Non-Admin Staff Conduct should be added to Rules

The Non-Admin Staff Conduct wiki page should be added to the Rule’s Index of Policies. As far as I know, it is an extension of rules for non-admin staff like mentors and others, similar to Admin Conduct referenced in the Index. I believe this could be a general QOL addition.

More than half of it is maintainer specific, not to mention the other bits which pertains to general conduct. Most of it doesn’t relate to the game itself directly. Whereas admin conduct is mostly related to in-game conduct and actions.


True, however, Non-Admin Staff conduct still has guidelines for mentors on how to act in-game. Nevertheless, the main Rules can still refer to in-game conduct, I don’t believe that linking guidelines for mentors and such would necessarily hinder that either.
Ultimately, I don’t think the wiki properly directs people to this pretty important page at the moment, I know Admin Conduct doesn’t link it. I just think it would be a benefit overall for people to know how to make informed reports/actions by knowing of its existence in the Rules Index.

Is there nothing I can do to convince that this could be a good choice?

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