Rofelix2 banned by winterdarkraven


Admin’s CKEY:winterdarkraven

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:one,mrp

Which server did the ban happen on? mrp

Ban Type:server

Ban Length:7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):2021-01-26

Round ID:26482

Ban Reason:Griefing as botanist

Appeal Reason:I have not griefed as a botanist, my friend was growing the lemon-nades,i ahve been warned before for my botany partner making something with zombie powder gas, and me throwing it, but i have not grown and used any lemons. not me.

My friend has not used the lemons on anyone too

Additional Information:

[23:20:19] Rofelix2/(Felix) (Port Bow Maintenance (125, 159, 2)) (Event #284)
has thrown the cherry bombs
[23:20:09] Rofelix2/(Felix) (Port Bow Maintenance (126, 159, 2)) (Event #283)
has thrown the cherry bombs

yeah just one cherry bomb, someone gave me the seeds besides it did not hurt or kill anyone, i threw it at maintenance

i even removed the cherrybombs after that

Round is over. Feel free to discuss.

So, like i was saying i didnt throw a lemon but yes i threw a bomb cherry, but it didnt really hurt anyone, the max damage it did was breaming a tile and like the logs said, on maintenance behind botany, my main ban and what the admin asked me was about the lemons which werent mine and of my friends i can send screenshots if you want but, i dont know I feel like this was a big misunderstanding specially with my warning from before that was just “griefing as botanist” which i had explained to the admin, but i can understand if the ban cant be passed

So, I’ve got a fun question. You weren’t an antag, you had no traitorous objectives to fulfill. Why were you and your friend mass producing combustible lemons?

You can’t be serious. It’s been ruled time and time again that since nanotrassen is a research facility you can make whatever super dangerous death plant or death virus or genetics potion you want. I’ve ahelped the botanists for making death nettles multiple times and gotten that very answer.


Deathnettles are not the same as explosives. Botanists on a rolplay server shouldn’t be making explosives to use. And if you don’t plan on using them – why mass produce them?

My understanding was that if it’s part of your job you should be allowed to make it, and the mech guns being moved to the security lathe was a design change to that effect.

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Ban is over but I’m a bit curious. Was the damage from the cherries massive or only like 1-2 tiles in maint? Was anyone else hurt?

Ban is over.

The ban reason was because of mass producing explosive lemons/cherries, then using them in maint. No. Don’t do this on a roleplay server.

Sage isn’t LRP.

And to my understanding, if you get/make something, you plan to use it. Why else make explosives?