Moth Naming Guidelines updated

Moth guidelines have been updated to allow for a little more flexibility in naming your fluttery floof.

This means you may now use “simple” names for moths such as Blanket, Nova or Singularity. Admins retain the authority to reject certain names, and pop culture references are still not allowed as with all names.


Ok I will now name my moth meth thank you Ruko


Htom the Moth

A little trolling.


A little vague and exploitable… but sure… won’t complain…
Feel free use or point to the list I made in the suggestion post.
Sticking to light a thematic or clothing should keep you well within the guidelines.

Methlab the chemistry moth better have a good story behind it :laughing:



Complete sentence yes yes

Good title for clickbait thread


Cleaned up what was devolving into a senseless argument and detracting from the announcement as a whole.


Even as the person who fought for this… “Moth” and “Lamp” are a pretty big grey area for me…
It’s rather TOO cliché and on the nose…
I did ask for avoidance rather than outright ban when it came to enforcement, in the hopes that the player base would scatter throughout the guidelines given and not clump up enough by using those 2 words to draw attention to it… (The policy of if its not noticed as a problem it probably wont be a problem)

As much as I love them, Having a repeat of outright meme characters like (Sleepy) Moff would probably be a bad idea on sage…

Sorry… I… understand the pain all too well…

I may make my new regular character a simple named moth, thanks admins


Naming my moff character Molf


Lmao, use “Moff” as a title, like in star wars.

For Example: Moff Floof

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Safety is now the Safety Moth’s canonical name.

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My moth’s name is “One Moffy Boy” as he didn’t speak common when he joined and that was his crew nickname. Did i win

I’m starting to get worried some of these aren’t shitposts, but are actual moth names you folks are trying to use.

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yes hello my new oc (original character) who is a moth their name is Mrukoth

I dunno why you expect any different from people especially with moth taken away from us alot of us play moth because moth and name with moth taking that away will quite literally cause havoc to naming, especially when it says “simple names” but moth which is one of the most simple is blocked off and since simple is so broad a term it causes even more issues because its deemed up to admins if its allowed or not, its like saying the sky can be any colour you want except blue when its blue and then saying oh but I can say if your colour is right or not while people are throwing colours around.

Theres a big issue with admins being able to decide we can’t use names because “guidelines” I get it “uniqueness don’t want all human names” but going by lore alone of ss13 that makes no sense, especially considering how they all work on the same station they will need names other crew can pronounce, look I straight up admit the naming needs partial admining but not to the current extent if theres a player called Nggy mcng they need banning (I’ve seen someone named that on a server before) or something based on a real person anything offense or brain dead (just blantantly meme names) but something like mothball mothany mary moth etc should be allowed at least it would make the moth naming better.

I’m honestly surprised any admin can be surprised that people aren’t happy with naming guidelines or the fact moth isn’t allowed on the moth race.

Oh dear…

“Moth” and “Lamp” were taken away because it’s blatant shit posting and not exactly creative… Its rife for abuse if allowed.

I asked for a split and not a full overwrite so I wouldn’t ruin the game for the other half of the moth player base who were fine with having Latin names (Even if I find the legibility and pronunciation questionable at times) and in the process tried to justify both of them equally in the same motion.

If the lore is what I think it still is:

  • Those with Latin names were part of the aristocracy
  • Those with Simple names were not

Despite being MANY generations after the strife, the child names stuck.
(May be subject to change but the overall template should be vague enough to slot into another creation myth if wanted)

If you are upset by someone having a stupid name. Help the admins out by reporting it instead of just complaining that you are getting double standards.

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