Should Dragnets be more readily avaliable?

  • Dragnets should be allowed to be carried by security on Green Alert
  • Dragnets should NOT be allowed to be carried by security on Green Alert
  • Dragnets should be standard equiptment for security regardless of Alert Level
  • Dragnets need a buff to be useful at all
  • Dragnets need a nerf

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Saw a convo in the discord about dragnets and the fact they’re non-letal equipment and such, and the Security SOP is conflicting, stating both that armory equipment should not be given out on Green, but also that Sec can carry ANY non-lethal equipment on Green.

I’d like to get the communities opinions on this, and also if they need a nerf or buff in general.

As it stands, on Energy Snare mode, a dragnet can shoot a snare roughly 4? tiles and if it hits a target they get snared with an energy bear-trap that restrains their legs, and deals 0 damage. They also come off really quickly compared to a regular bear-trap.

On Net mode, they have a rough range of 10? tiles, shoot 6 nets with spread and do 10? stamina damage per hit. then create a netting-portal that will teleport everything(I believe) on the tile to either the Drop-net beacon or to somewhere random if the beacon isnt active, after roughly 3-ish? seconds.

There are usually only two in the armory at round-start, and you can only get more dragnets via finding one in a ruin, or ordering a dragnet crate that contains 3 for 1500 credits.

I dont see them used often, and usually they run out after about 10-shots total (both from nets and snares)

Opinions on dragnets being more readily avaliable for security, or if they need to be buffed or nerfed would be great!

The problem with current dragnets as summarized to me:

Dragnets are basically bola launchers. Bolas you can’t catch and aren’t punished for missing

Also to quote @Howluinb31153

I personally love the idea of swapping dragnet into an entirely unique functionality of trap gun. Energy bolas already have the bola side covered in a limited and non-spammable way.

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