Naming Guidelines should be more of a suggestion

So after a long time away due to Beestation becoming more LRP, I decided to come back. I was hopeful but soon hit with a bwoink for naming my robot Bo. Now I understand why we can’t just name our characters literally anything, but this is severely limiting character and roleplay potential

Let’s take a look at Bo:
Bo was purchased from NT as a butler and was the primary caretaker of 3 small children for 10 years. He was named by that family as something that would be easy to pronounce and sound friendly. He was sold back to NT after a financial crisis. Bo doesn’t fit into the naming conventions. In fact, any “simple child-friendly name” that would fit into his backstory wouldn’t.
So should I instead change his entire backstory to have some mess of a name full of numbers and periods and hyphens? Have the caretaker and tutor of a kid have a name be unpronounceable and practically unspellable?
Or would NT change the name when he was sold back to them? Now Bo has a name that he doesn’t recognize. I certainly can’t in good rp have him respond to the name he’s never been called.
Or should I scrap the character because the naming guidelines do not allow for the open creativity that is character creation?

What about a character who is trans and changes their name to something unconventional? How about a character that was adopted? Or a character with a long complex name changing it to something shorter?
How about in real life, when I get a job and request that my preferred name, Ruce, be put on my employee ID? Guess what, it works! I have an employee ID with my preferred name on it.

My point i’m making that, in an RP server, things should be done with the idea of increasing rp. A robot has an unusual name? Maybe you should ask them in character? Maybe you can have a large character moment!
But the state that Beestation is doesn’t allow for these moments. Instead, things are limited, and so then are the stories we can tell, and the characters we can play.

I think, until Beestation really opens itself up to telling dynamic stories and embracing unique people, I can’t engage on my home server. It breaks my heart because I loved this server for years, the people and the characters and the stories we told. But, in the spirit of keeping bad apples from telling bad stories, we’ve kept everyone from telling good stories.


Why would Bo be a problem, it’s literally an IRL name, unless it was just “Bo” with no last name or anything

Bo plays an IPC


All I told you was to add a few numbers after your ““character”” name, but as always with this kind of players, it has to become personnal.

Anyway same topic as always, you ignore that most players on Bee aren’t even in character begin with, and that if there wasn’t even a shred of standards for character creation, we would just see pseudonyms, not names or anything.

But have fun beating this dead horse, it’s so funny how people get ridiculously extreme over this topic while portraying themselves as parangons of creativity, when said creativity would push them to make other characters if it were properly pursued. Roleplaying isn’t playing with reflections of yourself.


Actually trusting the playerbase is how you foster a community that roleplays. Beestation doesnt even trust its player’s to name themselves, and much more strict rp servers have comparably relaxed naming conventions. This kind of trust gives players room to make their own unique stories and drive rounds in much more engaging ways than what is allowed on Bee now.

People who dont want to roleplay will not roleplay, regardless of arbitrary rules like this. This doesn’t come close to breaking immersion, nowhere near the average AI name. Feels like bee loves punishing its players for being creative and roleplaying, instead of the bad actors with names like “Jim Daniels” lmao


I’ve genuinely seen nothing good come of the naming guidelines outside of people getting nailed for names like Ratfucker McGee but they would’ve been whacked for LRP regardless.

Each time it comes up, it’s just arguments with the dumbest fucking reasons for keeping it. “oh but it’s a work environment” “names should make sense your middle name wouldnt fit on an id” “why would a moth have a human name”

Realism is fucking boring. Work is boring. The naming guidelines are a blight upon any good development. I pray for the day it vanishes.


So yeah we are making up stuff now. This thread probably won’t last long.

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In this case it would be as simple as changing it to B.o or B-O or B0 or whatever :person_shrugging:

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They suggested that, but it would be equivalent to body odor so yeah, but it would have been acceptable per the guidelines of IPCs which are “have a robot sounding name”

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Lmao, body odor the IPC, that’s true.

I mean you can always put yourself a robotic name and then go change your name at the hopline or use a paper clip to get “Bo” as the short version

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Hi there! I have no qualms about this being personal, I just used a personal story to show how it may affect creativity. I decided not to include your name or complain really about being bwoinked because I respect admins and I respect that you really do try to enforce rules. Instead I was complaining about the rule itself. Something I’ve seen admins tell people to do in discussions like “ban appeals.”
Your response felt very aggressive and belittling however and honestly, I didn’t appreciate the tone you used.


Your backstory is not an excuse to having any name you want.


It’s a limitation.

I wouldn’t exactly call it severe, but as with any limitation one should always ask himself if what limits outweights the good cases it locks out.

Considering the incredible dedication showed by the admin team in upholding this rule as it is, I do think that they, being the actual ones on the line doing the work to uphold it, have done this calculation many times.

And it seems the result of such equation it’s not what you hope for!

Wondeful backstory!

I would have very much preferred to discover it bit by bit in game, but it was a pleasure to read it nonetheless!

Bravo to you!

It limits the name, not the character.

Believe me when I say that I probably have the most static character ever done across all servers. I never played, in all my hours, aside ghost roles, anyone besides Zajcev.

Even when I tried other servers I still roleplayed Zajcev.

But even if I’m incredibily attached to it, his name is just that.

His name!

It’s important, sure, but it is NOT the whole character!

I do think that’s an overreaction.

Your background was wonderful and I’m sure you can still put BO 001 or something as its name without changing anything of the concept!

I do truly appreciate your rethoric. You’re well mannered and well spoken. Truly a gentleman and a scholar!

But in order to magnify your point I do believe you have exaggerated the negatives.

Try to fit the name within the guidelines, once you’ll have cooled off I’m sure you will realize that even if a name it’s an important part of the character, molding it a little bit won’t change anything about your character.

I hope to see your BO in game!


The point is to have your perfect image of the character you envisioned be put in the universe, and then bend the universe to its limits to fit that character no matter what, ends justifying the means and all. Anybody that DMs has this argument at some point, every fiction that has some amount of worldbuilding has to face that. I don’t know, my creativity was fostered by practicing acting, where you have principles and someone telling you how to improve, your job being finding the middle ground between expectations and your own personnal artistic expression.

All of this is completely foreign to me, if you feel personnally invalidated by the naming guidelines, then they are far from being the problem.

Haliris, are you always this chastising and berating to the people in your community passionate enough that theyre willing to make a case to please, let them roleplay on your roleplay server? Honestly an embarrassing way to act.

so yeah we are making stuff up now

roleplaying isnt playing with reflections of yourself

? i dunno. I honestly expected actual dialogue, maybe a coherent reason? not just personal attacks and childishness. eesh man.


Again like I said, it’s a dead horse, and it already brought back two members that don’t play the game really anymore to stir the pot.

I would lie if I said that I really liked the naming guidelines, but they seem like such inconsequential and easy to work with rules that such outcry is always gonna alienate me. I can completely understand being inconvenienced or disappointed. But saying that having to choose “BO-79” instead of “Bo” for a robotic character is “killing storytelling” is a completely irrational statement. Again, nothing personnal here, I don’t know you, the thread is what I hate.

Refer to the reply above about people stirring the pot lmfao.

thank you very much for your response! I would love to put him back in game, but I find it’s disingenuous to create a character with lore, and then not have their name fit in with the lore.

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it already brought back two members that dont play the game

no, i personally came back to play the game a couple days ago. Hoping the roleplay standards were better, hoping the moderation was less immature and toxic, hence the effort to ask why, or to appeal.

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