MRP enforcement on Sage

I was going to post this on Feedback, but you can’t make a general post, and it didn’t fit in with any of the particular topics. I posted this on the Discord, but figured I’d post it here with less exaggeration, and more elaboration, for posterity and clarity.

I’ve sent at least three tickets over the past few days regarding LRP on Sage.
Of the three, one was ignored (Complaint Link). I don’t blame that admin, after he explained the situation in the thread, along with a Senior Admin. New Trialmin. Only one online. Lots of other tickets. And so on.
Another was “resolved” with no explanation or elaboration.
The last actually received a cohesive response, though with the qualification that the admin online noted they wouldn’t prioritize the ticket, as they had others to look into.

None of the Security Officers follow Space Law, despite it being specified as required. The last shift I played, an Officer approached me as a Chemist, and asked for drugs. When I said no, he killed himself on the spot.
Heads never actually act like Heads, and command their staff - or generally display any kind of competence.

It’s very frustrating for someone who enjoys a more MRP environment to see Sage being just another LRP server. I hate to be bitchy about this, I really do. I understand the difficulties and dynamics of server administration. I play Bee to chill out after coding work on another server. I like MRP more than LRP. My preference would even be for HRP, though all current HRP servers lack action of any sort, which makes for a very boring experience. MRP is the happy middle-ground for me. Bee Sage is a very strong station, and I view it and Golden as the flagship SS13 servers.

My question boils down to this - is there any active administrative strategy to enforce MRP on Sage? I’m more than happy to submit a flood of Player Reports, but - as above, so below. I play on Bee to chill. I shouldn’t have to worry about administrators not enforcing the rules as they are written. Is there a reason for the lack of enforcement that I’m not aware of? Is the general strategy to handle Sage with a light touch, and generally disregard the rules as written, excepting egregious violations? Am I stuck so far up my own ass that I can see daylight? It’s entirely possible. Let me know.


im also just a pretty fresh trialmeme, so maybe dont take my word for it, but usualy we have actual tickets to deal with, like random murders, over escalation, so on and so forth.
I’d like to belive most people who get on MRP and then not RP play on MRP so they wont get robusted for their gloves 5 minutes into the round. If we can make the LRP sever a less hostile environment, most of these people who dont like roleplaying would probbly migrate to LRP. Or so one would hope.

But if you’ve been following /that other thread/, most of the LRP community which still plays on LRP seems to activly ENJOY playing in such a hostile environment. I dont see an obvious solution that dosnt alienate one group or another.

So our best bet is probabbly to just enforce the rules as best as we have the capacity to.

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I would agree with that assessment entirely. I could care less about what goes on on Golden, really. I had my fill of LRP on Hippie, years and years ago. My issue is - are the staff really doing all they can do to enforce MRP on Sage, and if not, why? If it’s a matter of having higher priority tickets, then I’d suggest making LRP a higher enforcement priority. Otherwise, Sage might as well be Golden 2.

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If we can make the LRP sever a less hostile environment, most of these people who dont like roleplaying would probbly migrate to LRP.

This pretty much. We’re deciding on an angle to approach it right now. If we can make our LRP server more suitable to the playerbase as a whole, especially the people that don’t want to RP, the problem will be lessened substantially.

I’d suggest you take a look at this thread if you’d like an idea of why that isn’t so simple to do.

[Edit] This was supposed to be a reply to OP, not the trial admin.


Is that really the solution, though? LRP is generally intended to be the Wild Wild West. Seems like it would dampen the spirit of that server to focus it away from that direction. In short - people interested a little more in RP should be on Sage, people interested a little more in action and loose rules should be on Golden. I’ll take a look at the other thread, though.

EDIT: Pretty classic that a thread about an LRP server means that every other post is a shitpost. Still reading, and trying to pick out relevant points.


It’s supposed to be chaotic and have very lax rules, but it’s supposed to still have rules, and moreso we’re supposed to new player friendly… not new player get bullied, thrown in locker and welded inside because “I didn’t harm him!”

Players shouldn’t be getting shot because “They must be antag” when they refuse to be mindshielded

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That’s why I give y’all the heady compliment of being the flagship SS13 servers. Friendliness to new players being a specified goal. I wouldn’t even want to begin to dive into the mire that is rule enforcement on Golden. Doing so would likely drive me past the edge of insanity on which I so delicately teeter. I can only wish you guys the best of luck on that venture. This thread is specifically devoted to the concept of MRP enforcement on Sage.

Aaaand herein lies the problem. That is what most admins said too, so the server went without much enforcement for… months now. It’s gone off the deep-end and now that we are trying to fix things to suit what Bee is supposed to represent, and start to enforce rules as intended and posted… Well you’ll see in the thread.

The thread was started after a player was banned for round-start robusting, then stripping a detective as non-antag. Don’t worry though, they’ll show up to hijack this thread soon enough.

I did initially submit my application for administrator on Sage. I was very reasonably turned down, due to lack of play time on these specific servers. If I weren’t engaged with coding on another project, I’d likely apply again. I understand that enforcement on Golden is an issue, but, once again - as above, so below. I could care less about Golden. Rule enforcement on Sage is a lot less complex and stressful. It’s not hard to boink people to tell them to knock off the LRP shit, and direct them to the Golden containment zone.

Edit: Early send. I meant to finish this out by mentioning that anyone who actually does admin on Golden is easily eligible for sainthood.

Edit 2: Please do keep this thread on topic though, specifically as it regards to enforcing MRP on Sage.


I guess this note deserves a double post.
Unless a staff member posts something ITT to dissuade me, my general strategy moving forward will be relentless ahelps at the slightest instance of LRP, especially about players who disregard Space Law on the Security team, and incompetent Heads. If I receive no response for the ticket, or I’m brushed off with no further elaboration, I’ll post an admin complaint. This strategy is the most polite, kind method I see to encourage administrators, as a non-staff member, to enforce the rules as written regarding MRP - while actually bringing about effective change.
An alternative strategy would be to make a Player Complaint for every LRP infraction I see - but at that point, I might as well apply for administrator - since I’d effectively being doing their jobs for them.

To be clear - I’d really, really, really not want to have to resort to this level of skulduggery. Please, please say anything that will soothe my doubts. I just want to enjoy an MRP experience on Sage, as the host intended. That’s it.

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Do it, it’d be welcome.
There’s too much going on to be proactively enforcing everything, so it ends up reactive.


The bit you quoted was generally my plan, in any case. What I’d really rather not have to resort to is this bit:

If I receive no response for the ticket, or I’m brushed off with no further elaboration, I’ll post an admin complaint.

In my opinion, receiving no response or being brushed off is negative feedback worthy, if it rubs you that wrongly. If you feel like this behavior just doesn’t stop after a long time, then I suppose it’s time to file an admin complaint.

I strongly agree that MRP is filled with a lot of non-MRP players, more recently there’s even been antags that haven’t even tried to do just their objectives and not kill as many people as they’re allowed (and more), including a lot of valid hunting. MRP is becoming old LRP while LRP has become NRP.

Everytime I’m on, I set a notice.
“TC trades, antag gimmicks, prayers welcome”
No one ever does a gimmick, and I only sometimes get TC trades. Sometimes prayers, which are fun to handle.


what is a gimmick that the admin can help with

Everytime I’m on, I set a notice.
“TC trades, antag gimmicks, prayers welcome”
No one ever does a gimmick, and I only sometimes get TC trades. Sometimes prayers, which are fun to handle.

I’ve had a very fun shifts as a Chaplain, since I know how to manipulate you admeme fucks into responding to my prayers. Again, not the point of this thread.

what is a gimmick that the admin can help with

Make your own thread for this question.

I just want a simple answer - is MRP going to be enforced on Sage, or do I have to annoy administrators into doing it with the above prescribed method?

If a gimmick becomes very common, it’s no longer a gimmick.

Find your own thing, pray, and hope the admin co-operates.

As an experiment, this last shift as a non-antagonist Chemist, I did nothing but produce lethal toxins and Space Drugs, which I made available to the public. I announced exactly what I was doing about a dozen times over the round. Security did nothing. The CMO did nothing. The administrator, who was online for about half the round, did nothing. A Player Report against me was not filed. If I am required to eat a ban for this protest, I will happily do so - though if it’s a permanent one, I’ll appeal it on the grounds that no one actually died as a result of my actions, and that I only did what I did for a single round, with every other round being nothing but productive following of rules as written for Sage.

This was the vendor at the end of the round.

In short, if this doesn’t provide a prime example of the lack of MRP enforcement on Sage, nothing will.

yet here I am getting bwoinked for ‘powergaming’ for having a flash

ok. thank you beestation, very cool!

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I’ve found that Space Station 13 players and staff generally respond more frequently to drama, as opposed to well-reasoned arguments, so here’s the drama. My only hope is that effective change will arise from it.