Poll: How do you feel about new crate/locker sprites

I’m incredibly biased, but instead of ranting about it I want to see what other people think.

  • New crate/locker sprites are good.
  • New crate/locker sprites suck.
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I’m a fan, they standardize the perspective with lockers and make the crates look good. RIP the sovlful crate sprite though

you should put the comparison here

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i have mixed feelings. most of them look good and faithfull to the old sprites, but the security lockers just look faved and need a more redder red instead of the colour they have

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New ones

I like the shape, colour palette might need some working on, they feel kinda washed out imo

the colours all need a bit of tweaking. they look cold and yeah as you said washed out. also some of thw lockers have some weird lines at the sides thats makes them look weird. ( medical locker, frigde for example)

the coffin sprite is honestly the onyl sprite thats just straigth up bad. i dont like thats one one bit
and the necropolis chest looks to clean in my opnion

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I like all of it except for the security locker colours, they feel washed out in comparison to the normal red of sec, but otherwise a fantastic job imo.

Is it me, or this one just has a placeholder default image icon. (Doesn’t show)


Broke for me too, weird


For the purpouse of reviewing, Ive created a tierlist:

You can create your own here:

If you want to add more lockers to the tierlist do let me know.

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I kinda like them, but they all look vaguely plastic instead of metal.

I think this boils down into two issues:

  1. The corners look very rounded, and no longer sharp, due to the gradients near the edges.
  2. There’s no variation in the color of flat surfaces, which gives them that soft-touch plastic texture.

Nice unbiased poll

Well at least it’s went well, however right now i’m working on the “hard” iteration on the fact that a good chunk of people finds the current version too soft:

Also a redder seccie locker palette

so yeah toss feedback.


Might be more of a feature request, but a crate with two colour RGBs so you make whatever coloured generic crate you wish?

For example; if I want a chemistry crate I’d colour it white with orange stripes or purple with green stripes for Exploration, and so on. It’d be nice for mapping purposes.

the new crates don’t look like they would fit a corpse or two in them compared to the old ones

I honestly like them to be rounder. What I don’t like is the trash bin and freezer, they are too different from the original IMO

I think most of the new crates and lockers looks good, im a bit sceptical on the more “rounded” lockers.

though i will say that I HATE the new tendril chests and the mule bots, they have been ruined…

I hate all new things all the time because I suck. It’ll take some time to win me over. However, visible manifests is a VERY good touch.

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