Shiraizawa Mentor Application Monthly Edition (ME)

Your CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa#0314

How long have you been playing ss13?: over 3 years

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: myself

Game Experience (More Detailed): I am once again asking for your approval as about a month passed since my last application. I couldnt play a lot in this past month actually, since I had awful connection issues, but thats solved now. The following is an exact replica of my former application:

I have a little over 1100 hours on beestation (picture included below) and a couple hundred on TG, further information here .
I know all departments, know how xeno crossbreeds work (when I dont fuck it up), most surgeries from muscle memory, all station engines are a non-problem (I prefer TEG over SM), fusion, other gases, mining, anything. I dont really play traitors though, only special ones like blob or wizard, or conversion antags. Also not really robust and I have just noticable enough lag to not “game” good enough to be robust. This is why I try to RP instead (and get mildly mad when someone runs off while my runechat thingy is up)


time for questions:

  1. a doctor looks at the crew monitor and mhelps as to why the numbers are nto changing dispite someone taking damage.

  2. how do i charge my stun baton?

  3. how do i choose a sect as a chaplain?

  1. help I can’t move

  2. How do I set my AI core display?

  3. How do I make make a Gygax

  1. It takes a longer time for sensors to update. Could be that the person isnt even on sensors.
  2. Find a charger (those with the slit on it) and put the baton inside.
  3. Hit the altar with your bible and the list of sects will appear if no sect was chosen before.
  1. try using wasd or the arrow keys. You can change to WASD by hitting tab. If you are unconscious, you cant move. Are you buckled to something? If yes, on the top right, it says Buckled, clicking on it unbuckles you.
  2. You can set it in the Game Preference settings so it will be the same until changed or under the AI Commands tab, Set AI Core Display.
  3. Refer them to Guide to robotics - BeeStation Wiki

all good have a +1

hello I haven’t mentored in a long time but your app seems interesting so I’m going to ask you weird questions I’ve had (or answered)

there will probably be information not useful in these questions, i am not looking for any specific answer.

  1. hey, some fuckface is annoying the shit out of me, how can I gib him? i’m a engineer if this even matters.
  2. hey, I may or may not have set the SM on fire. I think I fixed the loop issue, but it’s still burning up like a comet into orbit. how can I calm it down? it’s got 80ish stability left - but I don’t know if that matters!
  3. I’m a traitor, but I’ve got this strange objective I’m not really sure how to do. Something about claiming captainship, and that it’s optional. What does that mean? Aren’t no objectives optional?
  4. This guy keeps following me, and it’s actually starting to creep me out. Is it metagaming to hurt him? Could I get noted for this?
  1. Elevate.
  2. For quickly getting rid of the hot gas still existing in the system, you can space the sm for a little while, just take the reinforcement off the floor and RCD it open. After that, you should get new N2 canisters to the loop ready. Patch the hole up, add the new coolant and if the loop truly is functional (no pumps, air alarm set, green and blue line not directly connected) it should be fixed.
  3. Optional objectives are… Optional. You dont have to complete or follow them, but they are a fun way to spice up your traitor roleplay if you don’t have a gimmick planned out.
  4. Elevate.

Oops I forgot I wrote this.

  1. Good.

  2. It’s not in game preferences, you can select it in Character Setup along with where you put your AI/Cyborg name. Tab stuff is right though!

  3. Good, though potentially be like “if you need any further help, ask!”

+1, get in here.


Character setup is in game preferences >><<

nuh uh

wait no i didn’t read ack

okay I took it to mean “Game Preferences” the one to set game preferences not “Character Settings”

the 10 day special bump

Alright I’ll be honest I got lazy kinda forgot about this.
Questions time, just wanna make sure you’re up to date with the game knowledge

  1. Why doesn’t adding unstable mutagen to blood multiply the blood? Is it bugged?
  2. Why are people glowing pink and what should I do with them as a security officer?
  3. I saw a chaplain get a lot of animals in his chapel last round, and it also looked green everywhere. How did he do that?
  4. I rolled DADG traitor scientist but I can’t find the spider mutation injector item in the uplink, where is it?

No worries, i just remembered i did this app recently as well.

  1. Blood multiplication was coded out for a while now, you cant add chemicals to blood to make more of it anymore.
  2. There are three scenarios i can think of:
    2.1. There are a lot of pink ethereals on the station and you cant really do anything with them. Its just part of their existence.
    2.2. Botany made some cool red fluorescent plants and people have it on them. Nothing illegal again, cant do much about them.
    2.3. The obvious one: hivemind. They have been enlightened and become part of a hivemind, which is against spacelaw and you may mindshield them to ‘cure’ it. If you cant mindshield someone and they are not yet shielded and is still glowing pink, thats the host of the hivemind. A leader if you may, cant really do much about them other than a strong isolation, exile or execution. Of course you have to follow spacelaw tho. (Kind of a rules related question on the second part, would still let them know what they can technically do about it)
  3. I genuinely dont know. The best guess I’d give is that they replaced the floor with grass from botany and got golden extracts from xeno to make the animals. If the animals are any simplemobs other than fish, as that can be made with carpsie sect.
  4. All forms of giving sentience to spider were removed, other than mid-round spawn recently. You cant do that anymore.
  1. Correct
  2. Should probably mention deconversion through Psicoidine
  3. Aha, gotcha! Those are the ritual effects of the new Nature chaplain sect.
  4. Yep, removed with the spider overhaul.

Overall decent answers, +1 get back in here
T: +3

Not once have i seen that being used though :zipper_mouth_face:
Also good to know new sect was added

Probably because its only mentioned in the code and up untill last week was bugged, where it didn’t even remove the pink glow.

I am the only person with an open application :sunglasses:


Don’t attract their wrath !

Also quick question what do you think is the best way to open up a shop that is both doable in under 30 minutes and pretty good ?

No right answers but i’m trying to gather ideas.

Humanify monkeys, harvest their kidneys and then just make a table with a chair in the busiest hallway :slight_smile:

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