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“self-spreading” is an arbitrary term - also, tranquility can be spread through blood/syringe contact - although this isnt stated in the wiki, or on health scanners

So as such, bloon3 has decided to bait somebody into killing him, for the express purpose of making a player report. This is top tier faggotry and he should be deleted for this. Giving somebody tranquility, and then telling them what it is for the intent to kill you just to report it makes you worse than your killer - its practically stacking what they did - as you baited another person into breaking the rules for you. delete this.


You can make the assertions you will, but both you and owen have a history of rules lawyering and toeing the line. There is no question in that, with owen being in no position to step even anywhere near this

Regardless, owen was unbanned on thin ice, and has accrued four notes in a short time since his unban. After confirming his probationary status, and noting his behaviour has not changed, his ban will be reinstated

this is why seniormins will be wrangled and the glorious days will come. You (not personally you - but your type of group) bait people into actions that may be bannable, and abuse the "infinite thin-ice"TM to ban them whenever they fall for the bait. Im pretty sure i was on thin ice for like 3 months before i got permabanned again, and that was when dovah had stalked me for 2 rounds straight until i did something “potentially bannable” - even though nobody had ahelped at the time.

You have ADMITTED to having a personal grudge both towards owen, and me, and the way we play the game. It is a very old and very useful playstyle for baiting admins into being absolute faggos and exposing themselves, like you have. If it does not break the rules - it should not be punished for. Owen Did not break the rules, he was right in validing the way he did (he could no longer use his gun or harm intent).

B r u h

I have never admitted to having personal grudges against either of you. I, in fact, do not have any grudge against you at all and have defended you and owen both on multiple occasions. However, you both refuse to change, and, toxic, you especially have proved to be a degree manipulative.

I am the one handling this as I am not afraid to appear in the wrong if you decide you wish to make me look bad. Rules are rules, and a probationary period is what it is. You’re lucky if a permaban gets lifted at all.

The fact you abuse the “thin ice” to keep people on near-permaban status - for over 6 months - based on old (and sometimes now INVALID notes, as proven that you wont even remove invalid ones that have been ban appealed/resutled in a demotion) shows the fact that its used less as a method to stop rulebreakers, and more as a method to ban undesirables

you’re wrong on me stalking people, my friend. It’s far more innocuous than it looks.

Owen is on thin ice

A player report has been made on him

The incedent was not valid

For every reason I have listed above, you have failed to provide a proper counter-argument. There was no way to justify baiting owen into killing him for the intent of making a player report. If you, can somehow, come up with something to say to counter my arguments other than “Im a seniormin so i decide what goes” - you can feck off. thats a piss poor usage of your power, and truly shows the current state of beestation

Can you tell me how “hey do you want tranquility” is baiting?

This is not in the logs that were posted by the person making the complaint - but instead by owen. This is MRP not LRP - he was a detective and shouldntve known what tranquility did anyway. But still, it is turbogay that he did it for the express purpose of trying to get owen to kill him

He specifically approached owens character, offered him tranquility over anyone else, and once killed, made the player report as soon as the round ended instead of either ahelping, or calling an admin on to deal with it.

if someone offers you something, and tells you what it is, it is your responsibility to know what it does. It’s your fault if you accept it and no one else’s.

Your assertion that this is a conspiracy is false. Shark-sie doesnt know enough of our rules (not even understanding what a valid is) and isn’t a good cantidate to be a stooge for a ban-bait ploy.

I’m sorry, bloons, a guy who I’ve never even spoken before. I confused them because shark was the one replying. An even less likely cantidate by the virtue that i cant even remember their name

This is probably the universally accepted main argument against the ban. Knowing every chemical in the game when you aren’t a chemist can also fall into powergaming. Both sides are at fault here, but I wouldn’t permaban anyone over something so minor. Owen should have asked about what Tranquility did, and the other person should have made it clear that it would have turned Owen into a gondola.

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  1. No Powergaming

As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.

Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

Use reasonable self-defense; subdue, but do not try to revenge-kill, any assailants.

Do not run around with all of the genetic powers, three buffing viruses and the entire armory in your backpack. This is an example of severe powergaming.

He was a detective anyway, he genuinely (according to him) didnt know what tranquility did, and the CMO had to tell him - IC that he had a disease that would turn him itno the gondola

What xylana said - powergaming rules need to be considered due to the MRP nature. If you check the logs, the CMO had to inform him of what it did IC.

if he did not know what it did, he should not have accepted it

The problem is Xlyana he admitted to knowing what tranquility did well enough to react by killing himself, someone else, and damaging the station.

This was obviously intentional

you literally did not have the full picture, and in spite of being told it, continued to go down this line of irrational thought of “he killed himself and his assailant which proves he knew!!!” - Even when the CMO had to tell him, IC, what it did before he went and attacked bloons3

I ought to remind you that owen is an experienced player, is on a thin ice note and has recieved not one, but three notes (technically four, but the fourth is not an offense) other than this one since his probationary unban

The intention of a thin ice unban is to see if someone has changed for the better- which owen definitely has not