Still Banned 7 Months Later

CKEY: Nagitoes

Admin’s CKEY: Kasual*
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both*

Ban Type: Server*

Ban Length: Perma*

Ban Date (MM/DD/Y): 2/7/2020*

Round ID: 12274*

Ban Reason: Killed half the server on the emergency shuttle as a non-antag*

Appeal Reason: The admin VictorPride was not fair when he handed the ban. I told him the situation many times and he did not listen nor investigate it and instead handed me a 2 (pretty much 3) day ban due to what he assumed were lies. I attacked a player accidentally and it led to a fight which I ran away from in the QR base. I ran away and the fight ended. 5 minutes later that same player followed me in to my office and killed me with some powerful weapon. I was cloned by some random third party and then I was accused by the admin of attacking them again. This is 100% not true and the admin was unable to get records showing this as again this did not happen and was more lies by someone else. The situation was handled really poorly and I was banned without being listened to nor a full investigation being made in a server that I play every day and love. As I said to VictorPride if I did attack this person twice for some reason I would admit it and not lie.

Additional Information: I was told a long time ago if I waited another few months I could be unbanned and if I did not reoffend. It has been 7 months since my roleban and I have not done one thing wrong. I have not even been warned. Please revoke my roleban, I think 7 months of absolutely no offences shows that I will take this game seriously. I miss playing this game with my friends and to me personally it is not fun playing the same restricted basic roles every week.

whos gonna tell him

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Is this a 2 day ban or a perma ban? You say that you are still banned 7 months later and you say it’s a 2 day ban

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you were only banned once by victor and had like 5 bans in between that time

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You played after your 2 days ban and you had more serious bans at this time. Rn you got the big bean because of this player report:

Kasual handled the report, so I assigned it to him.

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I edited your ban appeal with the actual information.

Saying this ban from from 7 months ago is real disingenuous. Further it was absolute shuttle grief which is one of my least favorite things to see. You have 59 hours and a total of 10 notes, meaning that you get a note about roughly every 6 hours of play. Most of your notes are self antaging by RDM. I don’t see much reason to lift the ban personally.


Please obtain a server vouch from a reputable servers Admin and post it here, this will allow us to see if you have improved on different servers.

Denied, agreeing with super. Once you have time and a vouch from another server please make another appeal.