Shark-sie Security ban appeal

CKEY: Shark-sie

Admin’s CKEY: Zeskorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Role

Ban Length: 2 months

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-11-14 12:26

Round ID: 9074

Ban Reason: Ionned an IPC to crit and let him die as a sec officer on war ops, for disarming him. Refused to admit he was wrong to do so

Appeal Reason: The ban reason is only right for the first 5 words. It is true, I was a security officer, on War ops, fully kitted with Riot mk3, a flash riot shield, and the Ion rifle pulled out. Manu9123 was the player in question who shoved me, he walked up to me in central primary and said “Hey you” to get my attention, and when I ignored him and walked away he chased me and attempetd to shove me into a wall. Assuming he was trying to steal my kit, I shot him twice and literally immediately grabbed him and started taking him to be healed. I realized he was an IPC after shooting him, and went to heal him at robotics. So “let him die” is a complete lie, I did not let him die, I crit him which may yes be an over-escalation but I did not let him die, and I did my due diligence of healing someone who didnt deserve to die. Upon further investigation, which ZESKORION DID NONE OF, Manu was intentionally going around shoving players and stealing their shoes “because I found out about it that round and wanted to have fun” during a War ops round roughly 2 minutes before fight time. I have the messages as proof in discord he admitted to this. Zeskorion opened the ticket, asked me to confirm I did it, and when I tried explaining that Manu was obviously looking for a fight he said im not arguing I see you have notes im banning you. This is the EXACT same thing that he did to Fighterslam, who was just let off permaban for an unjust ban from Zeskorion. He did not do his due diligence, to check if I healed Manu or to check why Manu was aggressing me in the first place, he almost literally just said “I see notes I ban”

Additional Information: I will admit, shooting an IPC (while I didnt realize it at first, ignorance is not an excuse) with an EMP for shoving you is escalation. However, Manu was going around stealing peoples gear during a Red Alert situation, which allows force to be used against people breaking the law, and he admitted himself to doing so. I would like this ban at the very least reduced. However, if I am going to get a full removal for time currently served, I would like to request a HOS, Warden, Det and Sec ban, with heads excluded. It is not worth playing security on Bee with the way the player base treats security with constant ban baiting and tiding.

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BoomerLast Saturday at 7:31 AM

i kno

but i found out

that i can steal shoes

and i wanted to do it

i regret living ngl

based and floorpilled

shooting someone for repeatedly shoving a sec officer with a gun in their hand during a red alert on war ops and then taking them to be healed seems like a total non-issue and an IC issue if anything

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You only learned of the shoe thief gimmick after the fact. Sec can only escalate to lethals for this shit during delta alert anyways

Security on bee is treated with higher standards than other players, as they can ruin someone’s round and fun to a great degree. Security bans extend to head roles as well, as people banned from sec tend to play heads as sec.

I remember having done a shoe thief gimmick once as well. I see no issue with manu doing this

but ANY instance of “sec kill me for shove” is bad, ESPECIALLY on war ops, when you know no one is an antagonist.

There are a few circumstances where deadly force is permissible:

  • Code Red Situation - situations which would warrant a Code Red, such as: full blown mutinies, hostile boarding parties, and Space Wizards automatically authorise lethal force.
    Note: The Alert Status is not required to be elevated to Code Red as in most of these scenarios the Chain of Command will be too damaged or otherwise occupied to raise the Alert Level.

I am aware that because he was an IPC, critting him or killing him with ion is excessive. It was meant to be a deterrent action, which is why I immediately went and healed him once he was crit. Had he not succumbed he would have never died in the first place, which you neglected to reflect in the reason or ticket at all

We all make mistakes and I believe that Sharksie reacted the way they did because they felt they had no choice given the dire circumstances of War Ops.

With that said, any good sec player should know to manage their work load and focus on War Ops instead of greytiding because there should be 100% no doubt during War Ops who the antags are.

In fact, this could have simply been resolved with an ahelp to report the player’s “greytiding/griefy” behaviour.

I think Sharksie has learned from this but there are consequences to ones actions that must be upheld for the sake of integrity.

Succumb does not show in logs. I recall that not being the only ticket i was dealing with at the time. Bee is a server with a large player count and shit can get hectic

Regardless, I believe this ban is just. whilst people tend to get into super weaponized greytide mode during war ops, the rules do not change. ESPECIALLY if the nukies arent even here yet.

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I would appreciate another admins opinion on the matter, obviously Zesk and I are in disagreement.

I relent that killing him would be excessive, but that wasnt my intention and I DID heal him, that DOES show in logs. I healed him and he put himself in the robotics morgue and didnt assist with the nuke ops.

I believe Manu got what he was asking for by stealing peoples shoes instead of suiciding on War ops if he doesnt want to play the game mode.

Shameful self bump full of dishonor on my cow

Tbh shoving an officer who has their weapon out and (probably) trying to steal their gun, especially on war ops, is a pretty good reason to get shot.

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So is this just going to be ignored? Mostly what I want is the command ban lifted because I did not do anything wrong as command. I have no history of command role misbehavior, I use those roles as teaching roles because I like to teach people (hence why I never play captain or hop)
If other admins feel that I deserve the security ban so be it, it doesn’t matter how justifiable I feel my actions are I am not ineffable. However command and security are different roles for a reason

I would rather not put you in any position of power, as you have proven to be a poor judge of character, and an overall asshole when it comes to using said power, and maintaining your status.

Ioning an IPC not only does brute, but depending on mechanic changes, may even dismember them. Doing this shows a complete lack of restraint on your part, even further so for just deciding to go in the ahelp

nah i dindunuttin

like bruh, if your going to ion somebody, to death for stealing your shoes you really do need to re-evaluate your ability to play security officer. Hell, you seem like the type of guy to strip people from their plasma tanks as a plasmaman and “forget” to turn them back on.
s h a m e

I dont think permabanned players get any say, nor does this banana peel involve you, nor do you even have the facts right because he succumbed.

I m a g i n e

still technically a mentor, and im just bringing up points
any and all criticism of your playstyle, and referencing past events is perfectly valid.

also critting him with ion still dismembers ipcs so like

you force nuggeted a guy anyway


also 20-50 brute per shot so u h h h

Hm yes, I shall crit person for pushing me and stealing my shoe, pls unban me I aem very correct he did bad i aem not bad sec…

I would like a definitive answer for this thread. I am aware that I could have been more patient with my response to manu ( however he purposefully chased me and I responded with the full extent of force that space law allowed, which is the LRP guideline.)

I went so far as to heal him as well, and ignore the ops that kicked down the door as I was dragging him to be healed.

I’m not asking for a full removal, it’s been a month and I just wanna play cmo bruh @zeskorion

This will not be approved, but i cannot close it till another admin says otherwise

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