Ocapitalista ban by: spockye


Admin’s CKEY:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date
2022-04-21 23:49:38

Round ID:

Ban Reason:
as a chemist bombed Cryo with a 200u nitrous grenade, and disconnected.

Appeal Reason:
I got banned almost a year ago during this year there was a lot of maturity on my part, recently my friends started playing SS13 again I wish I could play with them, consider unbanning me

Additional Information:

Permanent server bans require both a year to have passed since the ban was placed in addition to you having a vouch from another reputable server. Neither of these requirements seem to have been met here so it’s fairly unlikely this will get accepted.

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I think we can both agree that a year has almost passed

Considering they disconnected right after the bombing (and thus probably could not be bwoinked), wouldn’t it be an “appeal on forums” type of ban ? Or was it egregious enough to not be as such

It was originally. They tried to appeal it back then, but it got denied. This would more than likely be considered a sustained ban because of that, although it’s up to the headmins in the end.

Even if a year had passed (9 out of 12 months is quite a stretch) you still don’t have and haven’t addressed the need for a vouch.

You need to get a different reputable server to be willing to say you’re a quality player that respects server rules to be unbanned.