Removal of Healthscanners, introduction of Bioscanners Discussion thread

Maybe I’m biased because I play engi, but I didn’t expect the rads to be such a sticking point for people.

Time for some numbers then!

again, you cannot possibly kill someone with this unless you actually intend on killing them or are very obviously doing it wrong. And even then, a doctor repeatedly scanning a cuffed person is mighty suspect.

You would need to scan someone like 10 times on average right one after another to start to do damage to them, at 7 seconds a scan MINIMUM that’s you standing next to the scanner in medbay for almost 1 and a half minutes straight loudly scanning someone over and over.

This is purely to stop over-use and make the doctors think. You gotta keep in mind that 400 rads takes 800 ticks to get rid of, that’s like 15 minutes if you account for lag. Docs will figure out that giving someone a potassium iodide tablet before a scan near completely negates the rads in the long term, making it only a limiting factor for handheld use in the short term.

A single tier 1 scan will give around 60 rads, at 0.5 rad decay a tick, that’s roughly 2 or so minutes for it to fully decay to nothing.

I think you’re all blowing this way out of proportion. I don’t think medbay will be as affected/devastated by this as you think it will be.


At what rad value you lose your hair?

Also the scanner thing it will generate a paper but what stops anyone from just stealing it away? let’s say 3 doctors are trying to heal the same guy out of boredom and they fight over that piece of paper, make it so the scanner can also say what the last scan was in the database so you don’t see doctors throwing hands at eachother for a piece of paper


800, as pointed out by the screenshot above you

Their point is that it’s not the case on the forums, which you can already see/read right here, with so many people instantly assuming the effect it’ll have/how slow it’ll be/how dangerous it is

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean because of the wording but in the quote i was talking about the usefullness of a testmerge to see how it pans out, not the community outrage. All in all you can hypothesize all you want to no avail, it’s in the definition.


While I agree with you and never made any of my PRs public and asked for opinions from players because I feared the backlash it’s also important to understand when we make a PR we are not making it for ourselves, but for the silent majority.

A majority that isn’t either completely represented here or on discord.

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I’m Darns Beestation future vision we will have to create a factory with 10 workers in order to produce cable coil because that generates RP.


I get the reasoning here, but I’m not a fan of this kind of implementation at all considering Beestation is a for-beginners server.

If I wanted to fiddle with more complicated analysis and treatment with wound analyzers and bone damage and such that requires longer stays in medbay/time with a surgeon, I’d play on a server with all that extra stuff. Said servers have extra UI bells and whistles to make the jump a little less painful, AND those servers still have health analyzers.

I do like the idea of making someone bald using it though


I disagree. Dying or being injured essentially takes you out of the game for a little bit. That sucks. Making medbay’s job a little longer means you are out of the game longer. That means you are incentivized to talk things out before you just go apply shotgun or desword to somebody since you risk being taken out of the game for a longer period of time than before.


In responder to Darn: So… people in the long run would rotate towards more ‘‘safe’’ and ‘‘stealth’’ methods of combat/antagonism, since they don’t want to risk themselves to that exposure of combat and have that ‘‘chance of being taken out of the game for a longer period of time than before’’ Which we’ve already seen time and time again is not good for RP or for an antag to drive interest on a round, refering mostly to when most antagonist do it, if it’s one… sure whatever but if they all do it then it becomes an issue towards how a round is played and how the antagonist engage on the round.

Also by the time security goes for ‘‘Shoot on sight’’ towards an antagonist said player already escalated enough, dunno what you’re on about Security long have they moved for ‘‘EOTC = Kill’’ and even Antagonists are less RR than before, Aligote point still stands.


I believe that is a far reach. Again, that is far too general to be believable. How can you truly expect this to be the result?


Completely baseless speculation, the reason the person who made the PR didn’t make a forum post themselves man.

Combat is not the only form of conflict, nor is violence the only method of antagonism. I don’t know what the second part is about but it seems like projection since I didn’t mention anything like that.

The point that this may somehow discourage violence and lead to more talking is not referenced in the PR. This was a point made by your post and I believe it’s invalid.

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I am referring to this statement:

Once you add a bit of this:

You end up with the baseless hypothesis

time in medbay = time not playing

time not playing = not fun

Thus minimizing time in medbay should lead to more fun. How do you avoid time in medbay? Don’t get into fights. How do you not get into fights? Talking is one option of many. And here we have arrived at our baseless hypothesis.

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I see, in that case, I still believe your hypothesis is on the far end of what’s expected to happen.
Although it’s funny that the PR seems to wanna encourage doctors to patient RP, while this hypothesis wants to push avoiding Medbay and RPing elsewhere.

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I don’t really know what this solves, to me it seems like this only adds a 30 second wait timer before you can treat a patient and reduces the space in medbay.

As for the RP;

Hi patient go sit in this box for 30 seconds and Ill be back in 1 minute. 
*machine buzzing noise*

If your aim is to promote RP, you should introduce alternative methods to diagnose patients that involve speaking with them, and not a machine that tells you all the info you need to know.
Take a look at the stethoscope for example - it can be used to find out if the patient has heart or lung problems. The penlight can be used to check for eye damage or x-ray/shielded eyes implant.
So what I propose are tools that when used by a doctor on a patient give a message to the patient, which they then must communicate back to the doctor.
Now, there are cases when the patient can talk, and that’s where the machine scanner can work. But it should be a secondary option and not the primary one, as it involves little to no player interaction.


This ignores the fact that to make violence you don’t exactly need 2 willing participants. As only as the guy who has the highest chance of winning wants to best your ass you will have your ass beat.

Kids get in trouble at school for fighting but that isn’t really stopping bullying is it.


Or… you could just inspect them for any brute, burn or suffocation damages… ask them how they are feeling (whether their health is low or not) to determine toxin damage and then, and only then. Should you use the box.