Shiraizawa Discord Note appeal

Discord ID: @shiraizawa

Admin Discord ID: no idea

Note Type: note

Note Length: indefinite

Note Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/25/2022

Note Reason: R word in picture, spoilering it doesn’t exactly make it any better

Appeal Reason: It was a picture of my multivitamins with the word meaning a medical terminology of being slow acting, not a derogatory term. It was however spoilered as I clearly knew this could mean the bad kind too.

I won’t share questionable imagery on purpose again and haven’t since.

Additional Information: I wanted to clean up my active notes for a while, didn’t get to it until now. This action was influenced by my recent 0 point note, which was taking about piracy. I’m content with having that 0 point note elevated to a 1 after either appeal gets accepted.

Not a fan of removing warnings just for the sake of removing them. We’ve opted to accept your other appeal, that drops you down to just one point, I believe that’s fair. Closing this one.