"Small/Simple Questions" Pinned Thread in General

See title. Maybe in “Guides” instead. I see these cropping up now and again, and a pinned thread would make them easier to reference enmass.

So the #questions discord channel but for forums?

Pretty much, yep
Twenty (Two Zero)

My other suggestion regarding a “Small Questions” forum section - eh. I do think Discord might be better for that, on reflection.

From another Suggestion thread I posted. Eh. Eh. I don’t know. It’s a matter of questions being placed in a format that’s easiest to for others to search, so we don’t cover the same ground twice. Maybe a dump of the Discord’s “questions” channel, and reformatting it into a FAQ?

How can you get the code for the AI upload?

You can print it on a paper at the robotics control console.

2 years later


In the wiki picture, it shows 9 tesla ball generators for the tesla engine, would this create 9 tesla balls?
If so, would they generate more power?
Would the server crash?

They would just make 9 seperate teslas. Teslas don’t merge like singularities.

They would create more tesla arcs because… more tesla, but to actually benefit from them you need more tesla coils to capture them.

And… no the server would not crash, I’ve done 14 teslas in one chamber and it was fine.

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It won’t crash, but because teslas are kind of unoptimized it’s going to make some time dilation, which can make other people rather annoyed with you.

man why didnt you just ping me, i made those example pictures

Is it possible to dismantle AI?

You can dismantle inactive AI cores with a screwdriver, but not active AIs.

So if you use a brain to build and AI the brain is gone?

yep pretty much

In this picture I can’t see the console of the weapon, can it be place away from it?
It would be very convenient

Sadly not, it has to be in the same place for the BSA to function.

The console that print the code for the AI, do you need a command ID to make it work?
Does the cryptographic sequencer work on it?
It would be overkilled for it to need a command ID since it makes an announcement when it works and is in a secure location.

It’s right there

Nope, anyone can access it, but if you have RD level access then it won’t make the unauthorized key extraction announcement.

Sadly it does nothing.

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