OwOmangs mentor application

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How long have you been playing ss13?:
I mostly don’t keep watch to it, but its at least one and a half years.
Playtime for OwOmang

  • AI 20m (0%)
  • Assistant 49h (19%)
  • Atmospheric Technician 60m (0%)
  • Bartender 2h (0%)
  • Botanist 6h (2%)
  • Brig Physician 6h (2%)
  • Captain 5h (2%) “No, I am NOT a comdom”
  • Cargo Technician 7h (2%)
  • Chaplain 4h (1%)
  • Chief Medical Officer 16h (6%)
  • Clown 1 billion, honk (9999999%)
  • Cook 4h (1%)
  • Curator 2h (0%)
  • Cyborg 2h (1%)
  • Detective 4h (1%)
  • Paramedic 2h (0%)
  • Geneticist 12h (4%)
  • Debtor 1h (0%)
  • VIP 1h (0%)
  • Head of Personnel 12h (5%)
  • Head of Security 3h (1%)
  • Janitor 2h (1%)
  • Lawyer 1h (0%)
  • Medical Doctor 10h (4%)
  • Mime … (0%)
  • Quartermaster 5h (2%)
  • Roboticist 12h (5%)
  • Scientist 50m (0%)
  • Security Officer 17h (6%) “I AM THE LAW”
  • Shaft Miner 28h (11%)
  • Station Engineer 8h (3%)
  • Virologist 2h (0%)
  • Warden 4h (1%)
  • Living 249h (100%)
  • Lifebringer 50m (0%)
  • Servant Golem 40m (0%)
  • Translocated Vet 1h (0%)
  • Ancient Crew 10m (0%)
  • Beach Bum 10m (0%)
  • Ghost 14h (5%)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
no one, unfortunately.
Game Experience (More Detailed): I started playing at least 1.5 years ago, mostly different servers with TG station coding. I know alot about ss13. I have been binging beestation. And I love to find secrets that I want to share. I’d love to help people out (PS : First application )

Gib hours boy.


Edit: Go in game. Go to OOC. Click the View Tracked Playtime button. Copy and Paste what it says since you dont have Screencap privileges.

i did this now, thank you

Alright question time.

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: As an AI, how do i talk to my borgs?
6: AI Malf, what do?
7: A borg has gone rogue and is no longer synced, how do you fix it without killing it?
8: How setup Tesla/Singulo?
9: How do i open the fireaxe container thing without breaking the glass?

1 : Space heaters or vacuum to space
2 : RCD on floor mode, if not available. Rod the space, floor tile the rods
3 : Panic siphon, I believe, ive barely ever used them.
4 : You need a reinforced room, 93 percent oxygen and 7 percent plasma,
5 : Theres a special channel that only silicons can tune into, it should be under AI commands
6 : Stay calm, announce it. Cut cameras and hide into maint, secure down atmospherics to prevent plasma flooding, the AI can only see through cameras. Get the roboticist to make mech suits and break in. Either card or kill the AI.
7 : Flash it, it will prevent it from moving and overload its sensors, like if you flash a human without eye protection, unlock the cover with your ID, click on it with a crowbar to open the hatch, then with an empty hand, click on it again to remove the battery. Click on it with a screwdriver to expose its wires, there should be a wire to sync laws to an AI. Or alternatively you can use one of the RDs console to lock down the borg, continue from there.
8 : Theres a guide on the wiki. (INSERT LINK)

9 : Click on it with a multitool, this will begin a progress bar to unlock it, then click on it with an empty hand

ATMOS Foam also works.

Thats done. But there is still not atmos in the room. Why.

Or Draught if you dont want to cause a panic. Hehe.

Simple. But sure.

First part is right. Second part is not. What is the radio channel designated?

Over the top but sure.




People often ask followup questions so you better be prepared for that. Thats why i asked the follow ups.

The vacuum of space sucks out the air, either open an air canister or use the air alarm refill option

Silicon private, i believe. Please note that I dont play AI, it may just be the encoded language

Ok, sure.

I dont think you understand what im asking. Im asking for the radio channel code. Like how :s is for sec, :m for medical. Ect. What is the silicon one.

Yeah thats why i asked. Know at least the basics of every job. You dont need the specifics.

i need 20 characters to post this, this is just a filler, please ignore
I believe its :b

Yes. It is :b

Now the most important question of all.

Which (Roundstart playable.) race is the best and most based.


Unbased. You have ruined my entire view of you. The answer is IPC.

Also, just say 20 until Beebot is appeased.


what is +1 mean
2020202020 i dont understand internet lingo

+1 means you got his approval. you need unga +1s to become mentor.

can i ask his brother, bunga instead?

Your answers were sufficient for me. Even if it took a bit of questioning. I support your application for mentorship. Dont fuck up.

neat, i have been vouched

I mean its not necessarily a vouch but sure you could call it that.

Also do not ping the mentors asking them to come look at your app. It will take time. Be patient.

wait, you can ping mentors? what does that mean, and have I done it? i cannot reply anymore
1 : cool it down, gas can be stored more effectively when its cold
2 : Check the chat, or the noise, if it makes a clicking noise, it means it out of ammo or doesnt have a firing pin, if there are some things in the chat like “MINDSHIELD IMPLANT NOT DETECTED” that means it has been equipped with a mindshield firing pin, that requires a mindshield implant in you to fire, “TEST RANGE NOT DETECTED” that means theres a test range firing pin, go to the test range and fire.
3 : I believe its safe to use. If you inject it you will get a chemical in your body. It will reduce stuns, and such.
4 : i believe so
5 : Some of the gases made by fusion include : fire, tritium, water vapor (I belive). The other gas fusions aside from oxygen and plasma include : BZ, Nitryl.

1 : Either revival surgery or cloning, you cant difibulator them anymore
2 : There are 2 modes, scanning and extracting. Look around for things that might be dirty, like dried blood and mouse, scan them to see the symptoms, if they have good symptoms, change to extract and wait for a minute, it will extract a synthblood sample of it, you can use the exprotliator on a sample or regular virus bottle to isolate a specific symptom, this wont remove the symptom from the main sample, though.
3 : 4, i believe
4 : Wearing protective gear from biohazard lockers, wearing gloves, self contained internals, avoiding blood, and wearing a mask
5 : On mutations, combine radioactive with strength
6 : neurine for small brain traumas, make sure that there isnt a prefix that says “Permanant” as those arent treatable, if there isnt. Go to an operating table and begin brain surgery