Stupid fuck denies appeal that says he's abusive 🤔

CKEY: Mynameajeff

Admin’s CKEY: Bastion0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both.

Ban Type: Permanent.

Ban Length: Forever.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/23/2019

Round ID: 8323

Ban Reason: “Yoshikage Kira: admins wont give me a new holopara because they a bunch of n*ggers so im gonna spam their byond client to crash them appeal on” //editted so it’s allowed, dumb forum filter.

Appeal Reason: I really didn’t know racism wasn’t allowed on the server, with how often I see the N-word said and stuff, also ban reason is completely out of context, this guy literally has a grudge on me and refused to fix a code oversight with holocarp, being that they aren’t chosen like holoparasites (which makes them extremely less effective and it’s most definitely an oversight). If you don’t believe he has a grudge on me, every ticket I’ve had with him has been awful and he’s even noted me invalidly with shit like this: “” also used literally incorrectly so he’s kind of dumb. Also might I add that “spamming their byond client” is literally fucking impossible without a direct connection to the client and having some sort of way to either spam messages, like 1000 fucking lightbulbs being smashed which was obviously something I couldn’t do, and this isn’t in the rules otherwise. So, I said something in the heat of the moment at a guy who’s grudging me and refusing to give me a new holopara because of a stupid coder’s mistake. He literally did this just to ban me which proves his grudge, because anyone with actual experience would just close the ticket and ignore the guy raging that he lost a lot of fluidity in an antag round but instead he chose to permanently ban me for it.

Additional Information: N/A

If you make a threat, expect it to be taken seriously. I didn’t ban you on the racism. I banned you on the threat. Sure, it may be a baseless threat, but I had no clue. Second off, I note ALL people who make horrid tickets. Third off, this IS in the rules. It’s rule 7. Use common sense. If you make a threat, expect it to be taken seriously! Forth off, if you think I have a grudge against you, please make a admin report. I’m willing to lower it, but I want some opinions on it.

Ah, yes a ludicrous threat like “i’m going to find this n*gger and lynch them in real life” how, you obviously didn’t fully read it as the racism bit was obviously sarcastic and ironic, given the other evidence provided and the retort right after.

I didn’t make a serious threat, if you thought it was serious you must be genuinely autistic because it’s like saying that you’re going to hack the maker of Byond and ban you from the game you actual fucking buffoon. Also, I’m appealing a ban, this is literally an attempt to bar me from the server because you escalate people’s situations by being total dicks to them. How would you possibly have no clue that someone can’t fucking boot you off Byond, it’s a game that logs CID and hardware IDs to make sure bans are rather sticky, there’s no way someone can get away with that anyhow given its relative impossibility. If you genuinely had no clue, you shouldn’t be an admin because you obviously don’t understand the capabilities of the BYOND engine or how it even works. You note all people who have bad tickets because it’s literally your shitlist bro, this doesn’t invalidate my point AT ALL, it just shows how unfit for staff you are. This isn’t really your decision either as it’s more of an IA issue.
It further shows your inexperience when you said in the ticket that deleting my stand would kill me (it wouldn’t), want to know how I know? I’ve coded stands for other servers and know how they work, unless they’re gibbed or dusted, an admin deletion will not kill the user but you still ignored me and despite the fact that I never made the threat to you, only to my FUCKING STAND even makes it more of an illegitimate claim to say I was threatening you, I made a blanket statement about admins so you’re literally taking the situation out of context AGAIN. Common sense really doesn’t fucking apply here when I’m fuming from you being a total asshole whenever you see me in tickets, I made a private message to my stand, never even directed at you. It’s fucking clear to see when I said “they n*ggers” that I was being ironic and stupid. Do you actually think I’d type like a porch-monkey jigaboo unironically? No, you didn’t, you didn’t hesitate on this ban or even think about it which shows your ignorance, inexperience, and plain bias towards me as a player.

Outstandingly terrible response.


If it wasn’t directed at me, when I was the only admin on, who was it directed at? I’m denying this. Please appeal when you have became more mature, and can make a appeal with no insults in it.

denying a ban appeal which directly says you’re abusive.

nice meme, further proves my point that you’re an absolute shitmin.

How about no because denying a ban appeal that says you’re abusive is really bad it’s like the same judge on a district court denying an appellate court appeal, which isn’t how it works in real life for a reason.

Look, I’m sure you think you’re all high and mighty because you can ban me because of a few fucking words I said because you’re an admin on an SS13 server but you really shouldn’t cherrypick arguments and should instead respond to my paragraph as a whole. Also if you deny this I’ll just make another one since that’s blatant staff misconduct and you know why.

Considering that there have been client crashing exploits in the past and getting pissed off at an admin isn’t exactly the rarest grudge, that’s not a very smart or funny thing to make a threat about.

I also don’t understand why you feel an admin is obligated to give you a new holoparasite, it pulls from ghosts and is known to be a gamble based on the robustness of the ghosts who apply and RNG.

It’s also pretty clear that when you have a bad interaction with an admins then refer to ‘the admins’ that you mean the admin you just talked with. Nobody is stupid enough to believe you weren’t talking about a specific person.

I will be agreeing with Bastian and upholding this ban until you approach it with an attitude other than ‘fuck this shitmin, remove him from staff, he’s a retard’.