Bastian0930 Admin Complaint

CKEY: Mynameajeff

Your Discord: VEGA#7059

Offender’s CKEY: Bastian0930

LRP or MRP server: LRP.

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Not relevant.

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/23/2019

Round Number: N/A moreso spanning over several rounds.

Rules Broken (if relevant): Don’t be a d*ck.

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Obvious infractions.

Incident Description: Constantly has harassed me and personally targeted me in adminhelps and overall has been a complete douchebag, denied my appeal against him because it insulted him despite the fact that the appeal asked for someone else to cover it, not him. He did this to infringe on my right to appeal to a higher authority than himself because I said that I would do the equivalent of booting him off a game of Xbox live with Byond which was clearly in an ironic fashion. Proof would be: Stupid fuck denies appeal that says he's abusive 🤔,, and countless records of tickets in where he’s been an unacceptable unprofessional admin. It really makes you think, this guy must have never been staff ever before, at least definitely never on a space station 13 server, and he’s definitely not experienced with byond. I have some long paragraphs on these but they’re a dissection of his actions and words more or less and how his arguments fail to address the problems I’ve outlined and how I’ve broken no rule and instead denied it because it insulted him because “i’m not mature.”

In conclusion, don’t post if you’re not going to add anything to the argument, I have no good reason why I should be banned because I said I was going to crash the admins BYOND clients, which is impossible given the limitations of BYOND, it’s not common sense because if the banning admin had any he’d understand that it isn’t possible and that it’s just retort to my holoparasite.

Additional Information: N/A.

Just from reading this report and your “appeal” I’m going to have to side with Bastian. Your attitude is completely toxic since you can’t even respectfully make a valid argument and have to bring things down to the level of swearing and insults. You threaten admins to do you a favour and throw a fit when you don’t get your own way, claiming you’ve been “personally targeted” when I know for a fact that Bastian is lenient with people who at least don’t break Rule 1 and stay polite throughout an interaction.

And by the way, the banning admin has the final say on a ban unless council say otherwise because it’d be pretty annoying for a fellow admin to reverse a ban you just gave, they need to be a superior to do so. Fellow admins can and do comment both on the forum and private channels on a ban daily, because we all want feedback on whether our judgement was correct to help improve it. In your appeal and here you broke Rule 1 yet again so I highly doubt it’ll go anywhere.

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The one thing I wanna note is that councilmins or the banning admin can deny or approve a appeal. I can’t deny this, however.

You’re literally the guy who did some serious Ick Ock a day or two ago, and when told to stop from the playerbase, you told everyone “No admins are online.” After that, you continued to go off about how your virus was great at killing most of the station.

By the way, the virus was shit because I spent $25 at a medivend and cured it.

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what the fuck are you talking about

i have never EVER played virologist or created a single virus on this fucking server you absolute dope, I just said that the maker of the virus was non-antag and wouldn’t be getting banned because no admins are online.

Threats are to be taken seriously, regardless of the plausibility of said threat. There have been multiple exploits/hacks reported near to this in caliber, and when you make such a direct threat people can’t be sure you’re serious or not. I feel that Bastian was reasonable in what he did, as I doubt they knew if you had a way due to people working specifically to find exploits/weaknesses in the BYOND system.

Really makes you think.