R1ks_iwnl- Mentor Application

Your CKEY:

Your Discord:

How long have you been playing ss13?:
First started playing late 2019, spent my first months playing on Yogstation, after that i tried out Bee and i’ve been here since then.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
Idk i’d probably get vouches if i asked some people.

Game Experience (More Detailed):


• Silicons - I’ve spent a bunch of hours as AI/Cyborg and overall learned how they work but i usually don’t play them as i don’t find it fun.

• Service - Played all service roles and know how they all work, i’m a bit lacking in doing the more complex botany stuff as i don’t find it too fun.

• Cargo - Currently the department where i spent the most time playing, i know multiple ways of making credits fast and what they are able to order. I’d say i’m pretty good at mining itself and i can beat BDM, Hiero, Ash Drake and Legion, haven’t really tried out Bubblegum and Colossus yet though.

• Medical - My second most played department, i know how to fix all types of damage quickly, multiple ways to revive people, what chems heal specific types of damage, how to do surgery, how to make vaccines for viruses, not as good as making the viruses themselves, i know how to make all kinds of chems as chemist but i’m rather slow and inefficient at it.

• Science - Third most played department, i feel like i’ve learned most of the things it has to offer except xenobio, i haven’t messed around with it too much yet, i can make toxins bombs for research, toxins bombs for bombing sec, i can do R&D pretty well, i can also do robotics and build mechs or mess with borgs.

• Engineering - I can setup a stable SM N2 Engine, and N2 with some other gases mixed but i haven’t done any other pure gas setup that isn’t N2, i can setup a tesla, i haven’t tried singulo yet though as i don’t see it worth the risk as it’s harder to contain than tesla. I managed to do fusion a few times as atmos tech but that was before the recent fusion changes that got merged into the game so i have to try it out again.

• Security - I know how to use all the equipment they get roundstart and the ones printable in their protolathe, i know how to follow space law and how not to be shitsec.

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Very solid member of the community +2

Would probably +2 an admin app if you wanted to put one of those in instead for that matter, but definitely don’t go for it unless it’s something you want to do anyway.

but you can’t lol

based and chadpilled +1
here’s some questions to make it interesting

  1. Free golem mhelps how he gets the protolathe and circuit imprinter. Wat do

  2. How do you construct (and deconstruct) an APC?

  3. moth?!

Based man +1
Here’s more unusual question :
How to make an empty cigarette?
(e-cig doesn’t count)

its about time +1


Yeah I know :pensive:
new policy takes time to memorize

+1 seems fit for the task of being a mentor

Very good, well detailed app.

  1. They need to mine ores until they reach 2k points, after that they can buy the liberator’s legacy kit from their ship’s mining vendor which contains the protolathe and circuit imprinter board they needed.

  2. Craft a APC Wallframe with 5 Iron sheets
    Place it on a wall (they can only place it on walls in already created areas)
    Put a a power control module board in it
    Wire it with cable coil
    Put a power cell in it
    Use crowbar, done

To deconstruct make sure cover lock is unlocked
Open cover
Remove power cell
Cut cable coil
Unsecure the board with screwdiver
Remove it with a crowbar
Weld it to remove it from the wall

  1. No

Not sure on that one, i guess you mean the smoking pipe or corn cob pipe ? Though you can’t actually light them up if empty.

You can buy nicotine-less smokes containing 15 u of carbon.
So after injecting it with radium and plasma it creates liquid dark matter which lacking stabilizing agent deletes itself.
And that’s how empty cigarette has been created.


+1 202 0202. 0202 0 20.2 0220wkqsadjijsdfi


Accepting at +11

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