RKz mentor app 2

**Your CKEY:**Rkz

**Your Discord:**Biggus Dickus#0723

How long have you been playing ss13?: September 2020, a year and 4 months

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:**I was a mentor previously, probably a few. Doubt anyone would explicitly mention anything I’ve done as I am a pretty low-key player (or just forgettable, hell if I know)

Game Experience (More Detailed): I will list my departmental experience

My understanding of each is:

All in Medical, including Viro

All in Engineering( Everything. Supermatter setups, shuttle construction speedruns, construction steps)

Atmospherics(Gases. Fusion. You name it.)

Cargo(I am least familiar with this department. I can make basic deliveries, use the mailroom and mine, but that’s about it.)

Science( All of Xenobio, can make maxcaps in 5 minutes from round start, all robotics constructions, explorer ruins)

Command(Done em all)

Security( All my beat-cop hours are on fulp, all my hours here are in brig phys, warden, and detective.)

I am was an AI main
Anyway, somehow I got shadow demoted from the mentor role within the past three days and I have no idea why.
Link to old app: RKz mentor app

Fire away with questions.


BeeStation Hours

Fulp Hours


no longer an AI main +1

otherwise needs more assistant hours tbh

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Plus One

T: 2 (two)

You were removed from staff following the prior incident with no explanation on your part. On-record you were dementored, but due to an oversight on my part some of your perms weren’t entirely removed until recently.

Usually being removed from staff blocks your ability to re-apply entirely, especially when it all happened so recently. But, after talking with some of the senior admins, I think it’s probably fine to let you reapply for mentor.

You damaged your credibility, but at least there’s some positive initiative here and you didn’t do anything negative during the time you still had mentor perms following your demotion.


Entirely fair. I formerly understood it as an administration removal instead of a staff removal, especially after our conversation about non-persistent permissions in #questions. After I saw that I still had forums and games permissions, I thought it was just a simple inconsistency.
Thank you for the clarification.

I appreciate the goodwill on your part. Thank you for the opportunity, you would have been entirely in the right to deny this.


Now hold hands with each other and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears.




I’m going ahead and giving a +1.

I strongly trust that you will be a good mentor.

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Not a mentor but I like you and have a good question.

How do you contact Syndicate (CC basically for traitors) without ahelping?

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Emag the communications console. It will send a message to an [UNKNOWN] (Syndie) source instead of Nanotrasen CC.

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I will throw my +1 into the hat.

Good luck!

T: +5

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Meant to go over this a bit ago and forgot, I’ll get to it soon™


I’m Honored.

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Took me a while to make up my mind on this one, sorry about that.
I’m going to be denying this for the time being. While I don’t doubt that you’re knowledgeable your recent playtime especially within the past month or so is fairly sparse for someone with a pending mentor application. Once you’ve been playing actively for a couple of weeks open another application and I’d be fine with having you back.