Robust people

Title. Who makes you afraid or concerned when they are an antagonist/your assassination target/Command or Sec?

Inari: This guy made me really nervous the one time I rolled him as my target during IAA. I just bumrushed him while he was semi afk before he could open his PDA. Generally, I watch out for him, since he’s usually carrying half the armory in his bag.

Good boy: I avoid him like the plague, since the dude literally runs around with either a fireaxe as a ling, or a DE sword as a traitor. I’d prefer not to be the first to get merked, before I have a chance to prepare.

Everett Garrison: I’m generally on good terms with him, but I still try to watch out, considering I’ve seen him robust his fair share of people. Usually though, I end up paying him to do my objectives for me, so he isn’t exactly some one I’m usually concerned about.

Myself: You thought that was the remote to the maxcap across the station, but it was me, remote to the maxcap in your bag! I have killed, outed, and generally just screwed myself over in some extremely stupid ways, a few more times than I would have liked. Remember, trust no one, not even yourself.

Good boy: dude legit robust, however a true robust man knows every single stun, chad item, protection and everything else needed so I still robust him sometimes when I have preparations, he doesn’t wear syringe protecc plus various other instastuns can be usable.
Also everett isn’t robust I merked him like 20 times already

He’s robust enough. He hasn’t failed any of my contracts yet.

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The trinity of people I personally don’t mess with:

Alfred Collins (rip?)
Good Boy

I’ve seen some shit and they are the people I personally fucking fear when I’m valid or they roll antag, though Vanilla is more secretive about antag status rather than straight up RDM town like Good Boy and Collins did/do.

@Oshibka is decently robust when he decides to be, too. Same with Oganesson, Della Seelig and Moccha.

Oh, I forgot about alfred. Yeah, the cardboard box man is dangerous.

Never seen vanilla do anything aside from graytide, so I can’t comment.

Della I think was good, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen her.

Moccha I can attest to, she a gang of four people used the dominator and won.

Ogan I keep hearing about, but I haven’t encountered him in awhile, so I can’t say anything about that. I think I fought him once when he was QM in a zero gravity laser shoot out, and he ended up flying off the wall, which ruined his ability to dodge. Might have been neon though.


You won’t see it because unless you’re her target or ran into her mid sloppy butchering, you won’t know shit.

good boy for obvious reasons, my early lrp times when i was a station engi he always asked me to build a rage cage in the bar so i complied out of fear

oganesson is scary with his compact but i respect them for being plasma law enforcer

My favorite kind of traitor. I can respect that playstyle a lot.

eh, lots of people will talk about big unga dunga men here.

Good boy is not as robust as people think he is. he’s very good at greytide combat, but that’s as far as it goes. dont fight him in his element. he’s not as robust as you guys think he is, it’s more that he just fights all the time. it’s why he plays the game

me, i am not robust in direct combat. I can hold my own, but i tend to avoid tussles. But combat aint everything to robustness. in fact, it’s a rather short-sighted approach


Ogan. He doesn’t fuck around, us really aggressive with searching, and can and will catch you off guard.

Vanilla. Ran into her twice a while ago. Very good at fighting.

The one time I saw vanilla in direct combat they ran at someone with a dual energy sword and proceeded to get their head cut off. So I’ve never actually seen them fight

Hold up. They ran at some one wielding a de sword, and expected to win? Did they at least have a stun baton?

It was the first time I ever met them, they were an engineer ran up to me in the halls and said “I am going to cure your brain damage” and started taking me to chemistry or genetics I guess, then a syndicate agent wielding a de sword ran by and they started chasing them and when I found them they had their head removed and I took them to cloning

The only person I actively am afraid of is myself. Because my smoothbrained ass does some dumb shit. The rest I can usually meme on, except for usually the warden.

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