Shion Rosenthal (Absolucy) Player Feedback

Hi :wave:
Nowadays I mostly play medical doctor, although I’m okay with paramedic, brig physician, engineering, or detective too. (Just uh, if I’m ever engineer, I highly suggest you don’t let me make a CO2 SM)
I try to be nice IC, albeit I can be kinda jumpy and scared easily, and I’ve been actually doing the whole ‘roleplaying’ thing more and more recently, and I’m enjoying it.
Unfortunately, I tend to be the one getting the short end of the stick, usually being too late to help someone, stuck in a horrible situation, or accidentally hyper-focusing on the wrong thing while all hell breaks loose around me. Sorry about that :frowning:

As antag, I tend to prefer more subtle and underhanded approaches than brute force - I’m not as robust as I used to be, and direct confrontation makes me nervous, so I’d rather use manipulation or stealth to complete objectives. I also try to roleplay as antag, and I’m not against teaming up with others (especially if doing so means I’m not the one getting murdered to death)

If anyone’s curious, I’ve played SS13 for over 6 years now (since late 2016). Also, I play entirely on Sage, not Acacia.



The only person responsible for my failed bio bombing. Only to realize you were already dead!

The interactions I’ve had with you have been nice and I believe I can see you open up a bit!!

And if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have had the best round ever!!!

Hope to see you more and more!



Was that the round you asked me to borg myself? I did actually become a borg that round after much pacing back and forth and trying to hide clues around the station.

And aw, I’m glad I helped ya have a good round! You’ve been fun to interact with too :slight_smile:

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can I still call you steamport

I mean, I can’t stop you, but I’d rather prefer you didn’t.

Oh my god really??

I swear to god, I didn’t know that so I went on to do my little bomber theatre and dying because of it hahaha. I kept asking for them to get you!

That was so fun, I was only afraid my colleague would blow you up. Thats no fun haha




shion gets bullied… but likes it? (hey, I’m not the one who implemented the positive moodlet when a felinid gets tabled!)


I commissioned Naevi to draw Shion, and omg so cute!


Local cat girl requires headpats.


She’s lovely to chat with, and always nice to me. I like her.


good person i woudl say


Perhaps I should play CMO some.

Am I a relatively good doctor?

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Kane slamming a felind on a table? Did I accidentally join one of those servers?! Oh no.

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Doesn’t die no matter how much cyanide you pump into them… die already!

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Two negative-ish experiences with you as an antagonist, often resorting to stealthy, non-engaging ways to dispose of your target. You should try harder in that regard, if the situation allows for it of course.

Other than that, you’re a pretty cool medic when you do your job, and a familiar face around.

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Sorry! I often get really nervous whenever I have to confront somebody.

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CMO will open you to a whole other world. Be prepared to have your brain hurting because you need to be so freaking amped to answer to your departement’s need and also listen and cooperate with other departements when needed.
Brain is on overdrive and it hurts. Also it’s better to have a very solid understanding of medical because if nobody can fix something in your departement it will have to be you.
You can try if you fail people will just complain that you’re incomptetent and not much else xD
If you’ve got problems just download my PAI, Pimbo. Because i like to think of myself as a robust medic xD

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As a fellow medical practitioner (Emboes Jackson), I like Shion very much. You can always enjoy and roleplay with her. I didn’t see your antag play, but as a CMO, I like seeing Shion in medbay. I also think you should try CMO, it would be fun to see that.


I’ve been playing CMO for a few days now. It’s kinda stressful at times, but can also be quite fun.
Unfortunately, it seems to be hit-or-miss whether people even bother listening to you or not… People won’t max their suit sensors just for shits’n’giggles, sometimes I’ll have a chemist who’d rather make excuses than make medicine, or hell, sometimes I’m the only doctor, even though it’s not deadpop (which is not fun at all).

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Don’t forget as cmo you have the power to demote someone from medical should they prove entirely uncooperative