References to other video games or movies you can find on Bee code

Show some that you’ve found.

All of the references I could find

Mining hardsuit, plasma cutter - DeadSpace
Cookie’s Homemade Rum - Carmen Miranda’s Ghost

Xenomorphs, Ripley - Alien

Doom Guy - Doom

Stun Batons - Halflife

Ian, the Syndicate (I think) - Cowboy Bebop

Asimov Laws - I, Robot

Felinds, techpriests, bluespace(maybe) - Warhammer 40K

Chainsaw arm - The Evil Dead

Highlanders - Highlander

Lawyer speech bubble - Ace Attorney

Hastur costume - H.P. Lovecraft (not really a game or move, but I think it counts in spirit)

Holoparasites, bizarre scarf, delinquent hat, mysterious arrow - Jo Jo

Dracula outfit - Dracula

Waldo - Waldo

Plump helmets - Dwarf fortress

Graverobber outfit, whip - Indiana Jones

Ghost sheet - Beetlejuice

Holodeck, holodeck outfits - Star Trek

Dance Trance - Fortnite

Fudge dice - Fudge (technically a board game)

Dragon’s Blood - Sigurd (a Norse mythology story, but later got turned into a film)

Energy swords, vibro sword, shock touch(?) - Star Wars

Exploding lemons, wormhole projector - Portal

Meathook - Mortal Combat

Jacob’s Ladder - Jacob’s Ladder

Janicart key - Kill Bill

Changelings - The Thing

Hydraulic blade implant - Cyberpunk (?)

Reverse beartrap - Saw

Wierd crystals (found in error room) - Legend of Zelda

Blob - The Blob

Veil Render - Diablo 2 (could be Diablo 1 too, I forgot)

Hoverboard - Back to the Future

ED209 - RoboCop


the comically overpriced bike in cargo is a pokémon reference. At least I assume it is


the detective’s candy corn hat thing is a reference to Problem Sleuth

positronic brains are also from Asimov’s stories

AI has references to Gondola, SHODAN, and Ubuntu in several of its displays (alongside Gondola existing in general)

CQC, stealth implant, and the cardboard box are Metal Gear references

Gloves of the North Star are Fist of the North Star references, Holoparasites are JoJo references

Power Fist is a fallout reference

Romerol is a reference to George Romero

A LOT of chemical names (ie: Kelotane, Tricordrazine) are references to Star Trek

the Cueball Helmet is a reference to FUCKING HOMESTUCK


These are some things that I’ve found.

ambispace.ogg is ‘Bad Apple’ from Touhou Lotus Land Story slowed down by 600% and changed by a paulstretch algorithm.

There is a Witch outfit which is a direct copy of Marisa Kirisame from Touhou.

The ‘spellcard’ magic that the Wizard can purchase is also directly taken from Touhou.


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The delinquent hat and jacket are modeled on Jotaro’s clothing so another jojo reference

half of the donor items are JoJo references

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Chap got a unreal sord that’s a reference
Also a bunch of drinks are references

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The high frequency chap sword is a reference to mgr
The meat hook i think is a reference to pudge.

Felinids are from W40K?


Also Chaplains Chainsword Nullrod morph is W40K

Curator Kit with the Whip is a reference to Indiana Jones

These are actually one of the few cases of documented references. Most drinks are either real, a reference, or fill a niche.

Krav Maga is actually a real martial art, developed for the IDF. Tae Clown Do is a play on words for Tae Kwon Do(Korean Martial art).

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cueball outfit, the D8, unreal SORD are all homestuck references

The ones in Warhammer and not the anime type catgirls. The name is the easteregg not felinids themselves.

So more like Khajit?

Yes. Here is a funny meme that makes fun of your earlier ignorance Meeting the Felinids - YouTube

(Note warhammer felinids look more like khajit than whats in this video. I just posted the video because its hilarious)

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I think all three Heretic paths are Lovecraft references.

The portal gun is a Portal reference.

The gravity manipulator or whatever is a Halflife reference.

A swear at least one of the vending machines is a reference to something.

All the arcade games are references including the damned exploding spaceship.

Eguns are absolutely modeled after Phaser Rifles from Star Trek.

All the Hardsuits are modeled after Dead Space RIG suits (Some servers are more specific with this reference than others.)

The entire Detective job is a reference to Blade Runner but also the variety of revolvers the Det can change his revolver to are references to many other detectives and i believe one is a Tombstone reference.

ED-209 and Secoff Augging are references to Robocop.

The Mateba is a Ghost in the Shell reference.

The Bulldog is based off of the non-existent Pancor Jackhammer. (Yes.)

The Tactical Energy Gun i think is based upon the design of the Steyr Aug.

The Retro Laser is a reference to the Pulp Age of Sci-Fi And/Or to the Phasers from TOS Star Trek.

Rapid Syringe Gun is probably a reference to the one carried by the medic from TF2.

The Gyrojet Pistol is a Fallout reference.

The Energy Shield carried by ERTs, Death Squads, and Nukies is probably based off the Personal Defense Gauntlet carried by Jackals in Halo.

Hypospray is probably a reference to Star Trek in how it is designed. (Yogstation also has a Tricorder.)

The wide spread use of 10mm ammo for sidearms is likely a reference to the same thing in the Deus Ex series.

His Grace is a reference to something but i dont remember what.

Medigun/Medbeam gun is another reference to TF2’s medic. Probably.


Namesake wise? IIRC it looks like the Chippa Rhino,

Blutslauger, IIRC

The Mateba is a real gun. Its full name is the Mateba Model 6 Unica. They look almost identical.

This is a Mateba:

No clue. I was going off the sprite.

Heretic is an antag is a cultist simulator reference. Which is confusing.

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School girl outfits are reference to sailor moon.
Metal Upa plushie is reference to steins gate.


the blood drunk miner and the clever he drops is a clear bloodborne refrence

the plasma/advanced plasma cutter are a deadspace refrence

the golems’s language is described to be simular to old eath Hebrew.
probably refrencing the jewish cultural origin of the golem concept

the cueball helmet,suit and bluespace slime sprites are refrences to a certain particularly long webcomic that shall remain unamed

we all know holopara’s are a god damn jojo refrence

the blob could have been inspired and therefore refrenced from the movie… the blobʷᵒʷ
altough the simularity is only in name. as they act diffrent

botany’s explosive lemons are a portal 2 refrence

the small chance of turning into a fly from a uncalibrated teleporter is from the movie the fly…
where that happens to a scientist who just invented a teleporter

the medibot’s voice is most likely sourced from Dr. Sbaitso a “psychiatrist” DOS terminal and the source of scp 079’s voice. if a bit higher pitch and somewhat processed

ethereals could be a refrence to novakid from starbound

lavaland is a refrence to the mythical land of australia