RKz mentor app

**Your CKEY:**Rkz

**Your Discord:**Biggus Dickus#0723

How long have you been playing ss13?: September 2020, About 6-7 months.

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:**N/A

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I know the basics of all the departments.

My Understanding of each is:

All in Medical, except Viro (I cant make the OMEGA virus, but I have cured griffers diseases many times and can make a decent minor)

All in Engineering( All the power and construction related stuff)

Atmospherics(Only the practical gases and setups, as well as stopping delams.)

Religion and Chaplainry( Expert proselytizer)

Ghetto Chem( I have begun my foray into this ancient and forgotten art)

Cargo(I am least familiar with this department. I can make basic deliveries, use the mailroom and mine, but that’s about it.)

Know most of Science( I’d say I am pretty decent here. Know all of Robotics, and almost all of Xenbio. Only Know toxin maxcaps and researchbombs.)

Command(Done em all, my most played roles being RD)

Security( All my beat-cop hours are on fulp, all my hours here are in brig phys, warden, and detective.)

I am also a very active AI.

Will post hours below.

So uh…Gas Gas Gas time.

I dont feel the need to ask you questions since…yeah.


Yea, I’ve seen that Apps compiled at essay length do better haha :deaf_man:

Here are some questions.


  1. A bloodied clown comes to you and honks, tells you ai tried to kill him and he saw blue apcs. What should you do?

2. Name all budgets and their location

3. Engineering Department was obliterated and solars taken out by meteors, captain has called for cargo to supply Power to the entire station. How do you do this as cargo and how much power should you wire to the grid since the smes are gone.

4. A man is presented to medical husked. Borg who saved him says he died in a fusion fire. The doctor healed the body of burn/brute damage and applied 120u of synthflesh. To his surprise it did not unhusk and mhelps. What do you think happened?

5. A player mhelps and asks how to sacrifice, the body is dead on the Transmutation rune but its not working!
6. A mhelp comes in and asks how to get one of those red shards as cult

  1. AI tried to kill him? Directly, or through one of it borgs? I figure clown would say a borg tried to kill him if it was a borg and he would not say AI unless he overheard the AI giving an order.

Blue APCs does not indicate MALF behavior, only if it is accompanied by red blinking lights will mean it is either emagged or the MALF took a fat antag dump on it.

(If it was direct) I would first ascertain the method he claims the AI used on him. The blood would likely come from brute damage, the easiest way I see the AI causing this is by crushing clown in airlock or shutters.

If the clowns claims are all consistent, I will immediately notify the command channel where we can interrogate the AI further, ask for laws, or begin Anti-Ai operations.

  1. Seven budgets, for each head and one pseudo-head. They are all located in their corresponding ‘heads’ locker.

  2. Four-ish methods: Antimatter Reactor, Telsa, Supermatter shard(Not recommended cause you have to rebuild the whole chamber), and Singulo.

If you are going to be providing primary power to the station, you should set up new SMES in cargo.
Upgrade their parts to max, Set input to max, set output to 150.

  1. I… don’t know. I’ll check this out. Alternatives is for mediborg or Chem to make rezadone, or you can cut out the brain and shove it in cloner.

Number 1. The body needs to be your target of a living heart
Num. 2. Said living heart must be on the rune with the cadaver and NOTHING else present. Ya silly pagan.

  1. These are typically created through an offering rune with a target or dead person atop it, which will give a filled one. Artificers can also make empty ones.
  1. Good
  2. Good
  3. Good, the power intake of most stations is about 180-240kw might need to bump it up but its a good answer
  4. Bodies do not cool down to room temperature fast enough if it was heated beyond 10000K(in a fusion fire) a cold shower is needed.
    If unhusked at a high temp it will rehusk due to the temperature. Then again theres aways a cloner to fix this #cloningisOP


alright alright now lets give a full rundown. you don’t gotta answer ALL of these (i’ll be surprised if yoh do), but you should get a fair amount of em. splitting by department and difficulty:


easy: assuming everyone is an upstanding citizen (lmao as if), how would a captain get the station goal done?
hard: dynamic round. blood cult’s convertin’, clock cult’s clockin’, and a revenant is slurping people up, and you’re starting to think there’s a wizard. what role can help with all of these antags, what role could replace it in a pinch, how do you get em to safety, and what are some ways to use what they provide?


easy: how do you easily gulag someone without using the shuttle?
hard: you shitsecced too hard and now 6 or so people are crowding the brig, and they’re ready to use lethals. they’ve got eye, ear, and face protection some baseball bats, and some pretty decent armor from hardsuits and such. you ARE allowed to kill. how would you go about stopping this riot? bonus points if you do so peacefully.


easy: dead body, list 3 ways to revive em bonus points if you also give ipc revive
hard: what are some helpful surgeries that augment you?

medical special:

easy: hulk is made by…?
hard: what symptom threshold turns people’s shoes into clown shoes?


easy: how do you send a crate over disposals?
hard: as a miner, you see a bit of gibtonite in the stone over there. how can you turn it into a chemical payload for a bomb?


easy: what is the highest reagent capacity of a plant? how do you get it?
hard: as a bartender, how do you heal the following:
security officer damage
mime damage
clown damage
medical doctor damage
brute damage
radiation damage
eye damage


easy: how do you set up supermatter crystal
hard: atmos technicians have their own power source. what is it and how do they set it up?
hard 2: telecomms is completely gone. how do you make your own?


ohhhhh boy, gonna split this one up

easy: what are the first techs you should get? bonus points if they’re in order.
hard: list 3 ways to get more research

easy: you know the yellow extract with plasma battery? there’s a crossbreed of that but better. which is it?
hard: what do you need for complete self sufficiency? (monke and plasma)

toxins (fuck fuck idk this):
easy: how to get banned for self antag blow up station as tator?
hard: why does the maximum limit on bombs exist?

easy: how do you make a nanite remote that kills anyone you use it on?
hard: fuck fuuuck your healing programs are killing oozelings, how fix so they heal instead of hurt?

easy: how upgrade borg?
hard: ai dead. how do you revive it? if that don’t work use more gun how do you make a new one?

shuttle construction:
hard: how do you make a shuttle

circuits (might be unnecessary to answer this soon :pensive:):
hard: how do you make a bot that, without using an intercomm, translates all radio chat into galactic common?

modular computers:
hard: how do you make a laptop?

ok phew sci over

easy: how to determine if somethings crew or not crew? is a felinid human? are lings human?
hard: fuckfuckfuck cultists how do i not die to wraith?

easy: how does a non-clown (or non-chaplain or whatever) get clown car (or his grace or whatever)?
hard: which REMOVED antag could desgroy mindshields, and how do they work. bonus points if you can tell me a good way to counter em

dealing with antags:
easy: what are some good tricks for unrobust people go win fights against tators with a little preparation?
hard: ai malf wat do

easy: you’re in bridge, how do you open the aa safe? how do you get the fireaxe out without smashy smashy?
hard: which non-command job is the easiest to abuse into aa?

easy: im new, why aren’t my wasd buttons working?
hard: i wanna test something out how do i make a private server

whew that took an hour or so to make :flushed:

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You dont count. Hush.

Although i do want to see his answers.

0.8 hours of assistant is very low and very much need more hours but I’ll give ya a chance


Damn pizza guy, you really went to work. :confounded:
Ill hit you with some answers now, but not going to answer all of em right away.

Lets start.


Easy: Easiest way to get Station Goal done (BSA, DNA Bank, Satellites…) is by personally assigning the objective to the QM and/or CE. A competent, upstanding Atmosian can take over basically all of CE’s immediate duties. An engie can be sent out to finish the mind numbing task of wiring solars.

Then it is just a matter of coordination of where to put it (DNA bank I put in the showroom so it is right between med and sci, BSA either goes in cargo, engineering or build a platform above brig, Satellites are obv).


That’d be funny. They have an interesting combination.
Anyway, the mystery role you are talking about is the chaplain. Upon hearing of cult as HOP or Cap, I usually always open up more chap roles so we get more bang for the buck.

Chaplains can deconvert and immobilize all the cultist types, so he usually should get deputized and integrated into the Security department as fast as possible. He can bless water into holy water which can then be shoved down their throats. Brig can then be utilized to quickly deconvert and mindshield culties until you have thinned out the population.

If necessary, a battle-chap will be useful to security if the cult keeps getting stronger.
Revenant and Wiznerds mobility/magic can be reduced by blessing space cleaner or fire extinguishers and spraying them along the halls, which will leave this pixie dust crap that will screw with the antags powers.


Easy: Shove greyshit in processing-chamber, enter Prisoner ID from box next to you into the console, set amount of mining points corresponding to the recommended amount by Space Law book/wiki. Congrats, that lazy buffoon may actually be used to benefit the station for once.

Check the dang cams every now and again, to make sure he hasn’t broken out or gotten himself immolated.

Hard: Prepare your internals and dump brig with N2O (either from Education Center or Brig Phys), most of the tiders will drop cause they didnt have internals, the one or two paranoid tiders left with internals can be rushed and stuck with a morphine syringe, batong, or disabler fire. Congrats, they have been pacified and you can put the small fry in for short time and actual tiders in perma(with permission).


Easy: Dead man on ground in cardiac arrest <15 minutes dead can be revived through:

  1. Defib, as long as his heart is above severe damage and his body isnt mangled

1.5. Revival surgery, you can directly shock the brain if you dont have a defib but somehow have surgery tools

  1. Strange Reagent if he has <100 damage

  2. Clone, if not work, cut out his noggin, then his thinker and shove in the chamber. If still not work, slather mannitol on the brain like a fine marinade.

If he still refuses to come back, bring his blood to botany and offer a cash reward for his revive.

If the SOB hasnt come back yet, its because he doesnt want to.

Hard: I assume you are referring to experimental surgeries and not exactly ‘augments’(which refers to replacing limbs with cyborg parts.
Okay so there are 3 sets of mutually exclusive surgeries.
If you take one you will not be able to take the other. They go like this:
Ligament Reinforcement : Ligament Hook
Vein Threading : Muscled Veins
Nerve Splicing : Nerve Grounding

Reinforcement will make it harder to take the patients limbs off. The hook will make them easier to be put back on. I usually choose the hook.
Threading will make you bleed less when bleeding, reducing blood loss. Muscled Veins means the patient will now have a ‘secondary heart’(their body) basically and they wont go into cardiac arrest when you heart stops(an oxymoron i know). I would choose the latter.
Splicing will reduce the patients stun time by flashes, batongs , etc. Grounding will make you immune to shocks as insuls would. I would choose splicing, as grounding makes medical need to take an atypical method to revive you if you do bleed out.

Medical special:

easy: Strength + Radiatioactive mutations should be combined.

Hard: Ah, the actually fun, not murderous griff virus. I believe the sympton is a fully upgraded Pierrot’s Throat? (thats the clown one i think).


Easy: Use Packaging stuff on it to wrap it, Destination tagger to choose location. Then shove it in disposals conveyor and turn it on.

Hard: Shoot gibtonite, wait 5-6 ticks, defuse with mining scanner. Haul your loot back to station and grab the two nades that are your boomer fuel. (you can just use potass-water chem nades if you have a monkey level brain.) Combine all these with a matter bin in the crafting menu and you now have your payload. Give it to research or sec or somethin and make that gun-running capitalist bank!

Service: I dont know :confounded:
There are some bonafide Botany mains on this server, I am not one. I only can mutate Ambrosia or make good tomato plant for pizza.

Seccie: Quadruple Sec! or Quintuple Sec if you are a real gamer.
Mime: Nothing or Silencer
Clown: Banana Jooce, because clown is really a monke in disguise.
Medical: Doctor’s Delight
General Brute: Milk, or soy if your that type of person
rads: Screwdriver cocktail! Though it will only work for Engineering department gremlins.
eye: carrot jooce


Easy: Typical N2 setup, unwrench plasmabottle holder from atmos and pull to SM and leave for later. Remove pump that connects cold loop > hot loop and make the manifold into corner pipes so your loop wont get screwed with. Replace pumps into and out of SM with straight pipes. Space cooling loop should have all gas pipes turned in to straight pipes, so the flow wont be forced into the pipes but rather passively diffused through it. Filter can be left as is with only N2. Coolers should be bypassed until upgraded where they are better than space, at this moment, they are not very good.
When the loop is finished being modified you can set up emitter config. Now edit the SM chamber air alarm to siphon scrubbers and turn vents to internal pressurize. Add two tanks of N2 into loop. After that, put the plasma tanks you took earlier into the Rad Collectors and turn em on.
Finish with emmitters.
Monitor, should be stable.

hard: The turbine is the atmos power source. Easiest way to generate power is with a 93-7 oxy to plasma mix sent to turbine, which shall create a tritium byproduct you can filter and use to later make fusion. Gradually lower oxy overtime as it will need less.

hard 2: Okay so there are several machines you will need. A good area to make the new one is in Tech Storage and simply separate the distro loop there into its own closed loop with a cooler.
You need: Subspace Receiver, Broadcaster, Bus Mainframe, processor, server, hub, relay(optional, no one cares about miners anyway).
The gist is Receiver>Bus mainframe>processor>mainframe>server>broadcaster


Easy: Rush mining. When I am RD and someone doesnt rush mining, I publicly humiliate them from “Research Director’s Desk”
Anyway, Industrial Engineering>Basic Plasma>Mining Technology> Adv. Engineering>Adv. Power Manip.>Electromagnetic Technology> Integrated HUDs> Adv. Mining
After that, you just hit all the Bluespace ones and stock part upgrades for machines that medbay and xenbio will soon be whining for.

Hard: Upgrade and make more servers, blow up research bombs and track with tachyon, setup telsa and config coils to take research points instead of power.


Easy: Yellow extract crossbred into a yellow slime will make a “hypercharged” variant which is even more powerful and self recharges

Hard: Reproductive grey extract made easily by putting the grey in the grey. You then bludgeon a monke to death and steal his blood to make monke cubes from, which can then be used with the reproductive grey to make more grey, which can make more monke, which can make more grey, which can make more monke, which can make more grey, which can make more monke, which- well you get the point.
Plasma can be made easy by putting your already grinded plasma 5u into a dark purple extract which will make 10 sheets. Good trade, and does not follow conservation of mass.

toxins (i hate this shit too):
easy: okay so you need two opposite gases, one which will be plasma and other which will be oxy. This is shit for ppoints but reaches the maxcap fine.

hard: They call me Cuban Pete. I’m the king of the rumba beat.
When I play the maracas I go chick-chicky-boom, chick-chicky boom (Jim carrey did it to em)


Easy: Set a trigger/relay for when 13 or some other arbitrary number and an explosion nanite to the public nanite server, clicking it late game will kill most of SCI, Service, and mining(the nanite enthusiasts)
Hard: stupidass oozeling, let em die. Set up a copy of your nanite list but change the blood purification or whatever is cleansing tox and change it to the tox causing one. force kindly smoosh the jelly man into the updated public chamber


easy: ID unlock, crowbar open, apply upgrade(s), close, lock
Hard: card the dead AI, stick in RD AI reconstruction console and fix em.
you can build a new frame with plastasteel and an AI core board, and lawset board. Best to get permission from cap, though usually he will dislike not having an AI to yell at so he will immediately agree to making a new one.

Order from communication console with captain level access. Put basic medical stuff and piloting stuff so itll fly to centcomm and hold all most of the crew.

hard: microphone + x2 photovoltaic cells + text to speech + Pai holder(i think) in a bot shell

computers: get the parts from outside SCI from the “Silicon” vendor

easy: crew manifest, felinids match the appearance of humans so they are human unfortunately. Unless AI is shown an alternative interpretation to Asimov law 1

hard: you mean as AI? get cyborg or RD to drag you into the open where your turrets have full view of you and you cant get wacked. Or have him move you to Sec/ whatever crew stronghold is left.

Antag: easy: get ID changed to clown? I dunno, i dont usually use TC when tator.
hard: i havent been here that long, thats not really present information but I will try just for you Pizza man.

Dealing with antags:
easy: stick em with a needle of chloral hydrate or morphine with a hidden syringe gun, if they cant tell you have one, they wont expect some tiny greyshit to shoot them. Then you can throw them in the turbine, immolate in crematorium or make them a nugget idk

hard: DISABLE ATMOS CAMS, disable RD office cams, disable robo cams. Grab Ion rifle. Break into top of AI sat with sonic jackhammer(really quick and better than shitty thermite) then you can EMP the coomer and his turrets and flush him down the SM. If he activates a doomsday just drag him to another z level and depower.

easy: hack it. Screw driver, multitool until reset, screwdriver, new code 11111, unlock with new code, tide

hard: The pseudoheads Warden or QM. Warden can be promoted to HoS easy if there is none, and then declare martial law when cap and hop eventually get themselves killed. Or you could just tide the ID out of the locker before that happens.

check preferences, maybe you are in hotkey mode or somethin
hard: Check the Bee Git. Download the zip and put in dream maker, add name to admin list as HOST. Add compile to dream daemon and make server, set to trusted. Have fun.

whew that took an several hour or so to make :flushed:

@Cheesepizza2 it is done

nice job, holy shit you got way more of them right then i expected.

forgot to specify it has to be in one nanite cloud :pensive: fuck it take this one

not that shuttle, the other shuttle, the one that uses the rapid shuttle designator

fuck fuck i meant modular computers

you can use the random item thing to get species/job restricted ones. also, discounted items draw all items, even restricted ones, so if you’re lucky enough that it’s on there… also pray to admemes and get smited on the spot for insolence

congrats its that one, if you wanna get that sweet sweet extra credit tell me some of their primary mechanics (you might want to use le wiki for this one)

not what i was expecting but honestly this is bigger brain than what i thought of. was thinking “chem so you can get thermite and fluoro for safe” and shid ass cum fard.

you got almost all of them right so i’m gonna give you an A. if i were staff i would plus one but…

+1 because I’m to lazy to read that wall of text.

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And get catted? No thanks.

Seriously tho, you spent a lot of time on that. Thank you.

If ever want to become mentor yourself, I’ll vouch for you.

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I promised fulp hours, here they are.

This was my first server on ss13.

Surgery is really fun when you first start ss13.
It was so cool I would intentionally horizontal myself just to get healed.

Oh and T:4

:thinking: Idk

Almost all is forgiven

Anywho I’d throw a +1

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Accepting since it’s been positive.