Regarding recent balance PRs

i’ve noticed a trend in which balance changes are made to the game with, in my opinion, insufficient opportunities for players to provide their feedback.

for example, the shotgun nerf.

to my knowledge, ooc more-or-less never complained about shotguns. and yet it was nerfed with no player poll. i’d be okay with the nerf if some kind of feedback process took place, but to my knowledge, any discussion of the changes happened primarily on github.

now another big nerf is on the table. in short, ballistic ammo is going to be much harder for antags and security to acquire. since bacon gave his implicit approval, this pr will likely be merged when it’s done.

to be clear, this isn’t about whether or not you or i like these prs. it’s about them getting merged with seemingly little to no regard for player opinion. i get that coders work on this game for free and that they thus hold great sway over the game’s direction. even so, i think balance changes should always be subject to playerbase scrutiny before getting merged.


If we want proper balanced lethals that consider non-uplink antagonists then we should bring back revs

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In what alternative reality do you live in? People have constantly been complaining about the shotguns

There was a dedicated thread for it in the discord, open for several months.

The PR itself also stayed open for more than a month. There has been plenty of discussion, just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

People have constantly been complaining about the shotguns

there’s not much i can say about this, though i’m sure someone somewhere has had beef with shotguns, otherwise the pr never would’ve happened.

There was a dedicated thread for it in the discord, open for several months.

not everyone browses the discord, and the people who do typically aren’t there to check out thinktank or any other channel in Development Hell, myself included. i still think a player poll should’ve been made for such a major change.

The PR itself also stayed open for more than a month.

which probably means it fell off to page 2 or more at some point.

As a sec main, and a very prominent ?shotgun user, the rebalance was needed, shotgun remains as one of the best tool an officer can use and even after the rebalance it still retains it’s power.

As for the other PR i’ve already voiced my opinions on it, both on the original thinktank and the current draft that’s open, might need to add more later. But you’re right, not everyone reads the pr-discussion, thinktank or check github hell i’m sure some people completely dismisses the changelog but it’s not like it’s hidden, everyone can access them and share their opinion and even make their own PR if they want to tweak/balance/nerf/remove/etc something

If anything the only thing i miss is the more frequent usage of #pr-player-input where people were informed of big changes and ‘’‘‘voted’’‘’ on them (depending on what sort of change it was) since at the very least it informed players of things that are happening for those that never visit the aforementioned channels


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