PSA: Official Statement Coming Soon™


Due to the utter mess that we’re now in, Crossedfall is preparing an official joint statement between him, the headmins, Ike and Kevin. Expect it to arrive today or tomorrow ish. Please be patient until then.

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Inb4 im pleasantly suprised if Ike finally gets the courage to let his pride go and admit he fucked up, instead of just going full damage control mode.

Time to wait for the announcement in the escape shuttle.

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Inb4 ike goes full on kike and says that we are the bad ones and should listen to him as he’s the one in the right

“We hear your concerns, there are some very passionate voices on beestation. We will get through this a better community.”
Read: Get fucked we aren’t taking out the filter.

Explain the betrayal of beestation


Memes. Beautiful memes.

Looks like saying sorry and reversing the decision is too hard for them.

We are dealing with the situation , trust me most of us are hard at work trying to make the community voices to be heard but for now it has proven to be a hard task.

I’ve seen nothing about this on the forums from their side.
Also, it’s pretty easy.
As far as we know, there’s no third party influencing the situation, so it literally should just be an instantaneous post, but something’s up.
There were very vague comments about third party influences on this situation, and this being kept secret from us for any longer is just adding more to the dumbness of how this is being handled.

The problem is that ike and crossed really do not want to budge on this, regardless of what the community says.

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt for now; but how long it’s taking to say ANYTHING OFFICIAL is making it apparent that your words hold truth. Let’s just wait for a bit more…

What does Ike and crossed know? I never seen them actually admin the server
They don’t like what the community decides then they can choose to not be part of it simple, they follow the majority or they go

As they said to us, don’t like it leave
Their will be no filter, don’t like it leave

Ike and Crossed introduce new drastic change without any opinion from others but themselves
Community hates it and backlash ensues
Crossed and Ike: insert pikachu surprised meme

Looks like that soon comes in valve time and along side the Heavy update for tf2

I will return to bee in about an hour.

Recently I’ve been on vacation and left to enjoy my holiday over this drama. However during that time I’ve been communicating with the many members of bee who have since left over this.

I don’t know what this update is gonna be but I’ll be sure to take stock of this situation and handle it best I can once I’m back. Can’t promise a swift update, only progress.

Well they dropped it. Tripling(quadrupling?) down on the lying and telling everyone to get fucked os about what i expected. Nice psyop dropping it literally new years eve night so people wouldn’t pay attention.

Did they give a statement?

Yep, in the discord. To quote -

Hello. This has certainly been an emotional time for just about @everyone. Some people were quite happy with the change while others were not.

I’m writing this now to clarify some points since there has been a lot of conflicting information, confusion, and generally a lack of direct feedback from us. Part of that is due to the recent attacks we and the other servers have been under recently, and part of that has been due to IRL complications. All the same, we should have banded together a bit better and provided a cohesive message sooner to you all. For that, I’m sorry.

To answer the most common questions I’ve seen and have been asked directly:

  1. Why wasn’t there a vote?

    • Actually, there was a vote. Several. Involving various levels of staff. These votes also were done in various manners. Some were official tallies (vote yes/no if you want it) while others were long winded discussions and debates. This all took place at various points over the course of the last year. At the end of it all, we made this decision and we are currently looking to stand by it. To be clear, this wasn’t an overnight decision.
  2. Why did you bypass council for this?

    • This is slightly complicated, but the short answer is that we didn’t. The actual decision to implement this filter was made well in advance, before the new-council was in effect. To be specific, actual work started just before our old council was dissolved and the tools needed for this were merged in late November. I, and the others, will concede that we could have done another vote. But, given the length of time we spent discussing this topic (A little over a year) it wasn’t an immediate consideration. <:blank:232623696559210496>
  3. Why was this done in the first place?

    • Also a complicated question. There were several contributing factors as to why we implemented this change. The most notable being that we started as a beginner friendly server that was welcoming to new players; however, we slowly turned into something that wasn’t. New people just getting into SS13 have been having a hard time joining Bee as a result of our collective behavior. Additionally, it was becoming increasingly difficult to grow, advertise, and work with other servers. Ultimately, we were stagnating. Our reputation and image were commonly cited reasons as to why. These changes seek to help us become more accessible to new players, coders, and admins.
  4. Are you going to remove the filter now?

    • We are not currently planning to remove the filter. There have been some conflicting statements made recently, mostly as an impulse reaction by some members of staff. We have deliberated this a bit further and decided that holding firm on the current implementation will be our best step forward.
  5. Who ultimately is responsible for all of this?

  • All of us involved with managing the project collectively decided to do this. No individual person forced this change and no single person is responsible. We discussed everything ad nauseam and ensured that the current filter was approved unanimously.

I know this may not be the announcement many of you have been looking for, but I hope that it helps clear things up and answers some of your questions. I appreciate the many kind messages I’ve received and the posts from those of you showing your support.

Sorry, for poor formatting, on phone.

It’s in announcements in discord. Pretty much just says “ackshually, there was a vote”(a lie), “all the staff made this decision together”(nine dead admins says otherwise) and “we aren’t removing the filter, fuck you.”