Sparky's Slime Handbook

Literally just a copy paste of a guide i wrote in notepad because i was bored. Forgive formatting issues please
Xenobio Abridged 2: Adamantine Boogaloo
By Sparky ft. the Xenobio discord.

Table of Contents
Part Zero: Disclaimer
Part One: The essentials
1a: What is xenobio and FAQ
1b: Roundstart Procedure Rewritten
1c: Universally Useful Things
Part Two: Fighting/Being antagonists
2a: Traitors
2AI: Malf AI
2b: Changelings
2c: Nukies
2d: Conversion Antags
2e: Clockwork Cult
2f: Wizard…?
2g: Shadowlings…?
2h: Heretic
2i: Incursionist
2j: Bonus how to hijack section
Part Three: Routes you can take
3a: Becoming Unkillable
3b: Raising Legions of Warriors
3c: Making cash money
3d: Being a request monkey
3e: Leaving the lab
3f: Making everyone hate you

PT 0

No xenobiology guide will ever be conclusive. It is the way of this job. Remember, whenever you take up the mantle of xenobiologist, you are also taking up the mantle of scientist.
Learn, grow, and spread that knowledge to the masses. It is our duty as a scientist, and our goal. Above even that, have fun.
This knowledge is given to make fun experiences, not to crush the life out of anyone who opposes you
Also if you powergame this too much coderbus will nerf it. So please don’t do that.


What is xenobio and FAQ (both in one because they’re the same questions anyway):
So, what is this slime rancher thingy anyway?
Xenobio is possibly the single most powerful job on the station, if you do it right. You breed slimes by feeding them chimps with the slime console, and when fed they split and mutate into different colors, which do different things,
You then kill the slimes you don’t want, grind them using the slime processor, and use their extracts to perform magic
But why would i want to do it?
You get things other departments could only dream of, and are bound to no god or master but your own will.
So i read the wiki at Guide to xenobiology - BeeStation Wiki but it doesnt seem to be that powerful.
Ah, you clearly didn’t read the crossbreeding section.
What’s a crossbreed and how do they work?
A crossbreed is made when you feed ten slime extracts of one color to an adult slime of another color. This will boil away the adult slime and leave a single, powerful core known as a crossbreed
For example, feeding ten grey extracts to a purple slime makes reproductive purple. It’s reproductive (the grey prefix) because you fed an adult slime ten greys. It’s purple because the slime you fed those extracts to was purple.
Crossbreeds have many effects. Some need to be full of plasma and used, some accept certain things and spit out other things, and some just sit in your inventory and do things. Please, for the love of god, read the wiki at
Guide to xenobiology - BeeStation Wiki

Roundstart Procedure: This was a text wall in the last edition, rewritten for clarity
Step one: Take seven cubes out of the boxes, leaving three to one side. This is because we’ll need those later, and you can’t get cubes out of the consoles.
Step two: Put those seven cubes in the console and use 4/6 of them to feed the roundstart slimes. Put one in an empty chamber for later.
Step three: Go to R&D and grab better parts, tier 2 should be researched by now, and if not do it yourself. You’ll want two advanced matter bins, two nano manipulators, and a rapid part exchange device (RPED)
Step four: Exchange the parts by screwdriving the machine and using the RPED with the parts in it on the machines.
Step four and a half: This is a housekeeping step. Link the BZ to the bottom chamber, repair any broken cameras, weld the doors if that’s your style, that kind of stuff
Step five: Recycle your monkeys, saving one body to use for blood, put one grey in the chamber with the lone monkey and kill five more greys
Step five and a half: if you don’t have five greys spare, kill some and add plasma to the extracts. With upgrades, this will duplicate the extracts, doubling them every time.
Step six: Grind the killed slimes and feed them to the now adult grey. This will create a reproductive grey in one breeding cycle
You now have limitless monkey cubes. My next suggestion would be industrial grey, or reproductive dark purple. Once you have both of those, resources are no longer limited and you’re free to experiment.

Universally Useful Things:
-THE WIKI IS YOUR FRIEND, USE IT! (Guide to xenobiology - BeeStation Wiki)
-For the love of god, use the bio bag. It can feed reproductives, mass pick up cubes, mutate slimes, and probably more. Also holds all your beakers, so you can move these around more easily.
-Stabilised light pinks make you faster than a methhead adrenals changeling. Make them for everyone.
-You have literally the best capacity to make ghostroles on the entire station, and it’s just being mean to not take advantage of that.
-You can make two, or even three, of a reproductive to bypass cooldowns. Your call on if it’s worth it or not, but for things like regenerative mass production it’s a massive boost.
-BZ will put slimes into stasis, meaning they don’t move or grow hungry. I like to fill the bottom chamber with it and store slimes there. It’s your call
-Have a list, or at least some idea what you want to do, or be. There are paths included below, but making a personal path that caters to you, and your playstyle, can be better than any preset route.
-Remember, you’re a scientist. Never be afraid to experiment
-Learn to multitask, and to lead. It can double your efficiency, and knowing how to delegate tasks to your golems and other xenobiologists can go a long way

Dunking on Antags (or being them)
Traitors: Get a golem or watcher bodyguard in case you’re a target, and give sec equipment. See also Becoming Unkillable.
Malf AI: Actiavting a burning black makes you heal from turrets, and you can ventcrawl through the satelite. Do be sure to watch for borgs, they have extinguishers.
In addition, burning metal deletes all reinforced walls around you, and being a glass golem reflects the turrets, so you can just walk into the sat.
Being Traitors: You get assassins, equipment galore, lots of bombs, an isolated place, and a disposals chute going to space. You’ll never need to even open your uplink if you know what youre doing.
However you kind of lack stealth, as golem murder is rather obvious, so be ready for your door to be kicked down.
Changelings: Bolt your doors, get some simplemobs, and seriously consider going slimeperson and dragging a spare body to sec, or mixing in 80u tessilum with that and going IPC. Watch for EMP screech though.
Combining burning black with lazarus injectors and a headcrab corpse and sentience potions can make you a loyal changeling ally. Also, advanced mutation toxin cucks lings if they don’t panacea it in time or cryosting themselves, which might not be possible.
Being Changelings: Just be a changeling, job is irrelevant. Also xenolings don’t exist. Stop asking. Oh right you can DNA sting people into different types of golem. Glass golem sting plus armblade is almost free.
Nukies: Ask lavaland for volcanic ash or grow some grass from botany, use it in hand, and shovel the resulting floortile to make sand golems. They’re immune to bullets and can shrug off brute, and enough of them zerg rushing an ops team will drop them eventually (fun fact, nukies can’t deal burn).
Like spear-assistant rush but they can respawn! Do be warned, they’re vulnerable to burn, and thus friendly fire.
Being Nukies: N/A
Conversion Antags: Simplemobs are generally unconvertable, so get a bunch of them and guard heads/validhunt/beat up the dominator. Don’t go slimeperson, cause if you swap bodies you’ll need a new mindshield,
DONT MAKE GOLEMS FOR CHRISTS SAKE, cause at least on bee Antags > Master and they WILL turn on you. For revs specifically giving heads stabilised greens and ceruleans can be the difference between a rushed rev round and a horribly campy shitshow. It’s your call.
Being Conversion Antags: Golems are auto converted, and making a bunch of free cultists/revs/gangsters can’t ever go wrong. In addition, having hyper-meth no slip extracts can’t hurt a cult, and golems can be made of runic metal for cult specifcally.
A headrev/gang leader will never not benefit from stabilised green, cerulean, and light pink if stealth is a non issue.
Clockwork Cult: Runic golems can jaunt past the defences, burning metal tears them down, and sadly reebe is a no teleport zone but timestop is still stupid good in melee combat.
Being Clockwork Cult: You have a source of infinite power, and also infinite material for golem spam.
Sentienels compromise is also really fucking good especially if you bring regeratives or a borg/golem with anti-tox. Or the dark purple cookies
Wizard…?: Silver and cloth golems are magic proof, but other than that, you’re never going to see a wizard.
Being Wizard: Don’t make me laugh
Shadowlings: Shadowlings are a myth, but nightmares exist, and chilled pyrite makes Prism goggles, which make light prisms that make nightmares cry. Spam it while running at them and all over maints.
Heretic: The moonlight greatsword found on some maps along with chap’s null rod and holy melons from silvers or a greatful botany make you magicproof, which helps against heretics. Silver and cloth golems are also magicproof, if you decide to bring friends
Being a Heretic: See being a traitor, with the addition of having many monkies which have organs to be used in rituals and curses. Mutadone them before they’re fed to the slimes for a bonus.
In addition, stabilised metal and a bluespace crystal allows you to teleport into almost any room to grab realities, as long as you always reserve one.
Incursion: See traitor, but if you’re a target consider stabilised green.
Being Incursion: Dabbing on AI is kind of easy using the above method, and timestop is still OP. Other than that see traitor.

Bonus hijack section: Chilling rainbow seems perfect for this, but is debatably outclassed. In my opinion, the duration is too short. However you can also just bring multiple. It’s your call. A debatably better method is as follows.
Four golems, holding chilling sepia, wait in the shuttle airlocks. Each chilling sepia is linked to you.
Five seconds before shuttle arrives, they trigger it.
When shuttle arrives, run aboard and quickly emag into the cockpit and emag the shuttle console
Laugh because free hijack.

Routes you can take (not mutually exclusive, just here for organising)

Becoming Completely Unkillable
Who doesnt love not dying anyway
-Luminescant+Sepia Extract = Free time stop for forever. Stack it with six iterations of the gentle extract to go brrrr
-Gentle extracts can be used while handcuffed. This is most useful for red/grey, to summon and then anger like ten slimes, oil, to slip your captor and or suicide bomb, sepia, to stop time and fuck with people, and bluespace, to GTFO.
-Rainbow knife is an alright weapon, but not really worth it.
-If you want to kill people, link a regenerative bluespace to one of the chambers, fill it with slimes, add blood to a red extract in full view, and shut the blast doors.
When you “heal” someone with that they get sent to the room and torn apart by slimes. 99% effective against slaughter demons!
-Mass murder is its own issue, but chilling bluespace into a lava pit is a uniquely powerful and deadly combo. Only those with wings might survive. The downside is you gotta tag EVERYONE with it and people might get suspect
-Regenerative bluespace NOT set to kill you is a good way to get out of a bad situation, and combined with stabilised rainbow will let you just GTFO of any bad situation.
-Burning green, AKA the boneblade, looks like a weapon but is actually a utility. It can block damage, and force doors. The main downside is taking up an arm, but with a slimeperson that can swap bodies it’s barely an inconvenience. However, if you can get jaws of life, don’t bother.
-Stabilised blue is budget noslips
-Stabilised purple regenerates you.
-Regenerate extracts are aheals, and stabilised rainbow can get you out of crit completely alone. Watch limbs though, as most races can’t easily fix dismemberment.
-Rebreathers exist, and work on plasmen. Have fun!
-Stabilised cerulean is ALSO really good if you somehow manage to walk into the emagged crusher or something. Be warned it’s consumed upon use, so you won’t find it on your body.
-Burning yellow lasts long enough to cuff on non insulated targets. Abuse this. ESPECIALLY against abductors.
-Burning metal continues to be really effective at breaking into and out of places
-More than one potion can be applied to an item of clothing, and probably should.
-Gentle sepia timestop is juuuuuust long enough to strip the krav maga gloves off the warden and get out of shotgun range before he can act again.
-Chilling metal is nice to have, but if someone is on top of the walls when you use it they can still hit you
-Recurring purple when combined with a race that has actual blood allows you to bring a near limitless supply of regen jelly wherever you go.
-Good things you can get from silver slimes
-Gatfruit, duh. Also cherry bombs.
-Stuffed legion contains tricord, but you have better healing
-Powercrepe is a good melee weapon, but be on harm intent
-Energy cakehat is also fuckin bustedly powerful, aim for the head. Get one by microwaving energy cake.
-Roburgers and gondola pockets are two flavors of the same dish. The relevant chemicals are nanomachines and tranquillity.
-Arnold Pizza, when eaten willingly, blows the consumers arms off.
-Holy melons for temp magicproofing
-There’s a lot of food in the game, remember to experiment. After all, you are a scientist.

Raising Legions of Warriors
You don’t have friends in real life, so literally make them in spess!
-Golems are usually better than simplemobs
-Change carp can make golems into xenomorphs. Do that.
-Use the shield wall to gib unwanted mobs by enabling it while they’re standing there. This also works on people!
-Industrial Light Pink makes chocolate, not potions.
-If you get stabilised metal, and a sheet of an exotic material like bone or runic metal (from smashing the curator archive), it will be replicated and you can make golems from it.
-Runic golems in particular are IMMENSELY powerful, combining the best of wraiths (jaunting) with people (having hands) and a unique glare. Make em go loot the vault or whatever.
-Crystalised Cerulean also dupes sheets, so this can be abused for even more golems.
-Mutation toxins work on golems, but only in pills. There is no cheaper way to give a loyal army slime powers than luminescant spam.
-Stabilised gold is a hidden gem, and INCREDIBLY powerful in the right hands and form. Here’s my tier list
-A: Snake Cak and Parrot
-B: Gubbin, Voidy, Turtle, Space Cat
-C: Anything that can ventcrawl or is spaceproof
-D: Anything else
-F: Butterfly
-Highlights: Cak are infinite food, and great social animals. If you want to make friends, go for it
Turles do as much damage as the null rod and have megafauna level health. The downside is speed, but the pressure is excellent.
Snakes are the kings of combat, with damage comparable to turtle, plus venom, and speed of a human, with their main downside (low health) mitigated by their bond to you. They continue to respawn even if you die. BONUS: They ventcrawl.
Gubbins still produce saline glucose when fed organs, and can be milked for it or simply used for cleanup after a messy crime
Parrots are renewable headsets, by spawning them, stripping it, and re-spawning them. These include encryption keys. Also, they can steal small items from the hands of people. A word of warning, if they steal their own stabilised gold they cease to exist
A note on spiders: Spiders are almost always a horrible, horrible idea. At least one of the nurses will forget, or purposely not, set a directive,
and at that point you just have wild spiders but they’re sentient, and thats far more dangerous and uncontrollable than just simplemobs.

Making Cash Money
Want to become the Plushie Queen? Well you gotta work that grind.
-Industrial Gold literally makes coins, money money money!
-Industrial Orange makes cool zippo lighters, can probably be sold for cash money. Pairs well with industrial black, which makes cigarettes for those lighters to light. These cigs also heal!
-Industrial Light Pink makes chocolate, brand as felinid repellant.
-Charged pink makes love potions, and chilling light pink makes heroine buds. Market both to catgirls.
-Give cargo an industrial or reproducive dark purple or adamantine for infinite plasma and infinite credits.
-Making a lot of regenerative golds can let you sell full heals to plucky assistants with the added bonus of getting more money.
-Since golems are loyal to the ones who finish them, you can sell bodyguards.
-Everyone wants sentience potions
-Everyone also wants speed potions
-Most of the slime cookies have some use, and all can be eaten by IPC’s
-The yellow one lets you hack for the duration, despite not having insuls
-Purples heal 5 of all damage types instantly, and can be mass consumed to heal
-Black lets you prank people by fake turning them into skeletons, not the most useful but certainly funny
-Light pink is something to do when you’ve been healed by regen rainbow, and will prevent the enemy from harming your allies
-Sepia cookies speed up everything by 5% for a minute. Is it useful? maybe i don’t know
And all can be sold for premium pricing, considering their exotic nature.

Being a request monkey
People want stuff. This path is all about being a little submissive baby and fufilling requests
-Make reproductive yellow, and keep a bunch of adult yellows alive. Together they make ultra power cells. Everyone wants them
-Everyone continues to want sentience potions
-Clown want bananium ook ook ook (charged pyrite)
-Repentant Felinids (and people who want species changes in general) come to you. Thats greens.
-The rest of science want mats, and stabilised metals are remarkably efficient
-To reiterate, cargo wants an industrial dark purple, or maybe a reproductive. Plasma sells.
-Adamantine also sells, and getting a lot is shockingly easy.
-If sec asks, arm them up. The only thing more scary than a fully kitted out xenobiologist is one with sec gear. Wait i lied…
-Give genetics spare monkeys and they might give you superpowers. UNLIMITED POWER!!!
-Everyone will love speed potions for their skinsuit/fancy hardsuit
-Botany will never not be thankful for crystalline silver. It’s so good.

Leaving the lab
Xenobio has a lot of ways to interact with the outside world, but nobody ever does. This is how you do that.
-ALWAYS carry a stabilised pink. 99% of space or gateway enemies are simplemobs, and this makes them ignore you. Just walk on by.
-Remember to speed potion your skinsuit
-Cloth golems are totally immortal, as all simple mobs that arent megafauna can’t do burn. (except shiny watchers, but why would you even)
-Stabilised gold makes a PAi that can pull your dying corpse out of danger if you sentience potion it.
-Probably bring a sentient lightgheist, or memento mori+stabilised purple or something.
-Crystalline Bluespace acts as a waypoint via which eager tourists can view space ruins
The main strategy is effectively walk up to space ruins, sentience the locals, grab the loot, slap down a crystalline bluespace, and move on.

Making Everyone Hate You:
If you want to be evil, this is how
-Gender change potions have no “Feed” timer, and thus work on contact. Running around with speed and using them on everything that moves is a fast way to turn people against you.
-Gentle oil vomits lube that never dries, and stabilised blue lets you walk over it.
-Bronze. Golems. Get a bowman, fireman carry them, and spam shove them until everyone is deaf or trying to kill you. Or both!
-You have access to infinite bananium. If you can obtain the MK honk shoes, everyone is going to have a bad time.
-Using burning black to ventcrawl into the atmos plasma tank, and then either crystalline or chilling dark purple will result in the entirety of engineering trying to murder you.
-Gold slime spam is sure to result in shittery. Everyone will hate you for it, but that’s what this section is for


Get instantly converted because you’re too busy staring at your fucking console

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hey then you get to spam clockwork golems, fun for everyone but the crew

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fun fact adamantine golems are also magicproof!

wait what

also stabilized green is unlimited mulligan. and lings can transform them selfes or others into all types of golems. so you can be the most adaptive son of a bitch. or turn everyone into BS/PLASMA/GLASS/BANANIUM golems

what do you mean wait what this was on the xenobiocord for like half an hour this morning

also gonna edit the golem DNA thing in thanks for the idea

i just didnt know adamanatine golems were magic proof

Now this is a big brain guide

I mean this is a good guide, but buy and large, all you should ever desire is to make bananium golem army for memes.

I see you’re forgetting the LEGENDARY Spetsnaz Pyro Bundle .

that one doesnt count, it deals more damage to your team than it does to the golems. Also i have never once seen anyone pick it so

only when the team dont all take elite suits

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never gonna happen, unga want shield

I also just tried it out and apparently sand golems are straight up immune to plasma fires! Foiled again.

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they’re fucking what

im sorry what…

You would think it would turn them into glass golems