Rule change poll

Ok since the admins don’t seem to want to make any change in the rules lets see what amount of people want the rules to be changed or are fine with the current ruleset. Please don’t start arguments in the comments.

  • Wants rules to be changed
  • Rules are fine how they are

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A bit of constructive criticism… You might get better responses if you explained which rules you were wanting input on.

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Im making the poll because no one else will I dont know what rules people want

If the rules really can’t be changed then at the very least it does seem like some admins (not saying any names) are a bit overly zealous in enforcing them.


I want to remove rule 0(or rule 1 or whatever it’s called)It’s kinda gay that you can be banned,even if you didn’t break any other rules,because admins want to ban you.Clarify the rules but don’t ban people that don’t break any.

I will say this: rules like that should always be regarded as a nuclear option. It gives admins a lot of power and depending on how it’s used there will be controversy.

sorry i tried playing devil’s advocate but i can only do so much

There is a reason it exists. Nobody wants you here for a reason.


If I may suggest this poll should be restarted with more than two options. I for example support the recent changes but think there is still room to approve. So me answering “Rules are fine how they are” would be wrong but choose that I “Wants rules to be changed” would make me lumped in with people who want very different changes than I.

Well, rule 1 (admin discretion I assume you refer to) exists for situations where something happened and where rules would technically have to be enforced (or at the contrary, rules cannot be enforced) but the admin makes a decision to not (or to actually do) enforce them or remove any punishment over the player due to the situation actually going a bit deeper rather than just “unga broke rule, ban he”.

The situation I’d use as an example would be the report against Owen where he valided a sec officer who was a dick to him since the arrivals shuttle on MRP, where yeah, Owen did kill a Sec Officer on a MRP round, which by MRP standards is overescalation, but the guy was (or as Caec interpreted) ban baiting him, hence flexing the rule to exempt Owen from a punishment.

It can also be enforced in many more ocassions such as toeing the line multiple times, or people literally being the type of player that both players and admins don’t like dealing with, ICly or OOCly.

So if an admin enforced the Rule 1 against you (or anyone really), then this means one out of two options

Either A) He’s a cunt and literally only him hates you, and you may create an admin report since anyone who flexes Rule 1 is responsible for it

Or B) You’re the twat and the admin actually took it to the Headmins/Seniormins first in order to get approval, after seeing such a negative reaction from a big fat fucking chunk of the playerbase. Literally your presence is deemed a problem.

Keep in mind this is literally a fucking rare event since usually those type of people redeem themselves (The biggest example I can think of is @OwenMcShain since a lot of the admins back in 2019, myself included, were kinda annoyed at him and his playstyle) or just move to another server before getting to that point (I still miss Grogovic).

So yeah, tl;dr Rule 1 should probably stay since it’s the way admins can do stuff that the rules would not allow them to do for the betterment of the playerbase and the server.

What if I want stricter roleplaying rules?

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cloghs shotgun easy enougth sir

then play on skyrat my dude

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Did @Crossedfall really get his message taken down here? What the heck?

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even the new owner is being censored lol


I marked them all as off topic, because they are off topic.