Ok, but what do you really think about temp Sage whitelist?

So its been memed, but there have been a lot of discussion on Beecord about the variety of issues impacting Sage, and by extension Golden.

  1. Golden players go to Sage because pop (pls learn how seeding works)

  2. Sage RP stagnates because some players are only there for pop size, leading to the “sage has barely improved the past few months / golden is actually better crowd.” Some exceptions exist though for great RP, like Late Night Sage, which sits usually around 30-40 pop range.

  3. Lots of grief bans on Sage lately (summer players maybe?)

Trialing a whitelist for a month would help with most of these problems I think, while possibly reeling back some former Bee Sage regulars that moved onto other codebases due to RP level. Not to mention getting a consistent pop level on Golden, which would help keep Golden play-style players there, rather than play like its Golden on Sage.

  • Yes, I want to try Sage with a temporary white list
  • No, please dont whitelist Sage

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What do you think?

P.s. im on mobile ecks dee so enjoy formatting

P.p.s please gibe more SOP day events

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my opinion fully relies on whether or not im in the whitelist


The only thing what whitelist is gonna do is reduce pop on Sage while not changing anything on Golden. A lot of our players would rather have all of their limbs cut off than join Golden.


Subjective experience or do you have anything to back it up? Has there been a full on white list before?

We had Sage capped to 40 for a week or two, Golden still had a lot of problems to get 20/30 pop, which means that people would rather join other servers/not play at all than join Golden.

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Thanks for the contribution, much appreciated

There should be a whitelist, but for only certain roles like Captain, HOS, HOP etc…


Actually, thinking on it as well, wasnt that when the server itself was having huge stability problems? I was under the impression most were avoiding Bee in general due to the server being on fire.

@Crack I can understand that, but at the same time isn’t there a soft whitelist hours limit before you can jump into say RD/CE/HoP and so on. Like 10h as Engineer before being able to CE, etc.

You would prefer a hard whitelist for those positions?

That’s why pop was capped. After the cap server stability went back to normal iirc.

Unironically I would – what makes Sage bad sometimes, and what makes Late Night Sage good is the fact that it’s staffed with competent head roles, who understand nuance, roleplay and keep the atmosphere light and fun (and breathable).

Head roles more or less influence how the round goes, and competency as well as the ability to understand and react to complex situations intelligently is what enables quality roleplaying.

I think a head role whitelist at least for the summer, would keep the shittery to a minimum, while still keeping the server open to everyone.

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that “soft whitelist” requires comedically low playtime
also you can play for hundreds of hours as autismo engineer and not be a good CE


You do not believe that the general server performance at the time discouraged the entirety of the population from joining Golden?

just make sage the LRP server and golden the MRP server

this is the dumbest solution so I can promise it’ll do what people want


what would most likely happen

  • there are less heads overall because of whitelist
  • the present heads aren’t listened to by general sage player because “muh hrp whitelist elitist bad” and a bunch of shittery ensues towards them
  • because of above playing head position becomes tiring and even more pointless which causes people whitelisted to not play heads
  • there are no heads
  • shittery rises

if you want whitelist go full ham

Whitelist is also more administrative burden

If you look at the list of outstanding player reports, maybe having to process more stuff requiring diving into logs is a bad idea lol.

Honestly I think mediocre heads is better than no heads too, no heads is more anarchic and really the captain and perhaps even the HoP could be given the duty of wrangling them. (Other servers create jobs to advise you to follow SoP too.)

After the introduction of cap server performance went back to normal iirc (that’s what I said), so why would people not join Golden if performance was alright?

You’re not wrong.

Maybe up the hourly requirements then? I just think there should be a bigger gate on head roles, especially Captain/HOS – people who play these roles on MRP need to embrace roleplaying, and the good atmosphere would trickle down from them.

I tried this, PR was rejected. It makes our game “too inaccessible to newer players”.
The PR was intended to block grief as well as make head roles more exclusive and have a 30 day account age requirement.

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What did that PR look like? What were you trying to set the hours to? (out of curiosity)

I swear you stealth edited your post.

I’m also curious to the PR Ruko, if you don’t mind

Ruko you stealth edit mofo lmao

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