[Reginald negling] Player Report

In-game report:


Your Discord: Biggs

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Reginald negling

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YY-MM-DD): 22/12/18

Round Number: 41856

Rules Broken: 3 Do Your Job

Incident Description: Rolled as a traitor miner - much later on ending up getting lasered and cuffed by Tyler as exploration crew. He brought me to sec handing me over to Reginald negling; the brig officer, who stripped me, put me in a locker with my things and dragged it to evidence before leaving me there to slowly die for the rest of the round; around 25mins.

Additional Information: shuttle had not been called in yet while I was put in the locker dyeing. But did get called about 10mins after I had.


They did the same to me.


I’m not sure what the job role of exploration is. but that might be worth a separate report. I’ve played with Tyler IC and had a good time. But he isn’t sec.

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Their job is exploration. Not security, not validhunting. They use their ship to recover tech disks and complete missions for the payout.


I often play as “Reginald Nehling”

Sorry but I dont really have anything to add, none of the given context reminds me of anything, albeit it was more than 2 months ago.

I only now learned of this report being made.

Do you sometimes play warden? I remember being iffy on the name of the person who did it. Having to go back though the log only seeing a name of the person who passively dragged me.

If I had to bet I’d say I was captain on this round. (or acting cap, I think I had armoury access)

I vaugely remember a round where Tyler, the exploration crew, killed several antagonists while I was captain and then later Tyler died to the pirates.

I dont remember purposefully leaving someone in evidence to die.

Not saying I didn’t do it, I could see myself doing this if the SM went critical and I had to attend to that and then forgetting to come back to the prisoner…

Sorry, not sure if this helps at all, I dont remember much specifics, only the round being notable for Tyler killing so many antags. (then later getting reported/banned for it)

Can confirm Isy was Reginald here as I processed the report against tyler, Other than that I cant remember anything relating to this, but I hope that it helps

So from what I can tell when looking at logs here is that… Isy, while being online and playing as Reginald Nehling had nothing to do with your stripping or being detained. That seems to all have been Tyler Broad.

It wasn’t Reginald who stripped you but Tyler who’s report has already been handled. There’s nothing I see punishable coming from Reginald here as you just seem to have gotten the wrong guy.

Thank you for the report nonetheless!