Plumbing has been soft-removed. Let's talk about it

Holy based?


Its Maggot, of course its based


You could have mentioned me you know. :confused:

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Guys calm down: Maggot should not be the one making the most sense in any thread.


It’s not based. It’s nothing. Talking about how to solve a problem or solving it is actually hard. Yeah. It’s messy and cringe. It’s easy to just be a stooge and say “lmao touch grass you care too much”. A statement that has no value. If you don’t care then don’t engage.

But yet here you are. Maybe you should take your own advice and not post something like that and instead go take a shower and go for a walk. You will feel better, trust me.



Quite incredible

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The king has spoken


It’s fine to have skill at something you enjoy, to put time and effort into it, to care about how it does, but when you hold it so close to yourself that you get out of whack over a couple of undirected jokes, especially when that thing does not actually exist, then that is indeed the the time to take a step back, turn off the computer, and go for a walk.

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shut the fuck up cocksuckers ive just had the grandest idea

rework plumbing so its just a water network connected to all sinks and toilets and showers n shit on the station

create a plumber job that oversees the plumbing pipe network and filters waste and bad shit out and can modify the water everywhere either making it have some positive effect when drank or if theyre traitor making it vaporize and create deadly gangstalker smoke everywhere theres a toilet sink or whatever and shit
and give them mario and luigi outfits and start with fake moustache like chef

make plumbing a sub department in engi

wouldnt that be fucking sick

i mean think about the rp potential now that the water isnt magically appearing and is being brought from somewhere just like in real life come on this is pure genius


blood exploit got removed though, mate.

maybe to reduce resource cost, we should just have the chem fabricators use batteries, which slowly deplete (and then eject when fully depleted)

Already documented. Even with dupe gone and matter carts needed. not much changed…

quoting this again because i’m totally right

plumbing sucks, go all the way you cowards


Honestly? Maybe delete the chemfridges and give chemistry custom vendor parts roundstart. Maybe a device to recolour custom vendors would help.


It’s easy to win arguments when talking to a straw man.

I’m not going to cry myself to sleep if plumbing gets buffed or nerfed or removed. No one here is getting out of whack about this.

Let me also explain “bait” posters. Here is what you do:
Post some dumb shit. Then if someone agrees with you, you laugh because they are stupid for agreeing with your dumb shit. If they take you seriously then you can laugh because they are stupid for falling for a clear bait.

If you remove the entire post what value is lost? Nothing. It’s worthless. The meta irony is a way for cowards who have nothing of value to add.


I accept your acquiescence.