Remove "r word" filter

I dont understand how keeping filter on “r word” improves the quality of the server. I kinda get “n word” filter ( doesnt mean i agree with it) but “r word” is just fucking stupid. People bypass it all the time, even admins dont care about it ( unlike the dreaded n) and most of all : it autodeletes my sentences after i write it ( which is major annoying and steals my precious time).

" BUT GLOB" you might say " IT IS DEROGATORY TOWARDS MENTALLY CHALLENGED PEOPLE ". Well all insults are. Let us filter “whore” - derogatory towards sex workers. Let us filter “shitters” - derogatory toward griefers. Let us filter “nazi” and “holocaust” - derogatory toward oy vey. Lets go even futher, where no man, woman, child or server went before … lets filter the whole chat to reduce the toxicity from hero to zero.

If somehow you think “r word” is as bad as “n word” that it deserves its own filter, then you probably really are ******ed.

Thank you for comming to my TED talk.


I can’t speak for anyone with these disabilities, so correct me if i’m wrong (because i very well could be), but i don’t think the R-word even refers to any specific disability? I always saw it used to refer to dumbasses, never towards anyone with any kind of mental issues.

Apparently its derogatory not towards specific disability but the whole group of mentally challenged from Down, Asperger and Autism to Cerebral Palsy and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. So circa 30% of the ss13 playerbase.


We have the same filter as in game and on the forums.


20 characters.

Thats the idea. This filter is stupid and should be removed, thats the point of this post.

It’s not stupid.
It’s consistency across all of our platforms.

So remove it on all platforms?


You wish :wink:

Not happening

Explain why then. Cuz bad word bad ?

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We are a large server and comply with the discord ToS.
For consistency in enforcement, all of our platforms share the same policy.
Why would you be allowed to use the gamer word on the forums if you can’t use it in discord?

Agreeing with Bloons here.

Can you not live you life without saying the r word?

Do you have some sort of weird compulsion to say it in every sentence?

Get over it, its just one word and there are plenty of substitutes for it

Just remove the filter for everything but Discord, it’s not that hard. If someone says ■■■■■■, just tell them it’s because of shitty ToS


Get of your high horse mr. I was asking for the validity of that filter, and bloons response explain quite a bit. Still the filter for r word is dumb and i think it should be removed. Bee is a game server not a fucking factory that has the objective to streamline the process of playing ss13. A small quality of life improvement should be taken into consideration, and removal of r word filter especally in game is one of those improvements.

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How is allowing people to use the r-word a


How does slinging the r-word around improve quality of life?

lmao what

Oh your Ung, i get it now

Mostly that. I use this quite a bit in situations like sm explosion, or idiot sec doing idiot sec stuff. And its annoying to rewrite the entire sentence multiple times cuz MMMMMM FILTER.

Have you tried not using the r-word?

Thats not a solution, thats evading the problem. And the problem is stupid filter.


I mean, i remember the pre filter days of bee, when NOONE did anything BUT say both N and R word. Im glad people are forced to be more creative