Perma players should join as Perma prisoners in sec

Literally title.
Perma players should join as Perma prisoners in sec with a certain amount of players. Depending how the round turns out the admins can choose to continue letting them or not. So they can somewhat prove they can behave to a extent.

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Cringe 2020202002202


no, theyll just break out or use the ai to break em out, its just stupid


clearly you’ve never escaped perma if you think this idea is good


I had a idea similar in a previous thread, it would be balanced by giving them a un-removable implant that gibs them if they leave the permabrig

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That’s dumb.
Imagine 5 perma prisoners who were perma banned, 2 are ERPing inside, 3 of them shout n word rapidly. Then a syndie man breaks the window and hands them EVA suit and they proceed to max cap the station.


id legit play perma-perma prisoner by choice if i was able too

making friends with the warden and beating up any greenies that get thrown into perma sounds fun


This is good to expand on and legit talk about

An idea that branches off from this would be to put them into adminbus centcomm prison and add ghost roles so new players can maybe learn how to security from perma players or just so ghost roll people can fuck with shitters , I mean if they mess up is it really ruining the round of a player who ruined someone elses or is it karma

Top tier way to instantly remove the worry of prison breaks


You act like this is a bad thing :’)

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No. People with permenant bans earned them by being repeatedly, irredeemablely shit. I don’t want that kind of person on the servers in any way. Putting them in the perma-brig is meme-tier at best. Either everyone in there would immediately die, as the only way to escape is to vent, or would make it back onto the station and be the shitter they were banned for being.
I appreciate the spirit of wanting to keep people in the game, but I’ve seen a couple suggestions lately with particularly bizzare logic that would only halfway make sense of Bee servers were the only servers. But seriously, this is a bad, bad, bad idea. I’m not sure what would make you think it was a good idea. Look at the bans page. Check over the permenant bans. What makes you think that 90% of those ban evaders and griff accounts deserve to be let back onto the server without a forum appeal? How would that improve the game for players with honest intentions?

well make it so they cannot leave the prison itself. such a nice interaction

Imagine you’re a clown and you getting the fat perma by a drunk powered warden. He puts you into the perma and you turn around with your poor honk honk in your hand. You see 5 smiling perma banned players with catlike ears and tails. Imagine they can’t leave that little area or they get gibbed
1 clown

5 perma.

Poor 5 permas

Still no. Permenant ban means that the staff do not want that person in the community, and in the vast, vast majority of cases I’m inclined to agree. Why would we want to waste server slots on banned players.
Seriously, look at 90% of permas on the ban page. Either literal account age 0 meme griffers, or evaders.

This is just asking for them to come on just to break as many rules as they can in perma. Even the implant someone suggested wouldn’t be good since they could still murder sec(and by extension remove that person from the round) if they came into perma at no cost to themselves since they are already banned anyway.

Except if you made them pacifists :thinking:

They could still just spam the gamer word over the intercoms and erp though

You can just confess to things you never did round start, I’ve done this many times there’s always someone willing to lock you up


i swear to god you guys are just bitches, Can ya’ll fucking not read. Restrict them even further then if you gonna complain.

disclaimer MRP twats aren’t welcome to post

Im just gonna let you know now they will not stop. You could hang a sign that said “positive energy only” on the post header and they would just eat the sign and fling shit everywhere.