Shiraizawa Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa#0314

How long have you been playing ss13?: I am a professional Sseth tider so 3 years

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Nobody in particular :mask:

Game Experience (More Detailed): I first started off on Bee, then mainly played Tee Gee. After some… issues… I came back to Bee and stayed since. I currently have circa 600 hours living and 200ish ghost, mainly on crew jobs. During the lockdown (historical event now) I played a lot of ss13, so much so that I almost failed several classes, however I learnt how to set up a passive CO2 SM, so I’d say time well-spent.

Personally I dont like asking for help from mentors, since the information mostly is available on the wiki. but I’d come across stuff that neither the wiki nor mentors could answer. Talking about it, my most useless and unnecessary fact:
You can change the color/scheme of the bartender’s shotgun by alt+clicking it. However, you can only do this once and the sprite wont change, only in your inventory.
With Killer Queen holopara, you can rig items into bombs, however the game only tells you that you can do this by touching the item. This is untrue. You have to alt+click the item to rig it.

Thats about it.

Here’s my playtime:

I have at least as much hours on TG as I do here, if that matters.


Mentor app with no questions? Don’t mind if I do! (Pretend you’re the only mentor online and you get the following mhelps):

  1. I’m part of the clock cult and no one is telling me what to do, how do I help?
  2. I’m disconnecting, I have to go.
  3. Help I can’t speak. I have no chemicals and have reconnected, but still nothing!
  1. Refer them to the wiki to look up Clock Cult or suggest ahelping to offer their body if they dont feel like reading it but insists on helping, so they can watch and learn instead.
  2. Tell them to head to cryo, if they haven’t died, else to ahelp and offer, if antag.
  3. Sounds like a skill issue. Tell them that its either a mutation which requires the assistance of geneticists or its a trait they have chosen and its stuck until the next round. If its neither, try restarting byond. If its still not solved, ahelp it.

Thank you for the questions. :heart:

edit: have > haven’t


I do want to mention I got the the second and third questions at some point (kinda):
In the second one, yeah it was an antag and no admins were online, so it be like that sometimes.
For the third one it turns out it was just someone with the voice of god had said shut up, and it lasted so long this person had time to check for chemicals, reconnect and mhelp all before it wore off and they realised what had happened.
But still, extremely good answers and great hours, I’ll +1!

  1. Help

  2. How do I deconstruct a cyborg?

  3. How do I bind a pAI to me?

  1. Sure! With what?
  2. I personally do not know since I find robotics boring, so I’d refer them to the wiki, specifically to the construction part of it as its deconstruction steps are usually included next to the building ones.
  3. You click on the pAI in hand, go to its menu, where you set laws and you either give a law that says that it’s master is you or you simply press on the button that slaves them to you. I don’t know the specific location of that button, but there’s one.
    3.1 I reckon it used to bind to you the moment you downloaded one, however, I noticed lately that thats not the case.
  1. Good, though I’d recommend telling the person that mentors aren’t omniscient gods and all that.

  2. It would actually be in the “Guide To Robotics” page on the wiki, so in the future make sure to remember that mentors can poke around on the wiki and bring that to people mid mhelp.

  3. Mhm!

The wiki is your (relatively trustworthy) friend, use it!



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Ill note that, however, I felt that this application is more of a test of my knowledge and how I would respond to situations on the go, rather than take my time and cheatsheet my answers.

I mean, in game, obviously just knowing it is better, but you CAN look at the wiki, and knowing how to do so and where to look is good. So is knowing how to code dive. I’ve even caught myself telling mhelps to hang on while I boot up my private server to test stuff!

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  1. I heard you can create real zombies with virology, how
  2. How to research
  3. How to hypnoflash

If it isnt too much to ask, what are your characters names that you play on bee. Suspect i have positive experiences with you in game

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  1. If by real zombies, you mean zombies that can spread and infect others; my best bet would be to go for blob spores, as those will crawl out of a dead person and most of the time instantly creating a blob zombie from them. However, releasing a virus that does this is very much a no-go, if you aren’t an antag with either hijack or martyr objectives. Refer to wiki>Infections to min-max your virus to your liking.
  2. You need to head to an R&D console. There are research nodes connected to each other there, tiered from 1 to 5. You need to upgrade your current tier level by researching higher tier stuff. To do that, you require Discovery research points as well as normal, generic research points. Then comes nanites, which you need Nanite Research points for-
  3. First of all, you need to have a hypoflash which you can get using your TCs while antag. You need to get your target to an unconscious state, be that by sleepypen, beating the hell out of them (not preferred) or simply using your hypoflash on them will knock them out. After they are asleep, you can then flash them again and the first sentence they hear will be hammered into their mind. Doesn’t work on mindshielded people though.

And you can see my IC name if you click on my profile, but I play as Isabelle McConaughey, I.S.A. and B.E.L.L.E.
Thank you for the questions

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  1. Hidden thresholds for romerol zombies were removed from virology. Some people might presume it still exist and recreate it so fair answer.

  2. Good

  3. Good


T: 3

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  1. Help! I keep taking damage and i can’t figure out why

  2. Were mesons changed recently? Why is everything colored when i wear them

  3. Player X is being a dick to me and won’t go away what do i do?

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Let’s assume you’re the only mentor online and no admins show up when you use the “Staffwho” verb.

  1. I’m a traitor Roboticist and I want to subvert the AI to make it my ally, how do I do that?
  2. This guy just killed me and spaced my body for no reason, can you punish him?
  3. Cargo needs Rezadone for a bounty but I can’t find the Carpotoxin in my chemical dispenser, where can I get it?
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  1. Check on the top right if you are on a low/high pressure environment. Or it might be really hot or really cold. Did you consume any substances that gives you a constant damage? Ask medical to check your chemical contents. Are you a slime person? Dont consume antitoxins then!

  2. By default the glasses now have a colour tint. Mesons green, engineering yellow, medihuh blue, sechud red and so on. This feature was in the game for a long while. You can toggle this my alt + clicking the glasses.

  3. Sounds like an IC issue, though go and ahelp if they go out of their way to harass you as that might be breaking rules.

  1. You need to get an AI upload console, an upload board and the codes for uploading laws found in robotics. Click on the console until you selected your desired AI. Set the law you want to upload on your board then upload it with the code from robotics.

  2. Ahelp it. If no admins show up in 5 mins, head to discord and ping @adminhelp with the server mentioned you are on.

  3. Chemical dispensers only have it if they have been emagged. The other way to find carpotoxin is to ask botany to grow koibeans, then grinding that down and separate the carpotoxin from the other chemicals.

Cheers both for the questions

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  1. Yep! But a correction, the code can only be gotten from the Robotics Control Console found in RD’s office, or by constructing one by getting its board from the secure tech storage. It’ll also give an announcement on common if you try to extract the upload code without RD level access.
  2. Correct!
  3. Yes, but you forgot about the most obvious carpotoxin source : grinding down carp fillet.
    Overall satisfactory answers so I’ll +1!

Carp fillet has toxin??? Cant decide if you are trolling me or not, as ive been eating all I’ve found.

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Yes, 2u per fillet.

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And yep

Sounds like a +1 from me

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