Ruko Famicom for adminbussing and creating a custom antag role to grief my round with the added possibility of a personal bias

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: CrackRocks

Your Discord: Crack (Pepperoni Pete)

Offender’s CKEY: Ruko Famicom

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Ruko Famicom

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/19/2021

Round Number: 30641

Rules Broken (if relevant): Admin abuse, creating a custom antag role for someone who over escalated all round trying to murder me, giving them an excuse to kill me. Even other admins had to get involved.

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description:

This is a long one, so I am going to try and organize my thoughts as much as possible –

First I am going to lay out all the events that transpired and lead up to this, then I will comment on why I think the admin over stepped their bounds, as well as provide evidence of a possible personal bias against me.

What happened:

The shift started as all shifts, I was just wandering around as a clown at the beginning of the shift looking for a gimmick. I had ran into robotics and asked the roboticist for some holocreds so I can buy some insuls (clowns are poor and destitute creatures). Roboticist instead runs over to the vendor and buys the insuls himself, and proceeds to taunt me.

I then tell the roboticist, that he’s a jerk, and that he did not treat the clown very nicely. So I go to the Captain and ask him for access to robotics, along with a stamped note allowing me inside of robotics and giving me not only access but authorization to be there.

I go into robotics, and am immediately shoved, tossed around and flashed, when I show them my note, they proceed to steal the note, throw it away and ignore it. They proceed to then steal things from me, and generally continue to harass me. This of course lead to more arguing which culminated with the roboticist (LUMEN) to try and welder me to death. I at no point fought back, nor did I ever attack anyone or cause anyone physical harm during any of these engagements.

I immediately try to get this through the chain of command, and am promptly ignored, leading to more altercations, with the roboticists continually shoving me and flashing me over and over and eventually to more physical harm (always one sided) – this leads to LUMEN getting arrested for 2 minutes (for essentially attempted murder) – HOS throws me into jail as well for “breaking and entering” even though I had access and authorization, and lessens my timer to 1 minute because “I complied”

After all this, I being fairly frustrated, with no help from HOP/HOS or Captain, I decide to disassemble the exo fabricators in robotics (childish I know, but at this point the roboticists have crossed the line numerous times, and re-assembling the machines is an extremely easy fix) – I then remove myself from the situation completely, go to cargo and request asylum, which is granted to me by the QM.

This is where it gets admin abusey

The situation is essentially diffused at this point, both sides have disengaged. I am hanging out with the pAI WIRE, he’s inside a MULE and we are just looting maint for things that cargo can sell. All of a sudden LUMEN starts trying to get me to come out and watch him “die” – I tell em to basically fuck off, and if he wants to die, he should just go die. He keeps trying to bait me into coming out, but I am not falling for it at all. Eventually, HOS comes into cargo for whatever reason, and he forcefully drags me out of cargo in handcuffs – LUMEN runs up to me with Lei Jasinda in tow (the other roboticist) and runs up to me and the HOS and says “boom bitch” and immediately explodes. He takes out me, the HOS, the lawyer and his friend.

Medic grabs me after explosion, drags me to medbay, patches me up, and while I am being fixed up the HOP pins a medal on me.

At this point I AHelp, and get a reply from Ruko Famicom that he “created the antag role clown hater” and authorized LUMEN to kill me. I inform Ruko immediately that I will be filing this admin report.

After I get patched up, I go to robotics, I ask the RD for for roboticist job title and access as reparations for what happened, and the RD kindly obliges. In walks Lei Jasinda furious at the fact that this happened, and attempts to beat me into complete crit, and the only thing that saves me is the fact that they step into a worm hole, this was all witnessed by a botanist, who then testifies to the HOS about this, and HOS of course does nothing again.

At this point Inithis messages me and asks me for what happened, after an explanation, Inithis then says that it’s too complicated to handle this round and that I should file this admin report.

So I am going to punctuate some points because I know this is a long read:

  • I did not at any point during any engagements dealt even a single point of physical damage
  • While I might have been a bit annoying, the roboticists both over escalated numerous times, even though I went through official channels to gain access and authorization
  • Roboticists attempted to murder me completely on 3-4 separate occasions, I never so much as threw a fist at them.
  • Ruko Famicom then rewards this behavior with a special antag role with me as the sole objective
  • The antag failed to kill me, but manages to cause damage to 4 additional people as a result of Ruko’s actions.

Additional Information:

  • This is my second time reporting Ruko Famicom for admin misconduct
  • I have had a bad interaction with Ruko before in PMs on the forums, which we ended up working out amicably, but he has later referenced this in discord a significant time later

Now do I think that this was motivated by personal bias? Yeah I do think it’s possible as me and Ruko have had a history before.

Overall I typically hold Ruko to a high esteem, as I believe generally for him to be a competent admin, and I don’t actively hate him. However, I do think in this instance he overstepped his bounds, and attempted to ruin/grief my round using his admin powers.


I am honestly a little bit more stressed about the hos, as lumen mightve been an antag who requested a role.

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Hi, Lei Jasinda here.
You missed, many key details and I’ll be providing a full reply later today including many missed details in it. I just woke up so give me time up do some IRL responsibilities.
Before everyone peanut posts on this, the clown is in no way innocent.

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Lumen was not already an antagonist - I made them a custom antagonist in response to the round events I witnessed, as I have done before in several cases of someone being (what looked to me like intentionally, and presumably because of being clown) annoying to the point of enraging crew.

To give my side of what happened (without even reading most of the first post yet) and why I did what I did:

My focus wasn’t on clown or roboticist the whole time before this occurred, what I observed was a clown with either stolen or illicitly gained access to robotics (Reference 1 below) absolutely screaming assault, refusing to leave and acting entitled. Clown was going out of their way to get roboticist arrested, and roboticist snapped finally escalating the situation to violence to remove the clown, and role-played it as well.

(Not logs, acting from memory with what time I have)

“You want to see assault? I’ll SHOW you assault!”
welders clown into crit with several witnesses
makes no effort to kill

Security finally arrests both of them, but not before the clown has deconstructed most of the machines in robotics instead of actually using the department they were apparently fighting to gain access to. That was the point at which I gave the other player antag status “Clown Hater” and the objective to “prevent the clown from escaping alive” which is most likely going to result in clown death, but notably doesn’t require it if the other player didn’t want to push it that far.

  1. Robotics was fully staffed and nobody within science wanted or needed the clown there, so the parties which were supposed to be asked never were. Even if someone of authority gave the permission for the clown to be there, they had no right to do so. From my understanding, the clown did not actually steal the access, it was just not supposed to be given to them in the first place.

Notable for proving there wasn’t bias:

Some time passes and the player granted custom antag status decides to pray for an emag claiming it’s all they need to kill the clown. I ask what they have to offer, and they try to reflect the question back at me to find out what I want.

They don’t respond

I offer them a devilish “loan” of sorts:

Evil-God: “I will give what you want, but you will only get one shot, no second chances if you fail”
First roboticist: “Well in that case I want a pulse rifle”
Evil-God: “You sure are greedy for someone negotiating with a higher power. You get one chance and no aid will be supplied”
[Implant them with microbomb, which will gib their body upon death, which is permanent death for an IPC unless admin intervention occurrs]
First roboticist: “Wait no, please let me have the first thing I asked for”
Evil-God: “Make a substantial offering to me upon the altar of the nearest chapel”
First Roboticist: “I don’t want to do that, can I do something else”
[Kinda baffled by their refusal given the prior event that just occurred]
Evil-God: How about you just go kill yourself near the one that wronged you

Microbomb isn’t powerful enough to breach hull or even crit healthy players, so while they hit several bystandeers, no long-term harm was caused to any of them. Because of their (more or less, depending on how you look at it) faithful suicide bombing, I added “Die a Glorious Death” to their objectives at this point after they had already died and had no chance of being resurrected. The roboticist felt betrayed by the god they were praying to, and they were a bit.

Additional info from the discord screenshot presented:

That “used to” in the part shown is pretty relevant. I was quick to get on and help despite that statement, and I feel the screenshot used is presented in bad faith


No grudge against clown or player behind clown; I’m usually very pro-clown. I intervened to give some just desserts to an entitled Karen that didn’t actually even want access to the department they were screaming about being assaulted in and claiming they had a right to be in.

I thought the clown was doing the act on purpose, because it’s not that infrequent for a clown to provoke their own death for the sake of comedy.


Dont want to peanut post, BUT, i remember few days ago on a low pop MRP, i ahelped andcomplaining you were shooting people (and me) using syringe gun causing some harm, and Ruko here backed you up, explaining that clown is allowed to slightly harm people in their prank (I dont know this previously, i thought clown only allowed to do harmless prank)

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You owe the man an antag token

What you fail to mention, is that I wasn’t just shooting people with a syringe gun, but I was giving out flight potion to the entire station. I wasn’t just wantonly “harming” people, but there was a secondary element to it, which was whimsical in nature and thus fell squarely in the territory of prank. I do not and cannot for the life of me understand why you got so mad about this, but most people just hate the clown outright no matter what like this incident that happened shows.

I will be posting a reply to Ruko, I just wanted to clear this up first.

Because i didnt ask for it, and i dont know its flight potion before it hit me, and you didnt have my consent, but this is starting to stray from the maint point, which is Ruko still got your back as a clown when you did have a reasonable prank

Access has been granted by the Captain along with a stamped and signed note, granting me 10 minutes of access to complete my “clown project” – my note was immediately stolen and both roboticists did their best to prevent from completing my clown project, by throwing a bunch of my stuff into disposals.

After my access was revoked, I was granted access a SECOND time by the HOP – after LUMEN (and feel free to check your logs here) approved the access himself by telling the HOP something along the lines of “Go ahead, give him access”

I was also granted access a third time, after LUMEN had blown himself up, by the RD, since robotics was now understaffed, and this caused Lei Jasinda to fly into a murderous rage and try and take me out of the round permanently (I was luckily saved by chad botanist Thomas Samson, and the fact that Lei Jasinda stepped into a wormhole while trying to murder me.)

Access was not illicit, access was granted a total of 3 times, all through the proper command channels and with authorizations from the commanding staff.

This is not enough of an excuse to start physically assaulting someone. In particular when I acted as a complete pacifist during every single engagement, never dealing a single point of damage to anyone. This was a gross over-escalation on the part of the roboticist and you would ban other people for this kind of behavior, and I have seen you do it.

I mentioned this in my original post, and the fact of the matter is, I could not use the department I was fighting to get into, because of the rampant bullying and disregard for authorization from the captain, to the point of stealing my things and trashing them any time I attempted to do something.

Mind you, directly after this happenstance, I completely removed myself from the situation, went to cargo where I was amongst friends, and stopped interacting with the roboticist completely, it was at this point that you admin abused – after the situation had been completely settled and done for.

That’s a completely IC issue, and every time I went through the proper channels and had gotten proper authorization to be there. If the captain is not allowed to authorize me to be in robotics, then I am not sure who is. This is an extremely flimsy excuse on your part Ruko.

You granted them custom antag status, BEFORE you implanted them with the microbomb – they didn’t have to blow themselves up, they could have killed me in a million different ways, but apparently that wasn’t enough, and you bent over backwards to arm the roboticist as well.

This is even worse, you gave them additional objectives to excuse wanton collateral damage to myself, the crew and the station, all because a roboticist couldn’t share, and chose to escalate to violence every single time.

Here are the takeaway facts that I would like the judging admins to focus on:

  • I at no point did any damage to anyone and essentially acted like I had the PACIFIST perk, in that I didn’t throw a single punch, or escalate the situation to violence at any point in time during any of the interactions.

  • Access was properly acquired every single time, through the correct channels, with notes of authorization, which were ignored – so this was not a breaking in/trespassing issue

  • Roboticists, LUMEN and Lei Jasinda on both occasions chose to escalate the conflict to violence, attempting to take me out of the round.

  • Ruko intervened on an IC issue, and sided with the people that were over-escalating and causing physical harm against someone who acted like a pacifist. People who should have been banned.

  • Ruko’s actions prevent me from filing a player report on LUMEN for over escalation, specifically because it now has been sanctioned by an admin

  • This kind of behavior erodes trust in the Admin community extremely, and reflects poorly on otherwise excellent staff.

On a separate note, I woke up to several Discord messages from players, expressing their concern about Ruko’s actions. You see, we here on Bee MRP, are a spoiled bunch, we are used to excellent admins, who are held to the highest standards. The reason this is possible, is because administrators are extremely accountable for their actions, and any time an admin has abused the trust of the player/community they had faced repercussions. This kind of behavior doesn’t just affect me as a single player, in one single round, but affects the community as a whole, as this generally reflects extremely poorly on the entire wonderful staff of this station.


Hey Lei Jasinda, I am extremely pleased to see you posting here, I will be filling a player report against you later today, and I did not have your CKEY, but having your forum name should suffice I hope.

Unlike LUMEN, you were not authorized to murder me and yet you tried to anyway, and not only that, but you actively assisted a traitor which is against MRP rules.

Please be on the look out for that today.

I was there on that round

Poor clown got abused, at least hos only have you a minute for the crimes you didn’t commit :salute:

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Hello Everyone,

Now for my part of the story, or as I call it, how my 2 hour Greenshift was spent dealing with a god damn clown.

WARNING: LONG READ. (Its a 2 hour shift what do you expect)

PART 1: The Buildup.

I start my shift and within minutes a Clown is in our Robotics area yelling “Insuls”
Being as he has no reason to be in my workspace and no reason for Insulated Gloves we said no and go away.
Clown and LUMEN exchanged further words at one point the clown said “Oh its gonna be one of those Rounds” and I tried to remind him we were on Sage, in character. (said something like “remember this is a sagely station” or some shit.

He then told LUMEN that he was going to spend the rest of this shift dedicated to ruining his.
Several more words are exchanged and shoves happened, clown threatening to murder my coworker with EMPs and many other things.

This was neither Entertaining or Funny. A clown is supposed to make joke, entertain and lighten the mood of the crew, by gimmicks or pranks or whatever. Threatening murder and frustrating myself and LUMEN was unnessicary. There are many other departments to go to.

Eventually after much shoving he finally leaves. I finally get to start some work on some mediborgs and Cyborg chassi.

Clown comes back, now claiming hes got a paper from captain giving him permission to be there.
We were not asked about this or told this before hand so we are naturally upset. More shouting pushing and shoving happens. Clown claims he never laid a hand on people which is false, people got pushes and tabled. During this I will admit I pushed and flashed him to get rid of him.

I PDA lawyer to try at least getting some Roleplay out of the situation by filing for a restraining order against the clown. (Workplace violence and threats)
Captain explains the clown has 5 minutes to produce something (I guess he wanted clown bots)
Clown instead spends the 5 minutes screaming about us trying to kidnap him, assault him etc etc.
I think he, at one point does make a honkbot. But the confrontation continues on for most of the first HOUR OF THE ROUND.

I am still not being entertained by a clown who, essentially is attacking the workers behind the counter at a McDonalds in at this point.

During this time, clown attempts to drag around the lawyer I’m trying to talk with about getting a restraining order. I am frustrated and feeling constantly threatened by this madman kidnapping people and threatening to EMP my IPC coworker.

I eventually leave my station for a breather to talk to my lawyer, review the Restraining order, get a drink and a smoke and some food. Ya know, normal shit.

At no point did the clown decide. “Ya know what, I should be entertaining people, lets go literally anywhere else on the station”

PART 2: The Climax
So, I come back to my lab after approving the restraining order and getting myself back in a better mood.
My Lab is disassembled. AI is asking for a BORIS Module and a shell which, I can’t make now, because all my machines are broken and I can’t find the boards to repair them.
My coworker (LUMEN) is FURIOUS and has snapped at this point (Appropriate) and is building a big ass mech to, I assume, go get revenge.

I am angry, frustrated and annoyed. At some point during this the clown is BACK IN OUR AREA. Announcing now that “ROBOTICS IS OPEN TO ALL COME GET FUN IMPLANTS”
Which, no, we didn’t approve, and no doesn’t fall under why the clown was ever granted access by the captain. 2 grey shirts immediately show up to my window to quote “Get the funny implants”
I tell them to go away and more fighting happens between robotics, clown, Lumen, and myself.
At some point I crack him in the head once with a toolbox and I know I used a flash somewhere in there just trying to get rid of this Antagonist who’s now wasted about an Hour of my life (In game out out)

I go to chat with security about him disassembling all our shit and run into my Lawyer again.

He asks me if I want a drink and a smoke, I say yes. Lawyer (Dave) says we gotta stop by cargo first and he drags me along because I just wanna have drinks with Dave. I say hi to Kiera and see everyone kinda converge at the same time.

Security, someone from command, my coworker who’s gone crazy (LUMEN), and the Clown.

Shouting happens, Lumen says “Boom Bitch” and immediately Explodes. Killing himself, injuring others around him. The blast crits me badly on cargos counter (soft. crit? I dunno I could stand after some time) blows my shoes clean off and sets my hat and hands on fire. Deafening me.

My mental status update in Character:
-Coworker just died trying to kill someone who’d been antagonizing us all round.
-I’m deaf and pretty hurt
-I’m still not entertained by the Clown.

Cool sec lizard drags me to secmedical and heals me up. Helps to talk me down and makes sure I’m ok. I end up leaving after getting patched up, cool cargo robot (DATA) helps chat me down after visiting cargo and takes me to get new clothes and just, away from cargo and robotics.

I meet up with Dave (Lawyer) who gets me smokes a drink and a good ear to listen to.
Dave has a sec headset and is keeping me updated…

Then, a few things happen

  1. Clown isn’t in jail
  2. Clown gets a FUCKING MEDAL for driving my friend LUMEN to suicide and surviving a suicided bombing. (Very Clown Wow)
  3. HoP hangs himself for giving the clown a medal? (I dunno, Dave told me this, I assume it was on sec radio)

Out of character, I’m upset.
In character. Lei is FURIOUS. They were antagonized all shift by the least funny clown since pennywise. Their coworker is dead, they were bombed, ignored, drunk, and all this time the clown is spouting off on how they are the victim in all this.

I go to confront the Clown in a drunken rage intent on beating his ass and throwing him out. RD and command be damned. (I’m aware this might be a bit of self-antag and I’ll eat that, I say IC I’m justified as hell)

I show up, start getting aggressive with the clown, not attacking him yet. Then the clown whispers them magical words. “I’m glad he’s dead”

Lei loses it. There’s no justification in the world on how they wouldn’t now want to beat the clown into crit and possibly more. And I do so, I attack the clown with a wrench intent on removing him from my sight.
We fight, I try to throw the clown into a wormhole but I am unrobust as fuck and fall in myself and get trapped on AI Satilite.

(During this downtime of being trapped, I pray to gods IC that that sonofabitch clown gets what’s coming to him for what happened to LUMEN. I pop an ahelp for the shitty handling of the situation and actions of the Clown, HoP and Cap. describe what’s going on with Inithis and get told that its turned into something big and will be looked at)

Eventually I escape/am rescued by Cap and Sec, telling them I just wanna go home. Shuttle arrives, get on, see the clown and decide to just not engage. Sit my ass in a chair and not talk, despite the clown screaming over coms and to anyone who’d listen on how I tried to murder him, etc etc whatever.

Cap didn’t care, Sec didn’t care, I was done IC and OOC with the shift.

Then the clown murders me to actual death with a toy dual esword on the shuttle (was glitched and worked like a real sword) before we arrive, ensuring no greentext and me not suriving the events.

2 Hour greenshift. Not entertained once by clown.
Clown declared within 15 minutes of starting the shift that he was going to dedicate the whole round to ruining ours. And BOY HOWDY HE DID!

If 2 people don’t want you in your area. Go Literally Anywhere Else.
Screaming and fighting to get into somewhere is not ever going to accomplish anything.
I would like to see CrackRocks banned from playing clown until they learn what it means to entertain people.


Also side note. Killing someone isn’t removing permanently. There are so many ways to get back alive.

I walked in the beginning of shift and asked LUMEN for holocreds, just like I stated before. He then proceeds to screw me over and take the insuls.

I immediately corrected myself and said “I meant shift” instead of round, without you having to “remind me”

It was LUMEN that was screaming about EMP’s none stop, I never brought EMP’s up, and I didn’t directly threaten LUMEN. LUMEN kept screaming about EMP’s because “some one did it to him another shift”. This is such a cover your own ass statement it’s not even funny, and diving through the logs will show LUMEN was the one overly paranoid about EMP’s mentioning it like 20 times, completely unprompted.

I did not threaten to murder anyone, and the only person that attempted any murder during the engagements were you and LUMEN.

You’re not command staff, you don’t get to decide this, this is the beginning of the over escalation here.

This is a complete lie, at no point did I attack any person, and LUMEN and Lei kept running out of their office and into the hallway to flash me and or hit me with things.

Your timeline is completely wrong here, how can someone be building a mech for “revenge” if your stuff is disassembled. Also, it was LUMEN weldering me to almost death that caused me to disassemble your stuff, which is weird, why would he want revenge after almost murdering me? It’s just self antagonization at this point. However LUMEN had an excuse, because he was given admin abuse reason go do it, it’s not his fault. Your actions however are 100% your fault, and when I have time later today I will be filing a player report against you.

This happened way earlier in the round, and your timeline is completely off.

This was after the initial access was revoked, and then regranted by the HOP with LUMEN’s permission (logs will show this to be true) – this re-authorization did not have a stipulation of what I could or could not do. The Captain also pointed out, that it was completely okay and valid for me to be issuing augmentations, as they were not “illegal” as you and LUMEN tried to claim.

Once again, pacifism treated with violence – this is a recurring theme through out this entire encounter.

This was 15-20 minutes after the fact, when everything had calmed down and there was no more conflict or confrontation. You didn’t just meander around and say HI to Kiera, you were actively hunting me down with your deranged friend.

The only antagonists, who constantly resorted to violence were you.

I thought you said I wasn’t being a good clown, if this isn’t peak clown, I don’t know what is.

It was reparations for you cruel and antagonistic actions.

Once again, the only antagonist was you, the people who constantly resorted to flashing/shoving and ultimately violence because you didn’t like the outcome.

I am very glad that the person who tried to kill me 3 times at this point is dead, yeah I am.

“We” fight is a loose term here, you were doing all the damage, I never fought back and only yelled for help to the botanist who witnessed the whole thing. Once again a recurring theme, violence has been 100% one sided at this point.

I’m guessing this is the point at which Inithis has contacted me. It’s hilarious to me that you contacted AHELP, when it was you and your friend perpetrating all the violence.

I would like to see Daridine banned from playing station period until they know how to handle escalation, and how to solve their problems without violence.

As the cargo bot, WIRE, who hung out with both Lei and Clown, I would like to try to put in my piece, and hopefully make it unbiased.

I didn’t see what led up to it, but I do think that both of the parties involved, Clown and LUMEN, followed improper escalation.

If the entire truth was told, then LUMEN critted clown 3 or so times for being an annoyance in the workplace and doing table shoves, then was rewarded for it and given the golden “murder” pass by Ruko. Then LUMEN used that pass to crit her coworker, and severely injure about 3 other people around her, including the HOS.
Clown didn’t follow proper social cues and threatened an EMP, which usually ends up being round removal for an IPC as hardly anyone knows how to treat an EMPed IPC (Read Crack’s addition. That’s for the LOGs to dictate). Then did some vandalism in response for people not wanting him in their workplace. Even when he was given permission from heads of staff, if he is being a bother to the people who Actually signed up to work that job, then just leave. With your access, Pete, you could have easily just made your own exosuit fab and asked for a silo link.

I think everyone here should take a moment to reflect on what happened and what went wrong. No one person was the victim, and I would hazard to point everyone here for antagonizing the other.
In the end, I DO think that Roku should have attempted to de-escalate the situation as an admin. What I saw was a lot of people getting frustrated and not having a good game at all, and it didn’t get any better after Roku gave out a murder pass.

This is blatantly false.
I saw him building a mech and walked away. I didn’t pusue you or attempt to find you. I chatted with my lawyer and said hi to Kiera.

I’ll admit my timing is off on the implant stuff. But I also can’t go back to verify as I can only scroll up still far.

Every action I took in character was decided by in character reasons.

Driving someone to suicide is not a clowns job.

You can’t just decide to murder people, that’s not how it works.

Funny, wanton murder is not a roboticist’s job.

WIRE, has a fairly accurate take, and I like and respect him as a player in general.

However I would like to add a few things:

  • I did not bring up the EMP, it was LUMEN who brought up the EMP – almost like he was trying to bait me into saying I was going to EMP him.

  • Once I am given permission, and authorized by the captain, the Roboticist should acquiesce, otherwise it’s insubordination and going against the chain of command (this is my opinion) – you don’t get to decide who you work with, and “he annoys me” is no reason to escalate to violence, or force some one to leave your workplace if they are authorized by the highest authority on the station at the time (the Captain)

  • I could not have constructed anything, even as complicated as an exo fab, especially given the fact that the roboticists were stunning/shoving me and stealing my things the entire time, even when I was in the hallway, even doing it as far out as the sec doors (this was corg station)

  • Nothing I did should warrant murder or physical harm – they should have utilized their chain of command and the staff to deal with the nuisance and if the command decided not to, then it’s tough titties, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. You don’t get to use that as an excuse to commit murder, and admin’s certainly should not grant a “golden murder pass” for that.

Given that this is an admin report, and not a player report (although the player report is coming when I get some time later today) – the actions of the players aren’t to be judged as much as the actions of the Admin, which in this case is Ruko.

He went far above and beyond out of line to try and grief me out of the round. There may or may not have been a personal grudge, it’s hard to judge, but it’s entirely feasible.

I personally like Ruko Famicom as a person and as an admin, but I feel in this instance he crossed the line, and for staff to remain impartial and professional he must be held accountable for his actions.

What I’m getting at now, is that you refused to see social queues. Ignored people who did not want you around, and persisted on forcing your way into this situation.
I believe you fully earned having a Clown Hater attempting to harm you.

And, you made it off the shuttle after successfully having your Hater dead and killing a non-antagonist.
And you got a medal. I’d say you aren’t in any position to complain.

HEADLINE: Clown annoys 2 angry roboticists to Death and Lives. Details at 9. Great story for you. Where in this do you deserve to complain about either of us, or the Admin?

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Social “cues” don’t give you the right to attempt to murder someone.

Your opinion on whether I should be allowed or not, doesn’t matter. I was authorized by not only the Captain, but the second time by LUMEN, your partner, (who informed the HOP and the HOP processed the authorization).

I believe that’s not for you to decide, and you have a hard time understand why resorting to physical violence on a pacifist is wrong. This is the problem. The fact that Ruko sanctioned your partner furthers the problem, and couples it with admin abuse, with an admin that I have “history” with.

Lumen only died because he was inept, Ruko gave him a complete pass to murder me anyway they saw fit, and they chose to gib themselves.

Not only did Ruko reward a person with a special antag role during a greenshift for over escalation, but they also saw fit to then arm that person even when that person hadn’t sacrificed anything or attempted to roleplay with Ruko – this to me signals the fact that Ruko went above and beyond to try and grief my round. This is clear abuse by an admin, and should be dealt with accordingly, as long as staff is impartial.