Spockye attempts the impossible

Your CKEY: Spockye

Your Discord: Spocky

How long have you been playing ss13?: since Aug 13. 2020

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Serket (Edward Irish), ImSynthex (Atlas), Dexity (Aemilia Riparia), Wueue (D.A.-N.1-El)

Game Experience
Sci( about half of my playtime on bee is as RD/sci/robo. i think i know most of sci (except toxins)
Command( i have around 140 hours as an RD, so i got a decent hang on it and know how to deal with giving ai laws.
Mining( when i first got into the game, and this server i usually played it, so i have a decent understanding on how it works
for the rest of the departments, im not really that good in, and mostly played them on other servers… but i ???think??? i have a decent understanding of most of them
(im also known in the art of making maints bars)

hours below

If Sekret vouches for you then i do.

But gib hours first.

Research Director 144,0h
Shaft Miner 64,7h
Curator 57,3h
Scientist 47,0h
Roboticist 37,7h
Mime 22,3h
Assistant 20,2h
Clown 17,0h
Cyborg 16,0h
Security Officer 13,3h
Stage Magician 12,5h
Barber 9,5h
Quartermaster 5,7h
Chaplain 5,5h
Geneticist 5,2h
VIP 5,2h
Psychiatrist 4,2h
Debtor 3,5h
Chemist 2,3h
Janitor 2,0h
Medical Doctor 1,5h
Botanist 1,3h
Virologist 0,8h
Cargo Technician 0,7h
Head of Personnel 0,7h
Brig Physician 0,5h
AI 0,3h
Atmospheric Technician 0,0h
Bartender 0,0h
Captain 0,0h
Chief Engineer 0,0h
Chief Medical Officer 0,0h
Cook 0,0h
Deputy 0,0h
Detective 0,0h
Paramedic 0,0h
Gimmick 0,0h
Head of Security 0,0h
Lawyer 0,0h
Station Engineer 0,0h
Warden 0,0h

No shit when you said attempts the impossible

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: As an AI, how do i talk to my borgs?
6: AI Malf, what do?
7: A borg has gone rogue and is no longer synced, how do you fix it without killing it?
8: How setup Tesla/Singulo?
9: How do i open the fireaxe container thing without breaking the glass?


funni bee man +1


i would space it

fix the breach/breaches, set in a heater then switch the room air alarm to refill

Drought i belive

i belive i have to mix 3 parts oxy, 1 part plasma, and superheat then in a contained room. i can then use a scrubber to pull the trit that forms out. best place to do it is in toxins, as it already has a safe chamber to mix it in.


i would deactivate all cameras around the RD office, and disable all the borgs. after that i would either use a mech to break down the walls to the sat, or go the easy way and make a xray rifle and snipp it. if i dont have them yet, i would use a sonic jackhammer, or decon the walls next to the apc, break it then card the ai and wipe it.

flash the borg, swipe a id with robo access, use a crowbar on it, cut the bolt wire to stop it from running away, then cut and mend the ai sync wire. or just decon it fully by cutting the wire with the star above it, and wrench it.

uuuuuuuh. im gonna have to look that up

use a multitool on it, then click on it with a empty hand to open the cover. you can also close it by doing the same

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All good. Impressive for…not playing any engineering on Bee.

Learn how to do Tesla and Singulo. Its important.

Also if you could, pull your hours from other servers.

I will. someone has been teaching me to set up an sm on a private server lately, so I’m going to try my best to learn all of it


Good. See if you can pull your hours from other servers. It will help your chances.

he successfully setup the pubby sm once with my guidance!

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Anyone who can setup the Pubby SM deserves it. +1


You already have my +1 as I vouched for you, but your hours are a bit low in certain places so:

  1. How to use/upgrade a virus extrapolator?
  2. How to fix a husked corpse?
  3. What does bungotoxin do?
  4. An oozeling doesn’t have any arms or legs, how do you fix this?
  5. What is Kudzu?
  6. How to replace a pipe with having as little gas leak as possible.
  7. Someone mhelps with: “Are inscursionists allowed to maxcap the bridge?”, whaddyou respond?

uuuh… no idea, i’ll look it up

you could use sythflesh i belive, or just throw em in the cloner

i think it heals the heart?

they can regen limbs using their own blood, so inject slime into them

a type of aggressive plant that can be created by botany, or can come up as a random event. it spreads like wildfire and can evolve its vines to have different effects. they are weak to fire and burn based attacks

put a atmos holofan above the pipe you want to remove, and use the object tab to remove the pipe underneath andreplace it.

its up to their objectives id say. if they need to hijack, then id say yes. if its only to kill someone i would more likely say no.

Use a screwdriver on it to replace the scanning module, can be used to extract viruses from people and symptoms from viruses.

Specifying that the corpse needs to have less than 50 burn damage would be nice, also you cant clone husks, you need to take the brain out for cloning.

Close, but, causes heart damage.

Pretty much yeah, feeding them food also works.



Pretty much, though rule related questions go to ahelp not mhelp.

I will give you a +1 if you answer my question correctly. What gases do you need to do fusion?

Ooh! You remember this from when we messed up the first time! Lemme ask you some questions just for fun and for my own knowledge.

  • new scientist wants to do toxins, without just linking the wiki, what’s the best way you could explain bombs to them?

  • what do strange objects do?

  • is there a way for xenobiology to generate research points?

  • list all methods you can think of for generating research points

I’m gonna be honest here and say that I have no idea. I looked it up at least, and you need a mix of CO2, plasma, and tritium. the tritium is what causes the reaction, and one mole of it is consumed for every reaction.

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Kek. +1

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in toxins we make boom booms.
there are two different types of boom booms. there are max caps and research bombs.research bombs produce up to 50k research points , wile maxcaps produce close to 0. to make one you need to mix plasma and oxygen inside a mixing chamber, to produce tritium, wich is used to make them

strange objects are items that you can find laying around in maints. they have a semi-random effect that you can discover by clicking on it, or putting it into the eksperimentor and pressing “discover item” they can do anything from spawning a bunch of simplemobs, or exploding you.

im unsure on bee… but if it you click on the slime console with a unused slime extract you can produce a research note that gives points when inserted into the R&D computer

Servers, research bombs, a type of nanite program and engineering can set some of the power collectors when making a tesla to generate research points instead.

Wait you can do that? I didnt know that. Haha