So why is first incident of "sexual content" a permaban now?

I’ve always seen beestation as being pretty lenient on things, but the zero tolerance policy on “sexual content” is a little weird.

There’s a pretty thick and obvious line between “sexual content” and something that could undeniably be considered sexual content and/or not okay for minors.

I’ve seen stuff in PG-13 movies and G rated TV shows that’s more sexual in nature than what some folk have been permabanned for here.

I’m not arguing that sexual content shouldn’t be bannable because I know how it do, but does it really need to be a permanent ban and not just a slap on the wrist and a “Hey don’t do that”?


We’ve been doing this this way for a loooooong time

it’s sad if you ask me

You have some history to read up on. This was the point at which admins who had been semi-lenient on it were all corrected. This is also the point at which copypastas and all other sexual content had a stance taken against them to match the ruling in this thread.

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I ain’t even talkin about that

One person got unbanned. The other got adminned.

Your point?


actually that’s kinda a society problem tbh


FWIW this isn’t unusual for spaceman servers

like paradise to my recollection also treats ERP as basically the worst rule you can break

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