Shiraizawa Discord Mute appeal no.3

Discord ID: Shiraizawa#0314

Admin Discord ID: ivanmixo#2886 :person_shrugging: (maybe hello??)

Ban Type: mute (3 warns)

Ban Length: indefinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/25/2022

Ban Reason: 3 warns, only appealing the first one

Appeal Reason:
It happened half a year ago and it was a little mistake. I posted a screencap of the servers Im joined in and one of them had an nsfw picture. The moment I noticed it, I deleted the message and left that server (it was barely visible). After that, I got the warn. I never even used that server and didnt notice it’s icon being NSFW. I have not posted any form of nsfw picture since.

Additional Information:
I learnt not to share any kind of media on discord anymore.

Copypasta’d from here since that was closed on request as I was hotheaded.

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Glad to see that you’ve cooled your head.
Welcome back.
Just be a bit more careful about what’s posted in the future.

Appeal accepted.