated. (if it’s another meth grenade it will activate other grenades within 1 tile)

if you put a VERY BIG AMMOUNT of grenades on the same spot (2 boxes filled with 7 grenades or 6) it will “lag” and the explosions will occur for a longer period of time rather than instantly) some explosions will go off immediately but some others will occur in the next lagged server ticks.
If the server is lagged already with just 3-6 grenades this effect will happen.

you can activate one meth grenade, put it in a box and throw the box, if the box has other grenades those will trigger too.

You can do the previous step without previously triggering the grenade if you use a remote signaling device

You can put a station bounced radio in a box with grenades, having a voice analyzer (set codewords on the voice analyzer first or it will randomly explode) on a meth grenade, then saying in common “;” the codewords trigger the meth grenade that will trigger the rest of the grenades.

You can put a bunch of grenades in a backpack, one of the meth grenades having a mouse trap attached, being placed last in the backpack. (DO NOT OPEN THIS BACKPACK YOURSELF AFTER ADDING THE MOUSETRAP GRENADE) then leaving the backpack around for the casual pleb who wants gamer gear so the meth grenade will trigger and each and every single grenade that was on the backpack too when he opens it.

The rest is imagination, feel free to comment or question anything on this guide.


Okay, I will avoid commenting and wait until you finish this.
Also, you are under arrest for theft.

Proceed to watch this video then using the text above as context for what the fuck am i doing and why.

(posted video on top of the guide for better view)

Why don’t you just put half the ingredients in one beaker, and half in the other? Then you can heat it as much as you want beforehand

you can’t drink that then

That’s fair
Another tip: you can get ash from burning paper at no cost to your chem dispenser

you can but if you just take the power cell your chem dispenser power is unlimited anyway and it’s not slow either

Is there any significant difference between 200u of meth and 240u of meth in explosion size?

1 more tile range for both damage and gibbing

Pretty long guide to say: Make meth, heat to 5-9 degrees below detonation temperature (375 degrees Kelvin, or K, by the by), and stick into a basic grenade housing.
This guide doesn’t even mention that standard grenade housings, the kind you can make for one metal at round-start, raise the internal temperature of reagents contained within by 10 degrees Kelvin.
You don’t even need to bother with the “tricky” igniter heating step, since this guide assumes access to Chemistry. Just use the Chem-Heater.
This guide also doesn’t mention the principle danger in making methamphetamine - ensuring that you don’t have any Diethylamine left in the mixture when you’re adding the Iodine, Phosphorous, and Hydrogen. The mixture of Diethylamine, Iodine, Hydrogen, and Phosphorous explodes - even at room temperature.
There are some good notes regarding the particulars of explosion mechanics. It’d still be nice to include the expected damage from smaller amounts of meth used in an explosive reaction, since it’s pretty obvious that more meth will mean a bigger boom.
For reference, here are those values:
<5u: No damage, consumes all reagents in beaker upon detonation.
5u: APC/Wire damage. Will not create a hull breach without multiple detonations.
10u: As with 5u, though with more substantial damage. Small chance of a hull breach.
15u: A one-tile hull breach can be expected.

Also, regarding mouse-trap grenades. In order for them to work effectively, you need to prime the mousetrap before you stick it into the grenade.

chem heater is slow as fuck

That did occur to me, but if one needs a guide to tell them how to make meth - perhaps removing a chance of critical failure because of a single misclick is a good idea?

EDIT: Additionally, the precise number or igniter uses implies that not a single error was made in mixing the various chemicals. If it’s even a little bit off, the specific heat of the varied reagents means that it’ll either be too cold, and not trigger, or too hot - and explode in your hand.

not based you should just make holy nades they are just as good

You can’t make 2 meth nades in 4 minutes with the chem heater not upgraded it’s so much faster to click something 6 times.

also the game ALWAYS makes your reagents at 300k on the chem dispenser as long as you are making it right now nothing should happen

wheres the 600u bluespace beaker meth nades brother

this is more of a start quick on meth guide shoulda specified on the title

When the beaker becomes empty the heat gets removed it will only take on the heat of the new reagents applied on the beaker

Yes, I’m aware of this. Again, my primary complaint revolves around there being zero room for error, since having DIFFERENT reagents inside the beakers will effect the overall number of times an igniter needs to be used.
Oh, and I wasn’t going to say this, since it almost goes without saying, but… spell checking, and post formatting, for the sake of readability generally don’t matter - but when you’re making a guide which can result in the user literally exploding, it kinda does. It’s depressing that, while I’m very happy you decided to take the time to share some good knowledge, you didn’t take the time or care to make your guide the best it could be. Just saying, is all.
You could have also further researched the most efficient method of mixing chemicals to produce desired results, and save some space by having those recipes be modular based on reagent container sizes.
The procedure boils down to:

  • Make a large amount of Ephedrine
  • Separate Ephedrine into the desired number of beakers
  • Create a large amount of Iodine
  • Separate Iodine into the desired number of beakers, keeping the amount of Ephedrine already in the beaker in mind
  • Repeat the above two steps for Hydrogen and Phosphorous
  • Heat all beakers

You’re unnecessarily adding, subtracting, and moving around reagents.

When the beaker becomes empty the heat gets removed it will only take on the heat of the new reagents applied on the beaker

As i understand that some users might explode for clicking wrong it’s fast as fuck, to do, and you can drink it, this guide is for fast phased LRP bombing or self defense grenades that can’t wait, it’s quick requires no tech and fast as hell to do I like the “mistake discipline” on making you do things right or else you won’t play.

If part of the explicit goal is anything other than making methamphetamine, why bother using meth as an explosive at all? It’s much faster and more efficient to slam the desired amount of potassium and water into two separate beakers, and stick those in a grenade.
You have some great notes on grenade construction. You have some great notes on how to create large water bottles that have the same reagent containing potential as big beakers. You have a guide on how to make meth in here. However, all bundled together, it comes across as cluttered, and - due to aforementioned formatting issues - difficult to effectively read and utilize.
Two separate guides, one on grenade construction (which does indeed differ from the wiki on some points), and another relating to quickly making meth probably would’ve been more appropriate. On the latter point, as I said above, you’ve not taken the time to research the most efficient method for mass production. There are a large number of unnecessary steps. I’m not saying this stuff to dissuade you from having posted a guide - I wish more people would share what they’ve learned about the game - I’m trying to point out ways you could’ve done it better.
That’s all I have to say, really. Sorry if I’ve come across as being a pretentious, sanctimonious douche. I’m critical, because you deserve a fair evaluation of your guide - having had the drive to post it in the first place.