Science department power creep

Because lets be honest its not just Xeno bio that gets more powerful as the round goes on.

Durands and gygaxes.

Max cap bombs.

Replacing all deds with positronic brain cyborgs that are more powerful than regular crew.

If youre playing Cult or Rev you really cant afford to ignore science.

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Isn’t the station getting more developed as the round goes on kind of the entire point of the science department?


Yes. It’s also the entire point of Nanotrasen’s experimental research station.


Security - Nothing but they get validhunting

Engi - More power and materials and rcds for creating a fortress, they can also make the sm go big shock and hold everyone there

Service - Nothing but they can greytide and ask for more access easily

Cargo - More creds means more things like teslas and miasma farms

Command - Gets all the benefits of their departments

Assistants - Get maint access so they might find antags faster

Medical - they help you rather than hurting you, so kinda just ask them for healing if anyone is going after you, probably the best department depending on who is running it

If your antag you can’t really afford to ignore any department

-run nations
-pick sec
-raid science round start
-problem solved

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Security - Your #1 consistent problem, while not the toughest problem, consistency is there because it’s a guarantee they’ll act out against you.
Engineering - Useless, just set up the fucking rock. It’s not even they who will patch any breaches you make.
Service - The most likely department to catch your fuck up and then out you.
Cargo - G U N C A R G O
Command - If all the heads are after you, holy shit it’s the end.
Medical - It’s all fun and games until you get shot with 60 Teslium or shoved down next to a sleeper.

Science is obviously the deadliest, literally everything in it can be the problem, but it’s SCIENCE of course it’s gonna be the deadliest.

science helps every department

security- big guns
medical- upgraded sleeper and experimental tools
service- just general part upgrades and the botany plant gun thing
cargo- pods
engineering- more tools and shit
miners- all the mining shit

Removal of bsminers should result in a steep decline of these.

you know that normal miners still exist??

Yeah but if normal miners exist then atleast some work is required to pump out a mech.

you know that normal miners actually have limited quantities of rare ores, and that science is competing with other departments for their consumption?

Not really

A single miner can get enough resources for the entire station and tenfold.

But do they?

They certainly don’t produce diamond and bluespace at the same rate as automatic miners reliably do - or Iron for that matter since Iron tends to be ignored so you have to hope they find enough of it near or on the way to other resources.

If you remove megafauna and tendrils

I’ve been playing more shaft miner and i havent noticed a single change in the amount of ores the station gets after BSM removal, the ore silo is stacked with all ores within 30 minutes of almost every round.

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that is the dumbest idea i’ve ever heard


I’ve seen it enough times, 3 miners, 0 resources
All 3 of them running around the station with ash drake armor and hiero club xd

if that’s your argument we can also delete stuff like xenobio - scientists who do it usually don’t contribute anything and won’t listen to anyone, so they can powergame at the end and kill the valid because they got lucky with rng - fauna hunting atleast takes a semblance of skill

also, how do 3 miners run around with hiero clubs if only one spawns??




so what if you wrote a guide? most of them won’t care unless i’m a scientist and i’m begging them