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Im not saying who or when did what, let’s think of this as only a hypothetical situation.

You are a crewsimov AI. There is active syndicate presence aboard. There is no captain nor an RD on the station. Your security is dying to the confirmed syndicate agents. There is an HoP, who took the spare, but is still listed as the HoP.

The HoP decides to add a law to you so they head to the upload and get inside. You turn the turrets on to shock them. They law 2 order you to turn the turrets off. You do not. Are you in the wrong?

Silicon protections state that “You may deny access to areas under probable cause.”

And then:

  • Probable cause includes presence of confirmed traitors, cultists/tomes, nuclear operatives, or any other human acting against the station in general; the person not having upload access for their job; the presence of blood or an openly carried lethal-capable or lethal-only weapon on the requester; those who meet a condition of your laws (eg. If you have a law stating only the captain can access upload, than all other players have probable cause) or anything else of this nature.

  • If you do not have probable cause and deny access, you are liable to be banned or warned.

Can you apply these protections to deny access to the HoP to upload laws? There are confirmed “other human acting against the station in general” aboard and ‘the person not having upload access for their job’ as they are still stated only as an HoP.

Ive seen an admin talking in dchat about how an AI will be bwoinked because they let a captain change their laws. I dont wish to find myself in that situation so I’m asking for clarification because the Silicon Policy only once writes about law changes and that is:

  • You cannot request law changes that will cause human harm, or that will violate your current lawsets laws.

Is letting someone change your laws because of a law 2 order, without them having access or responsibility to changing laws allowed?

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this is a joke answer, ill respond seriously after reading this
YUP hot water hoo boy I am in danger, this is quite the conundrum

Mostly interested in admin responses, as they are the ones who actually make the calls (but player input is good too)

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as far as I am aware, Asimov laws can be interpreted with the following logic.

“Asimov laws exist to prevent human harm, law changes may interfere with these laws, thusly law changes should be prevented in accordance with Law 1 as said changes may allow for human harm.”

Gennerally if you’re going to be implementing law changes or additions on an asimov A.I., they’ll usually* want to hammer out the details on just what you plan on doing before they even LET you step close to their upload terminals.

(*ESPECIALLY if you’re non-human)

I don’t think the AI is in the wrong here. HOP 100% wanted to upload a “syndicates are not human” law, which would cause you to no longer perceive humans as such and harm them, which is in violation of your first law.
You should always resist law changes. The crew can’t be trusted to not subvert you in their favor, antag or not.

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the ai is crewsimov, not asimov, unrelated if they are human or not

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Same applies here really. Human or crew, you should first and foremost not harm them directly

If they were the acting captain at the time yes.

As an AI, you must assume that everyone is non harmful until proven otherwise. The HOP has not shown any sign of wanting to upload a “crew harm” law and thus it is wrong for you to assume that they will.

You can stun them and ask them what they want. But if they say that they want to add a law that protects humans better, for example. You must believe them. As long as you don’t have any reason to believe they might add a “crew harm” law. (Meaning that they have not shown a tendency to cause crew harm in the past)


And in the case of them not clarifying just saying “changing laws” or “turn off turrets”?

So say there is a known human traitor about, does that mean that even a Human Captain/acting Captain, given the two are directly opposed, is presumed to intend harm against the human traitior?

Honestly if they just say “changing” laws and them overall not being all that trustworthy, it is probably fine to stall it out a bit longer and wait for them to answer. If they directly order you though after that, you have to obey.

No not at all. That is why non lethal weaponry exists.

What if theres a discrepancy between their race and what the medical records state?

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I ask because I hate it when people start gibbering/yelling “HuManN haRM” whenever I disarm batong or disabler blast them and then a borgo starts trying to take them away.

the plights of a Non-human player.

HoP was carrying the cap sabre around but didn’t change his ID to say Acting Captain though

They’re smart, they should know the chain of command.

I thought this was a hypothetical question.

(spoilers, not really)

Who would’ve guessed :confused:

oh, it totally is, Wilson is just reading my mind