Robbery gone on LRP

We cannot rob anymore on LRP boys, or we never could but admins didn’t care until now. F in the chat


all it took is a single salty defective who plays that job solely for the revolver.


quite retarded. i do say So myself.

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lrp is slowly becoming mrp


attention everyone:
lrp is being merged with mrp.

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my first memory of this server is owen tableslamming me and taking my toolbelt and gloves, and these bitches want to take that away so new players can have a hugbox experience. no wonder all the newbies have been unrobust bruh bruh


What about rule 2 eh? What if a person you robbed is just a new guy who wanted to learn the game as LRP is said to be newbie friendly?

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play mrp then
20 char

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LRP is supposed to be the server for new people, not MRP, so your argument is invalid.

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lrp is supposed to be for new people because the rules are lax, no ones robbing assistants people are robbing armory


Noone said new people play only assistant, as they might want to try other roles, but when they do they will be fucked by a handful of those that want to flex on those ‘unrobust’.

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I came here as a new player and loved it as much as I do now, I got bullied as fuck but that is part of the experience. Sorry that mrp players are too unrobust and whiney to realize that people like playing games where you can die.


The fact that people are “flexing on unrobust” is what makes these new players become better. People like Kate bishop and Owen that are quite robust and actually gives ideas/advice’s is what helps the players become better


Solution: Make an expert-difficulty LRP server.

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Okay I started on LRP too and got fucked multiple times, but it doesn’t mean anything. I just don’t like how LRP looks like now, a playground for some robust people to test what they can do without breaking rules and not allowing newer players to start their ‘journey’ on a ‘newbie’ server.

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You act like the instant you join lrp you are killed by 1e+097 assistants with toolboxes.


I don’t act, I just want LRP to be more of a server where you can learn, less of a one where everyone acts as a enemy.

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Not everyone does though, usually if you don’t mess with anyone, they don’t mess with you. We just want the ability to be able to.


And I don’t want to stop people, I did start on LRP and I like it, but is it really a server to learn when you go out as engie and get stripped off your insuus, toolbelt and other things?

Edit: And still, rule 2, be excellent to each other.

How the mighty have fallen.

Damn I really miss the single server LRP 100+ pop days. There was some cancer, but the whining right now bruh.

It does sort of feel like LRP is being assassinated. With the owner calling it a containment server (even though it was the original? :thinking:), a hard push for MRP and also forcing MRP like rules onto LRP.

LRP these days can be a bit much because the pop is significantly lower and jannies just ignore it, but it’s good learning grounds for SS13 for anyone, because there is so much freedom. And alot of LRP players are more than willing to teach new people tricks and knowledge.

Mat05usz’s reply really fucking solidifies that out of touch response to LRP and learning.

That’s a thing that generally doesn’t happen that much if people mind their own shit and also a learning point.